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Matt Stanley and Suzanne Maggard, Filson Interns The Filson has provided valuable experience for two interns this past quarter that will benefit them in future careers. The Special Collections department at The Filson allows students to learn about cataloging archival and manuscript material and experience first hand how an historical society’s special collections department operates.

Matt Stanley from the University of Louisville is pursuing his Master’s in U.S. History and Suzanne Maggard from the University of Kentucky is pursuing her Master’s in Library Science. While splitting his week at The Filson working the front desk and in special collections, Matt is currently cataloging the Capt. George S. Leland Papers, who was a Union quartermaster during the Civil War. “My time here at The Filson has given me the knowledge and experience that will benefit me in my future plans to apply to either law school or to a doctorate program,” said Matt. 

Suzanne has been working on a virtual card catalog enabling the detailed information from the print card catalog to be available in an online version. After graduating from UK in December, she will join The Filson staff full time. “Completing this internship at The Filson has enabled me to put the library and archival skills that I’ve learned in my classes to practical use. It’s been a great opportunity working here and I have really enjoyed it,” stated Suzanne. 


Filson Interns
Eligibility: Current enrollment in or recent completion of a graduate program in history or a related field
Tenure of Internships: Two semesters
Amount of Award: $1,000 per semester
Note: Interns work with appropriate curatorial staff and faculty advisors in areas of collections management and research.

H.F. Boehl Summer Interns
Eligibility: Current application
Tenure of Internship: One to three month summer residence
Amount of Award: $1,200 per month
Note: Interns work with appropriate curatorial staff and faculty advisors of collections management and research.

Filson Fellowships and Internships encourage the scholarly use of our nationally significant collections by providing support for travel and lodging.  Fellowships are designed to encourage research in all aspects of the history of Kentucky and the regions of the Ohio Valley and the Upper South.  Internships provide practical experience in collections management and research for graduate students.  Application deadlines for all fellowships and internships are February 15th and October 15th each year.  Applications are reviewed twice a year.  For more information about fellowships and internships, Visit The Filson's Fellowships Website.

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