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Volume 5, Number 2

From The Filson's Collection: The Kentucky Derby

On the occasion of the inaugural running of the Kentucky Derby on May 17, 1875, a Courier-Journal article announced that “To-day will be historic in Kentucky annals, as the first ‘Derby Day,’ of what promises to be a long series of annual turf festivities, which we confidently expect our grandchildren, a hundred years hence, to celebrate in glorious centennial rejoicings.”
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Tom Wallace, 1874-1961

Writing to his friend Tom Wallace in 1957, Louis Brownlow, a professor, journalist and presidential advisor noted, “no human being ever worked so hard, did so much, and slept so little as did you in the more than a half-century I have known you.” The recently cataloged Tom Wallace Papers now housed at The Filson Historical Society affirm Brownlow’s conviction.
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The 1890 Louisville Cyclone

Several years ago while examining some old mortality schedules for the city of Louisville in the collections at The Filson Library, I was puzzled by a series of deaths recorded as injuries from falling houses and buildings. At the time I was unaware of the event that caused these tragic and untimely deaths, but after some further research I found that they were caused by one of the most devastating storms to ever hit Louisville, one of the city’s greatest disasters.
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The Filson Civil War Field Institute: Led by Kent Masterson Brown

Situated on the borderland dividing North and South, slave and free territory, the Ohio Valley region became as bitterly divided as any in the nation during the Civil War. Characterized by divided loyalties and lingering postwar bitterness, politics and society in the region continued to be influenced by the war for the remainder of the century. The bicentennials of the births of Jefferson Davis (1808) and Abraham Lincoln (1809), and the 150th anniversary commemoration of the Civil War (2011 to 2016) present an excellent opportunity to revisit this critical period in our national experience from an Ohio Valley perspective.
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The Little Ones: Portraits of Children from The Filson Historical Society

The Filson’s large collection of portraits of children by noted artists who worked in the Ohio Valley region is interesting for two very different reasons. As works of art they offer a wide variety of style, ranging from the romantic to the naturalistic and from the sophisticated to the naïve. As images of children they open a window into 19th-century notions of innocence and experience and also occupy a cultural terrain whose geography would seem to exist as a separate country.
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Filson Fellowship: Linda Goin

Master’s Thesis Fellow Linda Goin’s study on the Huguenot families of Virginia led her to The Filson Historical Society’s collections earlier this year. Goin, a graduate student at DePaul University, is currently researching the Virginia Huguenot’s influence on the development of the Southern Bible Belt.
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