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Photograph Collection is numbers (781-850)

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401. Lexington & Ohio Railroad. Way bills, 1838-1840. C\L. 5 items.
Way bills giving the names of passengers and their destinations.

402. Lexington Library Lottery. Tickets, 1811. C\L. 1 item.
Sheet of five printed tickets, nos. 3251-3255, for the Lexington Library Lottery, authorized by the State of Kentucky, and printed by T. Smith.

403. Lillard Family. Papers, 1801-1925. A\L729. .66 cu. ft. (329 items).
Papers of the Lillard family of Anderson Co., Ky. Most of the papers date from 1842-1855 and concern Gen. Christopher Lillard (1795-1855), his sons, Christopher Marion Lillard (1819-1910), John Horre Lillard (1821-1855), Rev. Robert Rodes Lillard (1826-1849), and the son-in-law of Christopher Marion Lillard, James Porter Ripy (1844-1922). Papers include correspondence, 1821-1925; land papers, 1803-1859; receipts, 1801-1901; account book, 1843-1845; list of property given to his children by Gen. Lillard, 1846; inventory and appraisal of Gen. Lillard's estate; Gen. Lillard's commissions in the Kentucky militia, 1816-1832; resolutions passed by the Kentucky Military Institute on the death of Robert M. Lillard, son of C.M. Lillard, in 1866; rolls of Companies F and H, 5th Ky. Cav., C.S.A., and Company G, 6th Ky. Inf., C.S.A., and subscription list for the Confederate monument in Lawrenceburg, Ky.; military papers concerning the 5th and 6th brigades of the Ky. militia in 1814 and certificate giving the service of Jefferson Hayden, a black soldier, in the Union Army, 1866; genealogical notes on the Lillard and related families; broadsides and invitations; newspaper clippings about Anderson Co. and the Lillard-Ripy family; and recipes. Correspondence discusses personal and family matters; John H. Lillard's service in the Mexican War and his life in Missouri after the war; Robert Lillard's career at Georgetown College and as associate editor of The Western Baptist Review; James P. Ripy's service in the Confederate Army and his business interests after the war; land and financial transactions; and the sale and purchase of slaves. Receipts contain material on merchants in Lawrenceburg, Anderson Co., Ky., and Louisville, and costs at Georgetown College in the 1840s. Information on distilling in post Civil War Kentucky is also included.

404. Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Miscellaneous papers, 1840-1864. C\L.
7 items.
Included are a 12 April 1864 commission for Edmond J. Thomas as assistant quartermaster of volunteers with the rank of captain; a 6 July 1864 letter to Edwin Stanton, sec. of war, concerning the release of Private John L. Collins, prisoner of war at Camp Douglas, Ill.; a photocopy of a 27 Sept. 1840 letter to Mary Speed reporting on Joshua Speed's health, describing seeing slaves chained together aboard a ship he was on, and complaining of a toothache; facsimile of a scrapbook; a photocopy of a 1 Oct. 1856 speech on "Sectionalism," with correspondence relating to its deposit at The Filson Club; a copy of a 28 May 1860 letter to Samuel Haycraft relating family history; and a copy of the last photo taken of Lincoln with notes by Joshua F. Speed.

Original items in the Presidential Collection.

405. Lincoln, Mary Todd, 1818-1882. Letters, 1856, 1869. C\L. 2 items.
Wife of Abraham Lincoln. Her 23 Nov. 1856 letter to her sister Emilie Todd Helm states that Mr. Lincoln was not a Fremont man, that he was far from an abolitionist, and that all he desires is for slavery not to be extended. She also gives her views on the Irish. Her 29 Aug. 1869 letter to Sally Orne written from Kronberg, Germany, describing the inn she is staying in, what a "trial" it was for her to leave Tad in school but she must because he has so much to learn, and mentioning the anticipated assistance of Sen. Reuben E. Fenton in getting her a federal pension.

406. Lincoln County. Orderly book, 1801-1852. BG\L736. 1 vol.
Record of proceedings of court-martials, assessment of fines, and court of appeals held for the 6th Regiment of Kentucky Militia in Lincoln Co., Ky., 21 Nov. 1801 - 1 Nov. 1852.

407. Logan, Benjamin, 1743-1802. Miscellaneous papers, 1786-1795. C\L. 3 items
Frontiersman, pioneer, and state legislator. Included are a 15 May 1786 statement of Benjamin Logan concerning field officers' impressment of supplies for the use of the militia in the District of Kentucky (in misc. Military Papers); a 15 Sept. 1789 deed by Logan to Jane Montgomery for 200 acres in Lincoln Co., Ky.; and a 4 April 1795 letter to Harry Innes requesting him to be at the Shelby Co., Ky., courthouse on 11 April to take the deposition of Martin Daniel in the suit of Innes as guardian in behalf of Col. Stephen Trigg's estate against George May, Levi Todd, and Logan.

408. Logan, William, 1776-1822. Miscellaneous papers, 1820-1822. C\L. 3 items.
Kentucky state legislator, judge, and U.S. senator. Papers include letters dated 9 Jan. and 3 March 1820 discussing social activities in the capital, the possibility of running for governor of Kentucky, an invitation to have his likeness placed in a gallery in Philadelphia, various friends, and notes that the admission of Missouri seemed settled; and an 8 Aug. 1822 obituary for William Logan noting that he died at his residence in Shelby Co., Ky., of the "prevailing fever."

409. Louis XVI, 1754-1793. Letter, 21 September 1788. C\L. 1 item.
Letter to the King of the Two Sicilies congratulating "my brother and cousin" on the birth of a prince.

410. Louisville, Ky. Tax book, 1861. BL\L888b. 1 vol.
Tax assessor's list for the Western District of Louisville. Records persons alphabetically, listing their residence, lot location and description, values of ground and improvements, tithes, number of children, number and value of slaves, and the value of pleasure carriages. The railroad tax assessed for each person is based on the value of slaves, merchandise, personal and residuary property. In addition, the total amounts of city tax and railroad tax for 1861 are recorded on page one.

411. Louisville, Ky., Watchmen. Record book, 1851-1853. BL\L888. 1 vol.
Record book of committals for misdemeanors, 9 Aug. 1851 - 31 Dec. 1853, listing people arrested. In some cases the charge is given along with the names of the arresting officers.

412. Louisville Board of Independent Insurance Agents, Inc. Records, 1854-1982. BB\L888. 11 cu. ft.
Established on 15 Feb. 1854 as the Board of Underwriters. The insurance board has undergone several name changes: Louisville Board of Underwriters (1864); Louisville Board of Fire Underwriters (1874); Louisville Board of Insurance Agents (1951); Louisville Board of Independent Insurance Agents (1969); and the Louisville Board of Independent Insurance Agents, Inc. (1976). The Board had a board of directors which held regular meetings and which included many prominent Louisvillians. The Board disbanded and went out of business in 1982. The records of the Board consist of minutes of the meetings, 1854 -1973; constitution and bylaws, including revisions, 1854-1892; quarterly reports, 1911-1956; financial records, 1913-1981; and office files, correspondence, and agency histories, 1940-1982. There is also one volume of meeting minutes of the Local Agents Clearing House Association, 1896-1930.

413. Louisville Car-Wheel & Railway Supply Company.
Records, 1871-1891. BB\L788.
4 vols.
Records of the company consisting of a ledger, journal, cash book, and sales book of wheels.

