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The photograph collection contains approximately 50,000 photographic prints, film and glass negatives, daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, tintypes, and slides. The collection dates from the 1840s to the present, but is strongest in late nineteenth and early twentieth century images. Several thousand photographs are in a "General Subject File," and approximately 3,000 photographs of individuals are in an "Individuals File." Access to the General Subject File is gained through files of photocopied photographs divided into approximately 200 subject headings and subheadings. A guide to the photocopy files is available in the department. Some of the subjects included are agriculture, boats and steamboats, bridges, bridge construction, churches, events, floods (especially the 1937 flood), historic buildings, industry, Kentucky houses, Kentucky counties, mining, parks, politics, railroads, rivers, schools, sports, streetcars and interurbans, and street scenes. Access to the "Individuals File" is through a printed index using surnames. Still other photographs are in separate collections, including family collections, institutional collections such as the Cave Hill Cemetery Collection, business collections such as the Louisville Railway Company and United Distillers collections, and collections by a particular photographer such as the Robert A. Campbell Collection and the R.C. Ballard Thruston Collection. Many of the collections are described in the following list.

The print collection includes engravings, lithographs, chromolithographs, and posters. Subjects include individuals, city views, architecture, the Civil War, steamboats, and the Southern Exposition of 1883-1887. Of particular interest are Nathaniel Currier lithographs of Henry Clay, John Cabell Breckinridge, Casssius Marcellus Clay, and Zachary Taylor; views of Louisville and Paducah, Ky.; a plan of the grounds and buildings of the Southern Exposition; a Battle of New Orleans lithograph; and a lithograph in color of Daniel Boone leading settlers through Cumberland Gap. An index to prints of individuals and some inventory lists of subjects have been compiled.

781. Allison, Young Ewing, 1853-1932. Collection, ca. 1880's-1940s. 540 items.
Young Ewing Allison was a writer and editor for newspapers in Henderson, Ky., Evansville, Ind., and for the Courier-Journal and the Commercial in Louisville. In 1887 he founded a trade journal, The Insurance Field, and was its editor until 1926. He was a writer of prose and verse, including his poem the "Derelict," written to complete the fragment verse by Robert Louis Stevenson in Treasure Island which began "Fifteen Men on the Dead Man's Chest..." The collection contains photographs and snapshots of members of the Allison family, friends, and colleagues. Many of the photographs are not identified. Also included are photos of the Allison home at 4601 South Third Street in Louisville and of Gethsemane Abbey in Nelson Co., Ky. Identified persons include four generations of Allison family members, and members of the allied Wilson, Pinkard, and Allison families. Other identified persons include Dr. J. Christian Bay, Otto Rothert, and Indiana poet James Whitcomb Riley. A calendar of family members, their dates, and relationships is available.

782. Breckinridge, Issa Desha, 1843-1892. Collection, 1884. B829. 9 items.
Photographs from Issa Desha Breckinridge, wife of William C. P. Breckinridge and granddaughter of Gov. Joseph Desha. Pictured are scenes at Cabell's Dale, John Breckinridge's farm near Lexington, including the family cemetery, the building which served as John Breckinridge's "law office," and a group of people having a picnic. People in the photographs are probably Breckinridge family members but are not identified.

783. Briney, Melville Otter, 1899-1986.
Collection, ca. 1890s-1970s. 986PC28.
264 items.
Melville Otter Briney was a Louisville author and columnist for the Louisville Times. Her weekly column, "Old Louisville," recounted stories of people, events, and places in Louisville history and often drew upon memories of her childhood on St. James Court. Her husband, Russell Briney, was a reporter for the Courier-Journal. The collection includes photographs of members of the Briney, Otter, and Carter families. Albums of snapshots taken by Mrs. Briney picture her girlhood friends and schoolmates, parties, and vacations from 1912-1916. Identified photographs include Mary Anderson, John Otter Briney, Melville O. Briney, Russell Briney, Mrs. James G. Carter, Melvilla B. Carter Otter, John Delaware Otter, and Alice Hegan Rice.

784. Beauchamp-Bush Family. Collection, ca. 1850s-1950s. 988PC8. 145 items.
Photographs of members of the Beauchamp and Bush families of Hancock County, Ky. Allied families represented include Lewis, Stone, Tevis, and Cofer. There are photos of scenes in Hancock County, church and school groups, surveying teams in Hancock County, and Beauchamp family houses. Identified persons include a number of Beauchamp family members, Bush family members Anna Boyd Beauchamp, Ellen Bush Cofer, Martin Hardin Cofer (col., 6th Ky. Inf., CSA), Gov. John Larue Helm, Anne D. Lewis, William Linton Lewis, Frank D. Stone, James E. Stone, Jr., Dr. W.T. Tevis, and Lella Bush Tevis. Photographers represented include J. C. Elrod, Louisville; Edward Klauber, Louisville; C. Theo Cain, Owensboro; R. M. Wilson, Hawesville; Charles L. Knight, Hawesville; Fahrensberg, Hardinsburg; and Schlegel, Richmond.

