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Volume 7, Number 4

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David L. Ward, James Colquhoun and the Little Sandy Salt Works

The recently acquired Speed Family Papers are a tremendous resource for Kentucky history in a number of areas. Mostly related to the famly and descendants of Attorney General James Speed, the collection covers the Civil War and Reconstruction, World War I, the Korean War, and numerous other topics from the 1830's to the 1970's.
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20th Century Distilling Papers at The Filson

The distilling history for the 20th century can be divided into three phases: pre-prohibition (1901-1919), prohibition (1920-1933) and the post prohibition (1934-2000) era of modern whiskey production. The first two phases had a huge impact on defining the third phase. A researcher can find sources from all three phases of distilling history at The Filson.
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My Trip to The Filson

The Changing Landscape of the Southern Plantation

When I arrived at The Filson Historical Society last May, I intended to study landscape change on colonial and early American lantations in southeastern Virginia. Now, I am sure you are thinking, "Why would I travel from Virginia to Kentucky to do this?"
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From Frontier to Border State

The Filson Historical Society's Museum

The Filson Historical Society's museum houses a permanent collection of nearly 10,000 artifacts that relate to Kentucky's rich history and culture. Newly renovated exhibits in the museum, located in the Carriage House behind the Ferguson Mansion, highlight the development of Kentucky from an unexplored frontier to a vital border state during the Civil War.
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The Great Divide of the 1850's

Third Floor Exhibit in the Warner Jones Gallery

The sectional tensions that brough on the Civil War and the efforts of prominent Kentuckians to hold the Union together are among the significant stories that The Filson's collections tell.
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The Filson Civil War Field Institute

The Stones River Campaign, Murfreesboro, TN
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Filson Internships

The Filson has provided valuable experiences for two interns this past quarter that will benefit them in future careers. The Special Collections department at The Filson allows students to learn about cataloging archival and manuscript material and experiencing first hand how an historical society's special collections department operates.
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