414. Louisville Equal Rights Association. Minute book, 1889-1895. BJ\L894. 1 vol.
Louisville women's suffrage organization also known as the Louisville Woman Suffrage Association. Included are minutes of the meetings, 1889-1895, constitution and by-laws, and a list of members, 1895.

415. Louisville Girls High School Alumnae Club.
Records, 1924-1941. BH\L888.
.33 cu. ft.
Scrapbooks, 1874-1950. BH\L888. 4 vols.
Collection consists of correspondence, 1927-1941; reports and financial statements, 1924-1938; clippings and programs; words and music of the school song; and miscellaneous material. Activities were primarily of a social welfare nature. Money was lent to alumnae and the group participated in community activities, as well as social and cultural events.

The scrapbooks of the Alumnae Club are composed of newspaper clippings, pictures, programs, etc., and chronicle the history and activities of the school, its students, and the club.

416. Louisville Hotel Company. Records, 1832-1852. BB\L888a. 3 vols.
Records include a cashbook, 5 May 1832 - 10 Jan. 1835, kept by Samuel Bell, secretary and treasurer, containing a record of receipts and disbursements for the lot, construction of hotel building, and furniture; followed by accounts with individuals and firms, including Smith and Keats, for the years, 1832-1834; and a list of stockholders. Also included is a minute book, 12 March 1833 - 7 Jan. 1852, containing the minutes of the meetings of the board of directors; lists stockholders; noting George Keats's election as director and then later as president, and James Guthrie's election to the directorship; and a ledger containing summary of chancery court cases regarding the company.

417. Louisville Light Infantry. Miscellaneous papers, 1888-1907. 18 items.
Documents on the history of the Louisville Light Infantry which was organized in March 1879 and known as the "Louisville Legion Cadets"; mustered into the Kentucky State Guard, 14 June 1880, and designated as Co. F, First Regiment; reorganized in 1884-1886 as a crack drill team and adopted the name Louisville Light Infantry. The documents include a history of the company; appointment of John J. Saunders as corporal by Cap. Harry C. Grinstead, 23 July 1888; letter from Thomas H. Montgomery to Capt. H.C. Grinstead, 1 June 1900, about his service in Co. F. and the Louisville Light Infantry; articles by members about trips to Mobile, White Sulphur Springs, Puerto Rico, etc.; and letters from members to John J. Saunders, 1907. Filed in Kentucky Miscellaneous Papers - Military.

418. Louisville Little Theatre Company. Papers, 1958-1961. BK\L888. 2 items.
Louisville theater organization. Included is the final minute book, 1958-1961, (including reports and correspondence) of The Little Theatre Company which operated in the Playhouse on the University of Louisville campus; and a copy of the articles of association, 1959.

419. Louisville Male High School. Records, 1856-1923. BI\M245. 31 vols.
Records, 1856-1915. BI\M245a. 7 vols.
Miscellaneous papers, 1866-1984. C\M. 37 items.
The records of Louisville Male High School for the period 1856-1923. The core of the collection consists of matriculation books, 1856-1914; graduate lists, 1859-1915; and academic records, 1860-1912. Also included are a library record book, 1870-1872; autobiographical sketches of English classes, 1909-1910; subscriber lists, 1907-1909; minutes of the Debating Club, 1915-1918; a history of the Latin Club, 1920-1923; and minutes of the Latin Club, 1919-1923.

Added records, 1856-1915, consist of student register and attendance records, 1855-1863; notes from faculty meetings, 1881-1886, with academic commendations, deportment, demerits and character book; demerit book, 1867-1890; student register books, 1890-1897, giving guardians and home addresses; monthly attendance records, 1891-1898; register and address records for school years, 1898-1899 through 1912-1913; and register and class schedules for the 1913-1915 school years.

Miscellaneous papers include a class roll list, report cards, academic certificates, tickets to school football games and plays, items concerning the 100th Male-Manual football game, letters regarding the school's lot at Brook and Breckinridge and the Athenaeum Literary Association, diplomas, and a Reserve Officers Training Certificate. Also included is a certificate making the school a member of the National Marine League of the U.S.A., a citation to a Male High civics class from the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation, and an inventory of supplies in the school in 1913.

420. Louisville Parks and Recreation Department.
Records, 1890-1956. BK\L888.
4 cu. ft.
Records consisting of twenty-one vols. of minute books, 1890-1942; letter press books, 1894-1897; Municipal Boat Harbor receipt books, 1942-1956; and L.H. Weir's Feb. 1916 report upon park properties, their development, and their uses; and four card file drawers containing an index to the Board of Park Commissioners' minute books and other park material. Also included are plans of numerous Louisville parks, including those designed by the landscape design firm Olmsted Brothers.

421. Louisville Police Department. Records, 1892-1944. BL\L888d. 6 vols.
Record book, 1899-1902. BL\L888e. 1 vol.
Records include two Force Books, 1904-1921, and 1917-1944 that record police officer's name, badge and key number, birthplace, former occupation, age, residence, and service dates. Another volume lists appointments and reason for leaving the force, 1909-1925. Three scrapbooks also relate to police affairs. The scrapbook, 1898-1905, of Chief Jacob H. Haager, contains newspaper clippings, several letters, and a wanted poster; articles describing his rise in the police department, his work as chief of police and private detective; and news of police investigations. Dr. Hugh McCullough's scrapbook, 1892-1894, contains clippings and several letters concerning his election as coroner and the activities of the Mose Green Democratic Club. H.E. Zimmerman's scrapbook, 1902-1912, contains clippings of his investigations, Daily Police Bulletins, a wanted poster, extradition papers, and several letters. A folder contains miscellaneous clippings, memos, and printed material concerning the police department.

The 1899-1902 record book provides brief descriptions for all accidents, murders, and suicides reported in Louisville, listed in chronological order; lists reported industrial, street car and railroad accidents in Louisville; and indicates certain areas of town such as red-light districts and black neighborhoods.

422. Louisville Title Insurance Company.
Maps, 1779-1906. BO\L888a ovsz.
119 items.
Twentieth-century manuscript maps of various sections of Jefferson County, Ky. Previously drawn by the Kentucky Title Insurance Co., later produced at the Louisville Title Insurance Co. The maps show streets, neighborhoods, turnpikes, family patents, parks, and cemeteries in present downtown Louisville and miscellaneous regions of Jefferson County, Ky., as they appeared on other maps dating from 1779 to 1906.

423. Louisville Tobacco Warehouse Company, Inc. Financial ledger, 1895-1902. BB\L888b. 1 vol.
More commonly known as Brown Brothers or John W. Brown and Brothers, the Browns managed the tobacco warehouse located on Main St. between 11th and 12th streets in Louisville. Expenses and income are recorded, including the accounts of those who did business with the firm.

424. Louisville Transit Company. Records, 1866-1965. BN\L888t. 7 cu. ft.
Business records of the Louisville Transit Company and its corporate predecessors, including the Beargrass Railway Company. The collection includes correspondence and business papers dealing with the company's history, operations, and property; pamphlets regarding court cases, hearings, and city ordinances involving the company; detailed financial reports of many phases of the company's operations for the years 1921-1951; blueprints of the Louisville Railway Company and other companies in the area, showing equipment, property, track routes, and right-of-ways; and several maps outlining the company's routes in the Louisville area.

425. Louisville Tuberculosis Association. Records, 1911-1919. BA\L888a. 4 vols.
Formerly known as the Louisville Anti-Tuberculosis Association, records include three vols. of minute books, 1912-1919, recording the minutes of the meetings of the association; and a 1911 report of its work and expenditures during the year ending 1 April 1911, with an account of its accomplishments since its founding in June 1905.

