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The Filson has provided valuable experiences for two interns this past quarter that will benefit them in future careers. The Special Collections department at The Filson allows students to learn about cataloging archival and manuscript material and experiencing first hand how an historical society’s special collections department operates.

John Watts from the University of Louisville is pursuing his Master’s in History and Sarah-Jane Poindexter recently completed her Master’s in Library and Information Science from Simmons College in Boston, MA.

Originally from Meridian, MS, interning at The Filson has been John’s first archival experience. He has been working with the photographs department and cataloging the Speed and Palmer-Joyce Family collections. “It has been a wonderful experience. The exposure to how collections are processed will help in accessing collections in other institutions in the future,” said John.

After completing her studies, Sarah-Jane’s affection for Kentucky history ultimately lead her to her internship at The Filson. She has catalogued collections, done reference work and has aided in the development of the Virtual Card Catalogue. “Working on the Virtual Card Catalogue enables The Filson to have a greater impact on the research world and create a greater access and an awareness to The Filson’s collections.”

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Application deadlines for all fellowships and internships are Oct. 15th and Feb.15th each year.


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