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Volume 6, Number 3

Browsing In Our Archives - John G. Fee and Abolitionism in Kentucky

The collections at The Filson sometimes reveal items that, due to older cataloging methods, have not been appreciated for their content. In 1950 the Edward C. Thurman Collection was donated to The Filson.
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Arthur Yager - President of Georgetown College and Governor of Puerto Rico

Beginning his inaugural address as the newly appointed Governor of Puerto Rico, Arthur Yager remarked, in English, to the crowd gathered at the Governor’s mansion in San Juan: “I am coming to you as a stranger to many things…”
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19th Century Distilling Papers at The Filson

Many historians state that the 19th century starts with the French Revolution and ends with the Great War. It can also be said that the 19th century distilling industry starts with the whiskey rebellion and ends with prohibition, covering roughly the same time period.
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Lewis and Clark Homecoming Events

“Captains Lewis & Clark arrived at the Falls on their return from the Pacific Ocean after an absence of a little more than three years.”
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Rogers Clark Ballard Thruston - Photographs for Sale

A member of one of Louisville’s most prominent families, Rogers Clark Ballard Thruston (1858-1946), compiled a photographic collection that showcased his interest in family, history and traveling, as well as his love of Louisville and Kentucky. His photographs spanned the years from 1882 to 1942.
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Filson Internships

This summer, The Filson provided hands on archival experience for two Boehl Summer Interns. Brandon Winford from North Carolina Central University and Kelly Williams from the University of Louisville each spent two months in the Special Collections Department learning about cataloging archival and manuscript material and experiencing first hand how a historical society’s special collections department operates.
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Filson Fellows

Filson Fellowships and Internships encourage the scholarly use of our nationally significant collections by providing support for travel and lodging. Fellowships are designed to encourage research in all aspects of the history of Kentucky and the region of the Ohio Valley and the Upper South. Internships provide practical experience in collections management and research for graduate students. Here, you will see four of the most recent Filson Fellows and their topics.
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