426. Louisville Turnpike Company. Records, 1818-1901. BN\L888, L888a. 2 vols.
Established in 1818 to build a turnpike from Louisville ten miles toward Bardstown, the company's records consist of a combined journal and minute book, 1818-1886, containing the act of incorporation, minutes of meetings, and names of officers and stockholders; and a minute book, 1887-1901, containing meeting minutes.

427. Louisville and Vicinity Bible Society. Records, 1836-1915. BA\L888. 3 vols.
An auxiliary of the American Bible Society, the society established to promote the Holy Scriptures in Louisville and Jefferson Co., and in adjacent counties that did not have Bible societies. Records include two minute books, 1836-1911, containing minutes of the general and executive committee meetings, reports, and constitutions adopted, 1836 and 1874; and an account book, 1911-1915, of treasurer Henry Almstedt with the society.

428. Love, James Young, 1797-1876, and Thomas Love.
Papers, 1785-1820. A\L897.
.33 cu ft.
Papers of James Y. Love, of Louisville, Ky., and his father, Maj. Thomas Love of Frankfort, Ky., formerly of Cumberland Co., Penn. They include a pass issued to Thomas Love, 20 May 1785, permitting him to go from Cumberland Co. to Halifax, N.C., to look after the effects of his deceased brother, Dr. David Love, a surgeon in the Continental Army; Thomas Love's receipt book as paymaster general to the Kentucky Volunteers, 1 May - 15 Sept. 1795; commission, 1 Nov. 1799, to Thomas Love from Gov. James Garrard as adjutant of the 22nd Reg. of the Ky. Militia; General Orders and correspondence of Maj. Gen. Charles Scott with Gen. Anthony Wayne and others in 1793; letter from Gen. Anthony Wayne to Gov. Isaac Shelby, 26 Sept. 1793, ordering 1500 militia; statement of account of Mounted Volunteers of Kentucky, commanded by Maj. Gen. Charles Scott, against the United States for $25,088 for supplies to the volunteers in 1794; letter from James Y. Love to Mrs. Eliza C. Tunstall, 10 May 1813, describing the Battle of Fort Meigs; four letters, 1819-1820, from Alfred Beckley to James Y. and George W. Love describing his life as a cadet at the U.S. Military Academy; commission, 31 Dec. 1822, to James Y. Love from Gov. James Adair as adjutant of the 22nd Regiment of the Kentucky Militia; certificate, 14 April 1842, of James Y. Love regarding William Buckner, a free black; land grants, 1785-1786; and a circular letter from Representative John Fowler to his constituents, dated at Washington, D.C., 5 March 1805.

429. Love, John, -1855. Account book, 1828-1855. BB\L897. 1 vol.
Merchant of Lexington, Ky., and later resident of Louisville. Included are statements of account against Love of the firm of Love and Berryman, who purchased merchandise, building materials, furniture, books, and newspapers and periodicals in eastern cities and Louisville and Lexington; legal fee bills; tax receipts on property in Lexington and Louisville; record of the sale of his Lexington home to Charles A. Wickliffe in 1834; letters regarding various matters, including a lawsuit of the George Keats estate against Love in 1842; contract, 1840, with James S. Speed and James Stewart for them to build two brick tenements on Love's lot on Water St. in Louisville; receipts, 1854-1855, for Second Presbyterian Church pew rent; and statements of account against Lexington merchant William Cornwall and his firms.

430. Lunette. Letters, 1862. C\L. 3 items.
Letters in which the unidentified writer using the pen name "Lunette" castigates the North and defends the Confederacy. The 17 Dec. 1862 letter concentrates on Kentucky and the evil designs of the Yankees on the state. The letters appear to have been written for newspaper publication.

431. Lyne, Leonard H. Ledger, 1815-1817. BB\L988. 1 vol.
Henderson, Ky., blacksmith. Ledger containing accounts with John J. Audubon, Samuel Hopkins, Adam Rankin, William H. Allen, and others.

432. Lyon, Chittenden, 1787-1842. Miscellaneous papers, 1831-1835. C\L. 6 items.
Kentucky businessman, state legislator, U.S. congressman. Letters of a routine nature regarding recommendations and requests for publications.

433. Lyon, Matthew, 1750-1822. Letter, 12 May 1811. C\L. 1 item.
Revolutionary War veteran, U.S. congressman from Vermont and Kentucky. Lyon writes secretary of state James Monroe a fourteen page letter in which he congratulates him on his appointment, discusses political issues at length, expresses his disapproval of president James Madison, and asks that the government purchase the Indian lands in western Kentucky.

434. McAfee, Robert Breckinridge, 1784-1849. Papers, 1813-1859. A\M113. .33 cu. ft. Journal, 1803-1807. A\M113a. 1 vol.
State legislator, War of 1812 veteran, and statesman. Papers include the memorandum book and journal of Capt. McAfee's Mounted Co., 19 May 1813 - 21 May 1814, describing his service under William H. Harrison and Richard M. Johnson during the War of 1812, orders issued, the campaign into Canada, and the Battle of the Thames; his handwritten narrative of his service in the war from 13 Sept. 1812 - 18 Jan. 1813, and the Battle of River Raisin; manuscript of McAfee's The History of the Rise and Progress of the First Settlements on Salt River... (Lexington, 1816); his 1845 manuscript "The Life and Times of Robert B. McAfee" (typewritten copy also included); and papers of William McAfee regarding commissions, members of the Harrodsburg Presbyterian Church, tax records, and construction of a mill in 1859. Portions of these papers have been published in the Register of the Kentucky Historical Society, vols. 25, 26 and 29.

McAfee's journal, 24 Oct. 1803 - 31 Aug. 1807, describes daily occurrences, reading, studying law, practicing law, attending church services, and visiting friends.

435. McClernand, John Alexander, 1812-1900. Report, 12 Nov. 1861. C\M. 1 item.
Illinois politician and soldier. A printed report on the Battle of Belmont, Mo., opposite Columbus, Ky., on the Mississippi River. McClernand describes the movement of troops by boat from Cairo; comments on the enemy's artillery at Columbus and Belmont; lists casualty figures for both sides, mentioning many Union officers by name; and describes the Federal withdrawal and arrival at Cairo.

436. McConathy, William J., 1841- . Papers, 1859-1865. C\M. 32 items.
Confederate soldier from Glasgow Ky. Letters were primarily written while a prisoner of war at Camp Douglas, Chicago, Ill. Served initially in Co. A, Second Kentucky Cavalry, but when captured belonged to Co. A, Fourteenth Ky. Cavalry. He participated in Gen. John Hunt Morgan's "Ohio Raid" and was captured at Buffington Island, Oh., on 19 July 1863. Most of the letters are to his father, Herbert McConathy, and relate prison life: what he does, how they are treated, what he needs sent, his health, etc. Mentions war news and states his feelings regarding the war and the Confederacy. He was paroled and took the oath at Danville, Va., 29 April 1865. He settled in Louisville after the war and was an educator.

437. McConochie, James Robert, ca. 1786-1853.
Papers, 1812-1869. A\M129
. .33 cu. ft.
Scottish-American physician and poet of Louisville, Ky. Papers include correspondence, 1825-1853, regarding his family and business affairs; legal papers, 1837-1853; land papers, 1812-1851; bills and receipts, 1825-1853, primarily regarding his medical practice; slave papers, 1817-1853; and will and estate records, 1853-1869.

