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Ed Hamilton



On October 13 at Actors Theatre, local sculptor Ed Hamilton shared his experience of bringing William Clark's slave York to life in a bronze statue that was unveiled the next afternoon on the Belvedere.  Hamilton concluded with a video presentation documenting the creation of his sculpture.


Bison Picnic


A tractor-led hayride led picnickers through herds of buffalo on October 19 at Woodland Farm, home of the Kentucky Bison Company, to the dinner site overlooking the Ohio River.  Jim Holmberg discussed Meriwether Lewis's travels on the Ohio River toward Louisville in 1803.



Due to the uniqueness of its Lewis and Clark collection, The Filson Historical Society received designation as a certified site on the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail on October 24.  Trail manager Richard Williams of the National Park Service presented a plaque to Filson President Ted Steinbock and Director Mark Wetherington.





Brett Rushforth, Virginia Scharff, Stephen Aron and Mark Spence presented a series of lectures on the legacies of the Expedtion at the 10th Public Conference of the Filson Institute on October 18 at Filson on Main.






Film Segments from his Lewis and Clark documentary complemented Dayton Duncan's Gertrude Polk Brown Lecture on October 23 as he discussed the Expedition and the trail's landscape.  Duncan wrote and coproduced with Ken Burns the award-winning documentary "Lewis and Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery."






Following the Expedition Farewell Dinner at Filson on Main, October 25, Dayton Duncan touchingly spoke of the friendship between Lewis and Clark that transcended a simple partnership.


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