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Volume 6, Number 4

Battle for the "Gibraltar of the Confederacy": The Vicksburg Campaign

The Filson Civil War Field Institute Seminar, Spring 2007

Join us in Vicksburg, Mississippi during the last week of the Natchez Spring Pilgrimage!  We will gather on April 12, 2007 for a reception and lecture at the Old Court House Museum in Vicksburg, the historic structure that withstood the siege.
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Four Generations Visit The Filson

One morning, at The Filson, a family came to visit. This is not unusual but the story the family had to tell was. Family descendents of Julia Tevis’, head mistress of Science Hill Female Academy, from Nebraska and Oklahoma came to visit her portrait and all had one thing in common: their names were also Julia Tevis.
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"Going Over the River": On the Making and Unmaking of Borders

Forgive me for starting on a personal note but the fact is that preparing these remarks has made me feel, well, old.  The cause of this sudden attack of antiquity at the not really so advanced age of 52 is my inability to forget my one and only other trip to The Filson.
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The Filson's Educational Programming: One-Act Dramas

As The Filson strives to share the significant stories of our region, we continually work to develop innovative methods of reaching the students of our area.  one of those ways is through our two one-act dramas, One Wore blue, One Wore Gray and The Great Journey.
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Footlights and Curtain Calls: Theater Since the 1800's

“C The development of the  arts is indicative of a city's cultural advancement and economic progress.  Kentucky has a venerable theatre history, spanning back to the performances in the temporary frontier play houses of the late eighteenth century, and including the present day masterpieces presented at Actors Theatre and the Kentucky Center for the Arts.
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The Filson Civil War Field Institute: Kentucky Ho!

The Confederate Invasion of Kentucky: August to October 1862

Like the Confederate soldiers in 1862, the regiment of The Filson Civil War Field Institute invaded Lexington to establish our base of operations.  With many reenlisting as well as several new recruits, the third journey filled two buses for a tour of sites throughout Kentucky that related to the Fall 1862 invasion.
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Rogers Clark Ballard Thruston - Photographs for Sale

A member of one of Louisville’s most prominent families, Rogers Clark Ballard Thruston (1858-1946), compiled a photographic collection that showcased his interest in family, history and traveling, as well as his love of Louisville and Kentucky. His photographs spanned the years from 1882 to 1942.
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Filson Internships

This summer, The Filson provided hands on archival experience for two Boehl Summer Interns. Brandon Winford from North Carolina Central University and Kelly Williams from the University of Louisville each spent two months in the Special Collections Department learning about cataloging archival and manuscript material and experiencing first hand how a historical society’s special collections department operates.
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