438. McCreary, James Bennett, 1838-1918.
Miscellaneous papers, 1875-1914. C\M.
4 items.
Confederate soldier, Kentucky governor, U.S. senator. Included are a printed broadside proclaiming Thursday, 25 Nov. 1875 "as a day of Thanksgiving..." asking all Kentuckians to cease secular activities for that day; a 9 Aug. 1877 letter to Gen. Basil Duke discussing military organizations wishing to be special police in Louisville and the reason why the governor will not arm them; an 1877 commission appointing James B. Bell as commissioner of deeds; and a 14 April 1914 letter to George T. Settle concerning the transfer of a bust of Abraham Lincoln to the Louisville Free Public Library in accordance with a resolution adopted by the General Assembly.

439. McDermott, Edward J., 1852-1926. Papers, 1894-1925. A\M134. .33 cu. ft.
Louisville lawyer, Kentucky lieutenant-governor, 1911-1915. Papers include correspondence, 1894-1925; an account of the circumstances surrounding his election as lieutenant-governor; speeches; two drafts of acts re: election primaries in Louisville; and two printed programs announcing McDermott as the speaker.

440. McDowell, Robert Emmett, 1914-1975.
Writings, 1961-1967. A\M138.
.66 cu. ft. Collection, 1774-1869. A\M138a. 2 cu. ft. Added Records, 1775-1862. M138b. 5 vols.
Kentucky novelist and historical writer. Galley proof of novel Tidewater Sprig, 1961, 318 pp.; page proofs of City of Conflict, a study of Louisville during the Civil War, 1962, 245 pp.; scripts of the outdoor drama, Home is the Hunter, for 1963, 1964, and 1965; original typescript of the article, "The Wilderness Road in Jefferson County," 1967, 20 pp. Also included are additional writings, 1969, containing the original 20-page typescript of his article "Louisville: The Real Gateway to the West," which was published in Louisville Magazine, April, 1969, and concerns the Lewis and Clark Expedition's connections with Louisville.

The McDowell collection consists of typed transcripts of legal records, most of which were original circuit court records, from Bullitt, Jefferson, and Nelson counties of Kentucky. The papers from which these copies and abstracts were made date from 1774 to 1869. A number of depositions bearing dates in the early 1800's contain reminiscences of men who came to Kentucky as early as 1774. Many of the papers included in this collection reflect attempts to sort out ownership of land on which claims literally were "shingled." Depositions from earliest settlers describe where and when they came into Kentucky, their "settling out" at tiny, isolated stations, many of which the deponents helped establish in raw wilderness; the buffalo roads they found here, the roads they made, and as time went on the means of telling one from the other. They tell who lived where in their neighborhoods and some of the conditions under which they lived and died. These volumes also include descriptions and documents of the salt trade, the river trade, and trade in general; and documents and depositions concerning slavery, health conditions, dangers from Indians, crime and criminals, weather conditions that affected living conditions, the care of the insane, and even one bawdy practical joke. For complete references, indexes to individual volumes should be checked. Original sources are given in all cases and researchers should check them for complete accuracy.

Added records include a long court case between Matthew Patton's heirs and Thomas Speed and others; misc. cases from Bullitt, Nelson, Lincoln, and Jefferson counties; extracts from Hardin Co. records; Bullitt Co. newspaper and family accounts, and a few records relating to them; and extracts from Bullitt Co. deed books, Minute Book 1, and commonwealth prosecution cases. See index in each volume.

441. McDowell, Samuel, 1735-1817. Papers, 1783-1814. A\M138. 17 items.
Revolutionary War soldier, early Kentucky settler, jurist. Letters written by Judge Samuel McDowell from various places in central Kentucky to his son-in-law, Andrew Reid of Rockbridge Co., Va., concerning family news; Reid's land in Kentucky; St. Clair's defeat; Ephraim McDowell's proposed trip to Scotland; fights with the Indians; his lawsuit against Benjamin Borden's heirs about land; criticism of Thomas Jefferson; Gov. Isaac Shelby's campaign in the War of 1812; and the proposed capture of Canada and exclusion of the British from North America.

442. McElroy, William Thomas, 1829-1910. Papers, 1838-1905. A\M141. .33 cu. ft.
Papers of Rev. William T. McElroy, Presbyterian clergyman of Kentucky. Papers include letters discussing McElroy's education and personal life; a statement about his false arrest and controversy surrounding the Walnut Street Presbyterian Church in Louisville; and McElroy's journals, 1852-1868, 1889, and 1901-1905, chronicling his studies at Union Theological Seminary, New York, 1852-1854, his pastorates at Presbyterian churches in Mercer Co., Paris, Maysville and Louisville, Ky., and Mobile, Ala., and discussing events surrounding his family, spiritual matters and meditations, McElroy's day-to-day thoughts, slavery, free African Americans, the Civil War, and the conflict between Old School and New School Presbyterians. An additional volume contains records for various years and churches of baptisms, marriages, new members, expenses, and sermons preached. Also included are papers of geologist Samuel Addison Casseday, including his 1853-1854 travel journal in which he recounts his experiences and observations while in Europe. His papers include a note written in French from Prussian scientist Alexander Von Humboldt, who granted a visit to the young Casseday. He describes his interview with Humboldt in his travel journal.

443. McElroy family. Collection, 1831-1935. A\M141b. 20 items.
Family of Springfield, Washington Co., Ky. Included is a letter, 1840, from A. McElroy to Hugh McElroy about business and local affairs in Springfield, Ky.; correspondence, 1921-1932, from Elizabeth Madox Roberts to Mrs. R.A. McElroy; genealogical data on the McElroy, Simms, Davison, Conner, Pierson, McKay, and Cocke families; photograph ca. 1902 of Elizabeth M. Roberts's class at Springfield School; legal papers; and a copy of Roberts, Under The Tree (New York, 1925).

444. McJenkins, Edgar T. Miscellaneous papers, 1898. C\M. 15 items.
Soldier and fireman of Louisville, Ky. Included are five letters written to his mother, 3 July - 15 Aug. 1898 from Camp George Thomas at Chickamauga, Ga., Newport News, Va., aboard a transport, and from Puerto Rico. Letters contain details of army life and one engagement with the Spanish troops. Also included are official memoranda, 1918-1921, as fire chief of Camp Zachary Taylor, Louisville, Ky. and letters, 1931, to him as fire marshal for the annual Armistice Day observance.

445. McKee, Samuel, 1833-1898. Miscellaneous papers, 1866-1869. C\M. 5 items.
Lawyer, U.S. congressman from Ky. Included is correspondence of a nature and an 1869 letter from C.J. True, U.S. Consulate, St. Thomas, W.I. (Virgin Islands), describing the island and its people.

446. McMeekin, Isabel McLennan, 1895-1973. Papers, 1960-1972. A\M167. .33 cu. ft. Miscellaneous papers, 1951-1959. C\M. 7 items.
Louisville author. Manuscripts, letters, and working papers about the following books, stories, and poems: Nip and Tuck, Not Even a Mouse, Homespun Mary, The Wonder Goose, Company is Coming to Grandmother's House, The Almost Forgotten Robin Crusoe, Blackie, Victorian Vittles, Louisville Butters 'em Hot, Proud to be Black, Once There was a Girl, Speaking Ponies, "Question Mark," "Joey," "Country School," and several others.

Miscellaneous papers include correspondence with Ludie Kinkead about a gift of microfilm to The Filson Club, the opening of Liberty Hall and the Orlando Brown house museum, and genealogical questions.

