The Filson Newsmagazine

Volume 7, Number 2

Historic Kentucky

Excerpts from James Archambeault's Lecture, January 26, 2007

As a recent member of The Filson, I have little, direct knowledge of the actual day-to-day work of the society. However, your reputation carries tremendous weight as the preeminent private source of historical data in Kentucky and the region as a whole. So, I feel somewhat inadequate, even intimated, standing before such a knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated group of people.
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Henry H. Denhardt

And Kentucky Politics in the 1920's

The recently cataloged papers of Lt. Gov. Henry H. Denhardt contribute to a better understanding of Kentucky politics in the 1920s. Born in Bowling Green in 1876, Denhardt earned a law degree from Cumberland University in Lebanon, TN and served as a prosecutor and later, a judge, in Warren County.
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The Filson's Civil War Field Institute

The Campaign and Siege of Vicksburg

The Filsonís Civil War Field Institute made its grand return the weekend of April 12-14, as men and women from all over the nation converged on Vicksburg, MS to spend three days following in the footsteps of the men who took part in the Campaign and Siege of Vicksburg. Led by Kent Masterson Brown, these men and women spent the weekend viewing the sites and battlefields that shaped the campaign.
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Filson Fellowships

Susanna Delfino

University of Genoa Associate Professor of History and Institutions of the Americas, Susanna Delfino is the most recent recipient of a Breaux Fellowship offered by The Filson Historical Society. Her research on "Antebellum Kentucky and its transformation" presented her with an in-depth look at the Bullitt Family Papers, the Bodley Family Papers, Allison, Young, Ewing Papers, the Grigsby collection and many more papers within the Filsonís collections.
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Rogers Clark Ballard Thruston - Photographs for Sale

A member of one of Louisvilleís most prominent families, Rogers Clark Ballard Thruston (1858-1946), compiled a photographic collection that showcased his interest in family, history and traveling, as well as his love of Louisville and Kentucky. His photographs spanned the years from 1882 to 1942.
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