The Filson Newsmagazine

Volume 2, Number 2

Ohio Valley Artists: A Visual legacy

The recent Collector’s Showcase exhibition here in Louisville has spurred a renewed interest in regional art history. A host of internationally renowned painters, sculptors, and craftspersons have called the Ohio Valley home. Some of their works are familiar: Enid Yandell’s statue of Daniel Boone, John James Audubon’s ornithological prints, and the innovative abstract paintings of artist Sam Gilliam.
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The Bullitt Family Papers

Eight miles east of downtown Louisville, nestled in St. Matthews among the shopping malls, residential developments, and two interstates, sits Oxmoor, the home of the Bullitt family since the 1780s. Following the death of Thomas W. Bullitt in 1991, The Filson Historical Society became the home of the Bullitt Family Papers with the Oxmoor Trust at PNC Bank acting as manager. The papers, most of which had been gathered and filed by William Marshall Bullitt, had been stored in various places on the Oxmoor property since the death of Marshall Bullitt in 1957. They had largely been untouched until they were put on deposit at The Filson in the fall of 1992.
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The Filson History Quarterly: Take the Quiz

1. The first issue of the Quarterly appeared in: A) 1884; B) 1926; C) 1938; D) 1964.
2. The Quarterly has always been published solely by The Filson Historical Society. T or F
3. The full name of the Quarterly has always been The Filson Club History Quarterly. T or F
4. The Quarterly is received only by individual Filson members. T or F
5. The Quarterly publishes articles on the history of: A) Kentucky; B) Ohio Valley; C) Upper South; D) all of these.
6. Articles published in the Quarterly have been approved by an editorial advisory board. T or F
7. The Quarterly is the best source for information about Filson Historical Society news, activities, and upcoming programs. T or F
8. Our present Quarterly cover design is only the third basic design in the history of the Quarterly. T or F
9. The back pages of the Quarterly consist of: A) paid advertisements; B) news about fellowships and Quarterly awards; C) advertisements for Filson publications; D) all of these.
10. The book reviews in the Quarterly deal with all aspects of American history. T or F
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New Technology: Digital Documents

When I first started working at The Filson Historical Society in 1998, I heard other staff members refer to a mysterious place in the basement called the “computer graveyard.” I was not quite sure what to think, knowing that the Ferguson Mansion had housed the Pearson Funeral Home from 1924 to 1977.  However, I found the title was appropriate after discovering a room containing several outdated computers and other unusable electronics dating from the 1980s. While this may not seem like long ago, especially in a place that collects artifacts dating back over 3,000 years, fifteen years ago is eons in the world of computers.
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