447. McMurtry, Gerald E. Papers, 1851-1931. C\M. 38 items.
Kentucky researcher and collector. Papers include correspondence regarding his attempt to obtain information about Thomas Lincoln's route from Kentucky to Indiana; an anonymous oration; letters, 1851-1880, from various members of the Mann family; and a membership book in the International Union of the United Brewery Workmen of America owned by Albert Ulmen of Louisville.

448. McMurtry, Lewis Samuel, 1850-1924. Papers, 1872-1880. A\M168. .33 cu. ft.
Doctor of Danville Ky., chairman of the Ephraim McDowell Monument Committee. Papers include letters primarily regarding contributions to the McDowell monument fund and the dedication ceremony; an invitation to the dedication; a newspaper clipping of McMurtry's welcome to the Kentucky State Medical Society; and funeral notice and obituary of Dr. John D. Jackson. Correspondents include Dr. Samuel David Gross, Oliver Wendell Holmes, E.R. Pearlie, T. Spencer Wells, T. Gaillard Thomas, and T.G. Richardson.

449. McMurtry, Walter J. Papers, 1847-1853. C\M. 6 items.
Soldier. Papers consisting of five letters and one affidavit/power of attorney regarding his Mexican War service, all written by McMurtry. Letters dated 1 Feb. and 2 March 1847 describe, respectively, his quarters and conditions in Saltillo, Mexico, and the capture of C.M. Clay and others before the Battle of Buena Vista; and the Battle of Buena Vista, the death of Henry Clay, Jr. and other casualties, troop movements, the condition of the Mexican army, and the exchange of Cassius Clay.

450. McNaughtan, D. Letter, 24 March 1840. C\M. 1 item.
Letter to a friend, John Brunton of Edinburgh, Scotland, regarding the Louisville and American economies, tailors, clothing fashions and prices, and the decrease in Louisville's population due to mechanics "going ahead" (moving to the South and West). Also comments on politics in the U.S., dueling, and religion. On page one there is a unique pencil sketch of the Louisville waterfront, head of the Portland Canal, and the steamboat Louisville drawn and described by McNaughtan. In a postscript dated 27 March he reports a very destructive fire on Louisville's Main Street.

451. Macauley, Bernard, 1837-1886. Script, 18 August 1885. BP\M117. 1 item.
Louisville theater owner. Script of A Messenger from Jarvis Section, first performed at Macauley's Theatre, 11 February 1878. Also included is a list of performances of the play with the casts as remembered by Macauley. The script was copied by Macauley on 11 August 1885.

452. Mammoth Cave. Letter, 10 June 1852. C\M. 1 item.
Letter by an unknown writer describing many of the natural features of the cave, defacements to the rocks, saltpeter vats, facilities used by consumptives in former years, Indian lore, and the first wedding in the cave. The writer also describes the journey to Mammoth Cave and comments on the "very poor" country in the area.

453. Markland Family. Papers, 1778-1905. A\M346. 13 items.
Clark Co., Ky., family. Collection of family generated and collected material. Included are papers, 1860-1887, of Col. Absolum Hanks Markland, Special Agent of the Post Office Department during the Civil War, concerning his work during the war, the marriage of Gen. William T. Sherman's daughter, and Civil War research and writing in which he was engaged; article regarding the 1863 Union Army campaign in Arkansas; James Flanagan's recollections of Major Matthew Markland; and Horatio Gates's orders, 4 April 1778, to enable Count Casimir Pulaski to recruit and equip his corps of cavalry and infantry. Correspondents include Gov. James Clark, Charles A. Dana, and William T. Sherman.

454. Marshall, Humphrey, 1812-1872.
Miscellaneous papers, 1835-1863. C\M
. 8 items.
Kentucky lawyer, U.S. congressman, diplomat, Confederate general and congressman. Included are a 28 Dec. 1835 letter to F.T. Horde inquiring about collection of a debt of Gilbert Adams to George W. Barclay; a 7 August 1862 letter (photocopy) to Jefferson Davis outlining his plan for the invasion of Kentucky, the defeat of the Union forces, and the recruitment of a large force for the Confederate army; a 19 Aug. 1862 letter to D.C. Douglas describing a confused situation involving a company of partisan rangers under Capt. William Rowan; photocopies of two letters, 1861 and 1862, to Alexander H. Stephens discussing complaints about Marshall's commission as a general in the Confederate Army and with conditions in eastern Kentucky during his command there; and an address "To the People of Kentucky," ca. 1862, assuring them that they need not fear his troops and asking support for the Confederate cause.

Additional Humphrey Marshall papers are contained in other collections, particularly the Edward O. Guerrant papers.

455. Marshall, Thomas, 1730-1802. Account book, 1780-1783. BL\M369. 1 vol.
Surveyor of Fayette Co., Ky. Account book kept by Marshall covering the period, 28 Nov. 1782 - 12 Jan. 1783; and by Christopher Greenup, deputy surveyor and manager of the surveyor's office, for the period 12 Jan. - 13 March 1783. Copies of land entries made by Thomas Marshall, John Marshall, Jr. and others in Kentucky in 1780 precede the accounts. Accounts with Daniel Boone, Simon Kenton, and many others are recorded in the book.

456. Marshall Family. Papers, 1815-1897. A\M367. .33 cu. ft.
Papers of a leading Kentucky family, centering on the correspondence of Judge Thomas Alexander Marshall (1794-1871), U.S. congressman, lawyer, and chief justice of the Kentucky Court of Appeals, son of Senator Humphrey Marshall and nephew of Chief Justice John Marshall. The letters include references to national political affairs and personalities from 1832 to 1835. Marshall's wife, Eliza Price Marshall, a niece by marriage of Henry Clay and Senator John Brown, is represented in the correspondence as are the Marshall children, Anna Maria Marshall (Mrs. William Crosby Smedes) and her husband; John Hart Marshall, Humphrey Marshall, Charles Sims Marshall, and Eliza Nannette Marshall (Mrs. William Turner). The family correspondence, 1823-1879, discusses California in the 1850's; Nicaragua under the regime of William Walker, 1856-1857; John H. Marshall; the Civil War; and Taos, New Mexico. Correspondents include Thomas E. Bramlette, Henry Clay, James Paxton Harbeson, John Marshall, and Theodore Dwight Woolsey. Also included are legal papers, 1815-1866; receipts, 1858-1875; a brief 1897 biography of Col. Thomas Smith (ca. 1792-1866) of Louisville; and miscellaneous material.

457. Martin, John L., 1786- . Papers, 1815-1853. A\M381. .33 cu. ft.
Resident of Paris, Ky. Papers include correspondence, 1828-1853, regarding a land suit of the heirs of pioneer John Martin; politics of the Mexican War era; and events of Kentucky's pioneer history, particularly concerning Capt. John Martin, his settling at Boonesborough, building his own fort, and the British and Indian attack on Martin's and Ruddle's stations. Also included are legal papers, 1815-1851; a Mexican license, 1826, to carry arms; and a Mexican passport, 1826.

458. Mason County, Ky. Account book, 1797-1799. BB\M398. 1 vol.
Contains names of people doing business with Mason Co. businessmen, their transactions, and the amounts involved.

459. Mather, Otis May, 1868-1950. Papers, 1917-1942. A\M427. .33 cu. ft.
Kentucky researcher and writer. Collection of speeches, articles, and research dealing with a variety of Kentucky historical topics, including the Lincoln family, Christopher Miller, Benjamin Lynn, Hardin and Larue counties, Hodgenville, Ky., and the Aetna furnace of Hart Co., Ky.

