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Volume 5, Number 3

Browsing In Our Archives - Theodore Roosevelt writes Filson founder Reuben Durrett

In 1933, Otto Rothert, long time editor of The Filson Club History Quarterly, initiated a series he dubbed “Browsing in Our Archives.” “Browsing” was a wonderful feature in which manuscript items from The Filson’s collection were highlighted in transcribed form, accompanied by an introduction and occasionally light annotation. This was a way to let our members and the public enjoy and learn from manuscript treasures preserved in our archives.
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Early Distilling Papers at The Filson

The Filson Historical Society has a growing collection of papers and printed material dealing with Kentucky’s distilling past. This industry has always played an important role in the history of the Ohio Valley region, but its earliest records are hard to find. The Filson has a significant portion of these early papers in its manuscript collection.
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The Frances Ingram Papers, 1894-1953

A recent addition to The Filson’s growing twentieth-century manuscript collection are the papers of Louisville social worker Frances Ingram (1874-1954). Consisting of correspondence, pamphlets, sociological reports, newspaper clippings, and lectures, Ingram’s papers thoroughly document Louisville’s early-twentieth century reform movements.
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Wolf Pen Branch Mill

“It seems clear that the Wolf Pen Branch was one of the first mill sites in Jefferson County, if not in North Central Kentucky. The present walls were started in 1875, but the same location was used for a water mill probably as much as 125 years ago.”
“Railroad Pioneer’s Daughter Turns Miller,” The Courier-Journal, 16 May 1926.
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Filson Fellowship: Denise Gigante, Ph.D.

Stanford University Assistant Professor of English Denise Gigante, Ph.D. is one of the most recent recipients of The Filson Fellowship award. Her studies while at The Filson of “British Romanticism and America” present an in-depth look at the origins of the letters of poet John Keats to his brother George.
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