460. Matthews, Cranmer L. S. Secession calling card, 1861. C\M. 1 item.
A wood block color print of the first Confederate flag (seven stars), signed "C.L.S. Matthews, Louisville, Ky." With small likeness, presumably of Matthews, in upper right-hand corner.

461. Maupin, Richard A. Papers, 1843-1852. A\M452. .33 cu. ft.
Louisville lawyer. Collection of family papers that include letters, 1845-1849, from Dr. William L. Booth, assistant surgeon, Tenth U.S. Infantry Regt., during his service in the Mexican War and California; and an 1843 phrenological chart made by J.G. Forman.

462. Maxwell, Alexander. Ledger, 1847-1865. BB\M465. 1 vol.
Louisville livery stable owner. Ledger containing accounts of his livery stable operations.

463. Mayors of Louisville. Papers, 1870-1909. BL\M473. 8 cu. ft.
Collection of papers of Louisville mayors during the period 1870-1909. The papers are primarily composed of correspondence received by the mayors, concerning such subjects as employment applications and recommendations, complaints about municipal services, information requests, charity requests, letters from other city officials, local businessmen, commercial organizations, Kentucky political figures, Theodore Roosevelt's 1905 visit to Louisville, and Prince Henry of Prussia visit. Also included are papers relating to such matters as city contracts and ordinances, petitions, construction proposals and bids, requisitions, payroll lists, receipts, and General Council resolutions. Louisville mayors represented are John G. Baxter, Charles D. Jacob, Paul Reed, William L. Lyons, Henry S. Tyler, George D. Todd, Charles P. Weaver, Charles F. Grainger, and James F. Grinstead. Prominent correspondents include John Crepps Wickliffe Beckham, Robert Worth Bingham, Joseph Clay Stiles Blackburn, Luke Pryor Blackburn, Simon Bolivar Buckner, William Joseph Deboe, Reuben T. Durrett, Samuel Insull, Harvey Samuel Irwin, Tom Loftin Johnson, James B. McCreary, Edgar Young Mullins, Thomas H. Paynter, Joseph Swager Sherley, South Trimble, and Henry Watterson. More specific information regarding the nature of the papers present for each mayor is available in the repository.

464. Meglemry, Thomas B. Scrapbook, 1898-1899. A\M497. 1 vol.
Soldier from Louisville, Ky. Scrapbook containing records of Meglemry's service as Sergeant in Co. K, Sixth U.S. Volunteer Infantry, in Puerto Rico during and following the Spanish-American War. Records include orders and other military papers; newspaper clippings Meglemry letters to the Courier-Journal describing his work among the Puerto Ricans under the command of Col. Lawrence D. Tyson and Brig. Gen. Frederick D. Grant; and photos taken in Puerto Rico and Savannah, Ga.

465. Meigs, Return Jonathan, 1764-1824. Letters, 1818, 1820. C\M. 3 items.
Ohio pioneer, politician, governor of Ohio, U.S. senator. Included are his 24 Jan. 1818 letter to Dillon Murphy regarding Peter Williams's contract to carry the mail on Ohio post route 152; and his 17 July 1820 letter to Henry Clay discussing the disagreements he was having with Clay's friend Captain John Fowler. Also included is a newspaper clipping telling the story of how Meigs came to be named "Return Jonathan."

466. Menefee, Richard Hickman, 1809-1841.
Papers, 1835-1839. A\M541a.
.33 cu. ft.
Lexington, Ky. lawyer, U.S. congressman and senator. Letters of a romantic nature written by Menefee to his wife, Sarah Bell Jouett Menefee, daughter of Matthew Harris Jouett while on a trip to Washington and New York in 1835 and from Washington during his service as a representative in Congress, 1837-1839. The letters also mention dinners with Daniel Webster and Martin Van Buren; duel of his brother, John Menefee, at Vicksburg, Miss., 29 Dec. 1838; probability of war with Great Britain over the Northeastern boundary question; and giving messages to son, Jouett.

467. Menefee Family. Papers, 1826-1958. A\M541. .66 cu. ft.
Prominent Kentucky family. Papers consist of correspondence, primarily letters of Richard Jouett Menefee (1837-1893) and Richard Hickman Menefee (1877-1956). Letters record primarily family news; condolences upon the death of Richard Jouett Menefee, June 1893; and army life and news from Richard H. Menefee from camps in Lexington, Ky., Georgia, and Puerto Rico during the Spanish-American War. Correspondents include James B. Beck, Benjamin Bristow, Don Carlos Buell, Garrett Davis, Henry F. Farney, Joel T. Hart, J. Proctor Knott, Thomas Satterwhite Noble, William T. Sherman, and Thomas Speed. Also included is genealogical material of the Menefee and Jouett families; family record labeled: Matthew H. Jouett's Bible; diary, 1840-1841, of Richard Hickman Menefee; tributes and eulogies delivered upon the death of Richard Jouett Menefee, June 1893; and printed material of the Spanish-American War period.

468. Menzies, John William, 1819-1897. Miscellaneous papers, 1861. C\M. 2 items.
Kentucky lawyer, state legislator, U.S. congressman, jurist. Letters of a routine nature regarding an appointment to a navy department vacancy and a subscription.

469. Mercer, Charles Fenton, 1778-1858. Letters, 1806-1853. C\M. 7 items.
Virginia lawyer, state legislator, and U.S. congressman. Mercer writes to several people, including his sister, Mary E. Garnett, Robert Beverley, Archibald Hunter, and George Carter. He discusses his personal life and finances, gardening, and politics.

470. Mercer County, Kentucky. Tax book, 1824. BL\M554. 1 vol.
"Tax Book for Mercer County for 1824 to collect in 1825" is inscribed on the first page. Names with amounts due are listed and back pages list county debts to individuals for services.

471. Meriwether, David, 1800-1892. Memoirs, 1800-1855. A\M563d. 1 vol.
Kentucky lawyer, legislator, and governor of New Mexico Territory, 1853-1857. Memoirs (typed copy) recounting his boyhood in Kentucky, with details of life and customs; experience in the fur trade; service as a member of the Kentucky legislature and as Kentucky secretary of state; and appointment by President Pierce as governor of New Mexico Territory. About half of the narrative is devoted to his activities in New Mexico, recalling journeys across the country, relations with the Indians and with the Mexican government, the Gadsden Purchase, deliverance of Indian captives, a controversy with Kit Carson, and many other matters.

472. Meriwether, David Wood, 1756-1797. Letter, 14 Sept. 1785. C\M. 1 item.
Kentucky pioneer. Meriwether discusses exaggerated reports of Indian activity; notes that the lower Mississippi is open to navigation; that a company from Red Stone passed the Falls with a a large cargo of flour bound for New Orleans; speculates that Kentucky will prosper; and mentions the families in the Beargrass Creek area with eligible daughters.

473. Meriwether, George Wood, 1789-1864. Papers, 1809-1831. A\M563. .33 cu. ft. Miscellaneous papers, 1796-1828. C\M. 20 items.
Papers of George Wood Meriwether, retail merchant of Louisville, Ky., member of the firm of George W. Meriwether and Co., and city councilman in 1831, consisting of correspondence, 1809-1831, regarding his mercantile business, including eighteen letters from his partner, John H. Hanna, a letter from James Berthoud and Son, and letters from merchants in Philadelphia and Baltimore; correspondence with Charles Clarkson, his uncle Nicholas Meriwether, Henry W. Meriwether, Richard Meriwether, and A.M. Barker about land matters; a letter from brother Samuel Meriwether, 7 Oct. 1812, during military service in the War of 1812; a letter from James Guthrie as member of the Kentucky legislature; personal accounts and accounts of George W. Meriwether and Co., 1812-1831, including statements of account for merchandise purchased in Philadelphia, 1815-1817; receipts; promissory notes; accounts with doctors Richard Ferguson and Richard Booth; and fee bills. These papers are filed with the William Meriwether papers.

Miscellaneous papers concern accounts of merchant George W. Meriwether and Co. for merchandise purchased and sold, and for miscellaneous business matters. Five items concern expenses of William Meriwether.

474. Meriwether, Nicholas, 1749-1828.
Miscellaneous papers, 1779-1799. C\M.
11 items.
Kentucky pioneer. Includes photocopies of his letters, 1782-1786, to Capt. William Meriwether recounting his travels, his debts, the fine land he owns in Louisville and the condition of the town, and the sale of slaves to relieve the demand on his brother George's estate; a contemporary copy of a 29 Aug. 1785 deed selling John Clark, Sr., 256 acres of land on Beargrass Creek in Jefferson Co., Ky.; and legal papers, 1779-1799, regarding land matters for a tract of land on the South Fork of Beargrass Creek.

475. Meriwether, William, ca. 1757-1814. Papers, 1780-1818. A\M563. .33 cu. ft.
Jefferson Co., Ky., pioneer. Papers consist of correspondence, 1787-1811, chiefly with his brother, Valentine Meriwether of Louisa Co., Va., about the estate of their father, William Meriwether, and litigation in which they were engaged; statements of account, 1788-1813; bond of Nicholas Meriwether to William Meriwether for the sale of 1100 acres of land on Mulberry Creek, a branch of Brashear's Creek., and for 600 acres on the waters of Beargrass Creek, July 1780; slavery documents, including a bill of sale for a girl, 21 Dec. 1795, and a contract for hire of a man, 23 March 1801; agreement of William Meriwether and James Speed about land, undated legal papers in case of Isaac Hite's heirs vs. William Meriwether, 1811-1815; fee bills, 1789-1811; estate papers, 1814-1818; and statements of account, 1814-1827, against Sarah Oldham Meriwether. A calendar of correspondence is filed with the collection.

476. Merton, Thomas, 1915-1968. Miscellaneous papers, 1961-1968. C\M. 10 items.
Trappist monk, writer, and philosopher. Papers include his 11 Dec. 1961 and 17 Feb. 1962 letters to Lewis Mumford discussing Mumford's writings and commenting on worship; five letters, 1966-1967, to John Hunt discussing monasticism and how it limits his ability to comment on current issues; a 5 March 1966 letter to a Mr. Appleton noting Merton's articles about mystics and Zen masters; and a 1 July 1968 letter to Raymond DiPalma regarding poems the latter had written.

477. Miles, George Lancaster, 1798-1874. Papers, 1812-1889. A\M643. 5 cu. ft.
Papers of George L. Miles, merchant of Murfreesboro, Tenn., New Haven, Ky., and later a resident of Elizabethtown, Ky., where he served as commissioner for Hardin Co. His papers consist of letters from family members discussing topics such as land in Texas, family matters, and conditions in Missouri just prior to the Civil War; legal papers; account books of Miles and Hynes of Murfreesboro, Tenn., 1818-1820; day-books, journal, and ledger of George L. Miles and Co. of New Haven, Ky., 1832-1841; and account books for George L. Miles for the years, 1838-1874. Collection also includes a small grouping of Henry Miles's papers, 1812-1849, concerning land in Nelson and Hardin counties in Kentucky; the estate of John Johnson; will dated 21 July 1839 and papers related to his estate; and four shares of stock in the Bardstown and Green River Turnpike Road Co., 17 Aug. 1846. Also included is a small collection of Slaughter family papers, 1830-1856, containing correspondence; land papers; legal papers; and papers relating to Severn's Valley Baptist Church, Elizabethtown, Ky. An index of correspondence is filed with the collection.

478. Miller, Francis Hegan, 1874-1950. Collection, 1780-1874. A\M647. .33 cu. ft.
Chairman of the board of directors of the Louisville Railway Company. Collection of land and family papers apparently inherited and compiled by Miller. Included are documents, 1788-1843, regarding land transactions between the commissioners appointed to apportion the land granted to George Rogers Clark's Illinois Regiment and the men who qualified for the grants and/or their assignees; Kentucky land papers, 1780-1843; and miscellaneous land papers, 1785-1798. Also included is correspondence, 1814-1850, chiefly to members of the Miller family, discussing routine family matters; legal and business papers, 1795-1874; accounts, 1809-1861, of the Prather and Miller families; and slavery documents. The land documents contain the names and signatures of many prominent Kentuckians and early settlers of the Clarksville, Ind., area.

479. Miller Family. Papers, 1833-1848. C\M. 9 items.
Prominent Louisville family. Warrick Miller was a farmer, state legislator, and militia officer. Papers consist of letters to Warrick Miller and his wife, Martha Meriwether Prather Miller, from their children and other relatives, and from their children to each other. They give insight into the daily life of the time, educational facilities, some medical problems, and politics.

480. Miller-Thum Family. Papers, 1781-1962. A\M652a. .66 cu. ft.
Papers of the Miller, Thum, and allied families of Louisville, Ky. spanning several generations. Included is correspondence regarding the Meriwether family and an aborted move from Virginia to Kentucky; and the Warrick Miller family of Louisville discussing antebellum family and social life, education, medicine, food, clothing, and agriculture; Dr. Mandeville Thum's 1847-1850 medical case/account book and school compositions; Charles Doll's 1870-1872 diary and expense account; legal papers; and genealogical material.

481. Mills, Madison, d. 1873. Diary, 1846-1847. A\M657. 1 vol.
Surgeon and Mexican War veteran. His diary (typed copy), 11 March 1846 - 6 Nov. 1847, discusses his service in the Mexican War; marching with the army of occupation under Gen. Zachary Taylor to the Rio Grande; fortifications at Matamoras; the battles of Palo Alto, Resaca de la Palma, and Monterey; the use of artillery, cavalry, dragoons, and infantry; reports of the Battle of Buena Vista; and comments on the performance of different regiments.

482. Moore, James Francis, d. 1809 and John Jones, d. 1850.
Papers, 1782-1872.
.33 cu. ft.
Papers of pioneer James Francis Moore and his son-in-law, John Jones, both of Jefferson Co., Ky. Included are land records, 1782-1839, particularly re: the salt works at Mann's Lick; Moore's appointment, 1789, as a colonel in the Jefferson Co. militia; legal papers of John Jones, 1814-1841; and Mary Field's 28 Feb. 1824 marriage contract with Woodford Floyd.

483. Moore-Ewing family. Papers 1785-1879. A\M821. .33 cu. ft.
The papers consist of receipts and statements, 1785-1799, surviving from the records of Michael Lacassagne, Louisville businessman and partner of Robert Karney Moore, who served as an executor of Lacassagne's estate. Also included are papers concerning the settlement of the estate of Marie Ann Sophie de Barbe-Marbois Lebrun, Duchess of Plaisance, who died in 1854. The Duchess' estate descended to her maternal heirs; legal papers consisting of several depositions taken in Louisville in the mid 1850's providing details on the Moore family; the will of Robert K. Moore; and miscellaneous papers about the payment of the proceeds of the estate to various heirs.

484. Morehead, Charles Slaughter, 1802-1868.
Miscellaneous papers, 1847-1859. C\M.
4 items.
Kentucky lawyer, state legislator, U.S. congressman, Kentucky governor, 1855-1859. Papers discuss routine political matters. Of interest is a 27 Aug. 1852 letter to Millard Fillmore recommending J. Gideon as supt. of public printing.

485. Morehead, James Turner, 1797-1854.
Miscellaneous papers, 1834-1845. C\M.
5 items
Kentucky lawyer, state legislator, governor, 1834-1836, U.S. senator. Papers include a 24 April 1834 document stating that Benjamin Webb had been appointed an agent of Kentucky in order to apprehend a fugitive slave; a 3 April 1843 letter stating he will come to Covington as soon as Mrs. Morehead has recovered; a 28 Dec. 1844 letter to S.S. Bucklin concerning books from the Mechanics Institute of Louisville; and a 24 June 1845 letter to Nahoun Capen discussing Capen's proposed statistical journal.

486. Morgan, C.C. and Company. Papers, 1853-1880. BB\M847. .66 cu. ft.
Papers of C[alvin] C. Morgan and Co., manufacturers of bagging and woolen goods of Lexington, Ky., formerly J[ohn] H[unt] and C.C. Morgan of Lexington. Included is business correspondence, 1853-1861, with additional correspondence, 1862-1880, of C.C. Morgan, chiefly concerning real estate in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas; accounts, 1853-1860, including bills for clothes, shoes, provisions and medical attendance for factory hands, purchases of hemp, tow, wool and whiskey, sales of whiskey, and shipments of bagging; New York and New Orleans 1855 prices; 1859 contract for New Mexico cotton; 1858-1859 slavery documents; legal papers; and financial papers. Included in the correspondence are four letters, two written by John H. Morgan, regarding bets on the 1856 and 1860 presidential elections.

487. Morgan, John Hunt, 1825-1864. Autograph album, 1863. HA\M848. 1 item.
Autographs of Gen. John Hunt Morgan and his officers, collected while confined in the Ohio state penitentiary at Columbus. Begun 1 Aug. 1863, and gathered at least through 18 Sept. 1863.

488. Morgan-Duke Family. Papers, 1832-1879. A\847m. .33 cu. ft.
Added papers, 1862-1941. A\M847m. 25 items.
Papers of the prominent Morgan and Duke families of Kentucky. Included are letters from family members concerning family news, activities, travels, and the Civil War; and an account book, 1848-1857, of Calvin C. Morgan containing records of the distribution of the estate of his father-in-law, John Wesley Hunt. Added manuscripts include letters of Basil W. Duke, John Hunt Morgan, Calvin C. Morgan, Mrs. John H. Morgan, Mrs. Lucy Jennings, and Tom Wallace relating to the Civil War and the activities of John Hunt Morgan and Duke. Also included are letters of Julia Henning, circa 1896, relating to social activities; newspaper articles and notes about the death of Gen. John H. Morgan; and an 1868 broadside program for the reburial of Gen. Morgan in Lexington, Ky.

489. Morton, David, 1833-1898. Papers, 1818-1855. HA\M889. 4 items.
Papers collected by Rev. David Morton of Russellville, Ky., include specifications for building the Mercer Co. courthouse, ca. 1818; a list of those who had cholera in Russellville in 1835; a plan of Russellville; and military commissions.
490. Morton, Isaac and Sons. Records, 1816-1844. BB\M889, M889a-b. 3 vols.
Hartford, Ohio Co., Ky., merchant, blacksmith, and post master. Included is a ledger, 1816-1828, containing business and personal accounts and a record of letters left at the post office; store account book, 1821-1844, listing customers and purchases; and Morton's blacksmithing account book, 1827-1831, listing customers, type of work, and amounts charged.

491. Morton, John P., and Company. Papers, 1888-1915. A\M889. .33 cu. ft.
Louisville publishing firm. Papers include letters about their publications and subscription forms, 1899-1915; and accounts, contracts, and price lists regarding Filson Club publications.

492. Morton, Rogers Clark Ballard, 1914-1979.
Miscellaneous papers, 1863-1976. C\M.
8 items.
Kentucky native, U.S. senator from Maryland, secretary of the interior, and secretary of commerce. Papers contain routine political correspondence. Of particular interest is Morton's 1 Nov. 1963 letter to John W. Steffey, chairman of the Maryland Draft Goldwater Committee, declining a spot on the advisory committee because he wants to go to the convention uncommitted.

493. Morton, Thruston Ballard, 1907-1982.
Miscellaneous papers, 1961-1963. C\M.
3 items.
U.S. senator from Kentucky. Papers include a 6 June 1961 letter to Richard H. Hill of The Filson Club stating his support for a bill designed to class libraries as educational institutions for tax purposes; and his 27 June and 1 July 1963 letters to The Filson Club sending an autograph of Herbert Hoover and of Dwight D. Eisenhower for The Filson Club's collections.

494. Mosby, Robert, 1788-1825. Papers, 1810-1828. A\M894. .33 cu. ft.
First Lieutenant, U.S. Marine Corps, War of 1812. Papers include three letters, 1810-1828, discussing his nomination to the Marine Corps and routine matters; a 20 June 1810 certificate by citizens of Georgetown, Ky., testifying to Mosby's good character; his commission, 14 April 1812 signed by James Madison; and muster and pay rolls, 1812-1813.

495. Munn, Abraham Godwin, 1819-1909. Papers, 1856-1930. A\M966. .33 cu. ft.
Louisville manufacturer and president of the Lakeland Improvement Co. in Lakeland, Florida. Papers include correspondence regarding business and family matters, the Jennie Cassedy Rest Cottage, and the Louisville Free Kindergarten Association; and a map of Lakeland, Fla., 1884. Also included are the papers of William Garnett Munn (1855-1948), Louisville manufacturer and son of Abraham Munn, containing routine correspondence and an 1889 stock certificate for the Pewee Valley Hotel Co. Correspondents include Bishop Thomas U. Dudley, Andrew Cowan, Augustus E. Willson, and others.

496. Music Study Club. Records, 1891-1943. BP\M987a. .33 cu. ft.
Women's musical study and performance organization of Louisville begun in 1905. Records include minute books, 1906-1943, containing meeting minutes, lists of activities, programs, and financial reports; correspondence; programs; newspaper clippings about the organization; and its constitution.

497. Musical Club. Papers, 1884-1900. BP\M987. .33 cu. ft.
Louisville music organization. Papers regard the activities of the club while Charles H. Shackleton served as its musical director and contain annual reports, 1884-1891; correspondence; musical programs; lists of members; newspaper clippings; announcements; and other miscellaneous material.

498. Nashville, Chattanooga, and St. Louis Railroad. Accident record book, 1880-1894. BN\N251. 1 vol.
Records accidents on the railroad between 5 July 1880 and 2 Feb. 1894. Entries provide location, engine and train number, and the name of the engineer and conductor for each accident with statements from those involved.

499. National Hotel. Account book, 1873-1874. BB\N277. 1 vol.
Louisville hotel. Account book includes accounts with guests and records of expenses.

500. National League for Woman's Service, Social and Welfare Division, Kentucky. Records, 1917-1929. BJ\N277. .33 cu. ft.
Women's service organization. Records include correspondence, minutes, activities, and a bank book. Many records deal with the World War I related Khaki Club, established in Louisville by the local members of the league and operated from 1917-1919.

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