785. Bismarck, Mona, 1897-1983. Collection, ca. 1860s-1979. 989PC9X. 130 items.
Countess Mona Bismarck, born Mona Travis Strader in Louisville, married in 1917 the first of five husbands. After a divorce from her second husband she became part of the "cafe society" in New York and her marriage to Wall Street financier Harrison Williams in 1926 gave her further entree to a glamorous lifestyle. After his death in 1953 she married Count Edward Bismarck, grandson of Germany's Chancellor Otto von Bismarck. In her later years she lived quietly in Paris and at her villa on the Isle of Capri. The collection includes portrait photographs of Mona Bismarck, many by Sir Cecil Beaton, and photographs of her family, her husbands, and friends from her years in society. There are also photographs of the villa on Capri and her Paris apartment in the Hotel Lambert. Identified persons include Count Edward Bismarck, Harrison Williams, Umberto di Martini, Robert Sims Strader, Margaret Sims Strader, members of the Shockency family, Sir Cecil Beaton, Bernard Baruch, Marlene Dietrich, Lorraine Rowan Cooper (Mrs. John Sherman Cooper), Randolph Churchill, and Cristobal Balenciaga.

786. Brenner, Carolus, 1865-1929. Albums, ca. 1903-1909. 991PC10X. 2 items.
Carolus Brenner was a son of Louisville artist Carl C. Brenner and was himself an artist. These albums contain snapshots and photographs taken by Carolus Brenner. There are photographs taken in Europe, possibly in 1903 since that date appears on one photograph; other photographs were taken in Oldham County, Ky., in 1909 and include views near Worthington, a Brenner family home near Pewee Valley, and women packing grapes at Tyler's farm near Worthington. Photographs of the Louisville wharf, Beargrass Creek in Cherokee Park, and the Wolf Pen Branch mill were also taken in 1909. A large portfolio contains pages with photographs attached, identified, and decorated by Brenner. All of these photographs were taken in Germany, Holland, Italy, Switzerland, France, England, and Scotland and are not dated. They may have been taken during the 1903 trip. Brenner studied art in Germany, and possibly in France, in the 1880s and 1890s, and he may have taken the photographs then.

787. Brown Family. Collection, 1860s-1970s. 988PC7. 126 items.
Photographs of members of the Brown, Plunket, Ewell, and Polk families of Kentucky and Tennessee. Identified persons include George W. Campbell, George Campbell Brown, George Garvin Brown, II, George Garvin Brown, III, Laura Lee Lyons Brown (Mrs. Owsley Brown), Lizinka Campbell Brown, James Plunket Brown, Percy Brown, Sr., Percy Brown, Jr., Robinson S. Brown, Jr., Owsley Brown, Richard Ewell Brown, Susan Polk Brown, Gertrude Polk Brown (Mrs. George Garvin Brown), Col. Benjamin Ewell, Gertrude Margaret Plunket, James Dace Plunket, and John Thompson Plunket.

788. Calvert, James B. Collection, 1910-1924. 987PC44, 988PC71. 83 items.
Photographs of Louisville streetcars and interurbans collected by Louisvillian James B. Calvert include side views of each type of streetcar, trailer, and service car used by the Louisville Railway Company in 1916-17; new equipment built in 1924 is also pictured. Photos of interurban cars and freight equipment used by the Louisville & Interurban Railroad in 1916-17 are included. An album contains ten large photographs of Louisville Railway Company streetcars in service in 1910.

789. Camp Zachary Taylor. Album, 1917. 987PC57. 1 item.
Photographs of property in Jefferson Co., Ky., sold to the U.S. government for Camp Zachary Taylor. Included are photos of houses, barns, outbuildings, and farmland. Most are not identified.

790. Campbell, Robert A., 1883- . Collection, ca. 1910-1940. 990PC38. 110 items.
Robert A. Campbell, Jr., was a son of Robert Alexander Campbell, superintendent of Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville. He was an engineer and apparently moved away from Louisville about 1914. The collection contains glass plate and film negatives taken by Campbell. There are scenes of Louisville's Cave Hill Cemetery, Cherokee Park, and Shippingport Island. Photos include scenes in Louisville during the 1913 flood and at an aviation show in 1910. Most of the plates and negatives have not been printed.

791. Cased Images. Collection, 1840s-1890s. 84 items.
Collection of miscellaneous daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, and tintypes. Many are not identified. Daguerreotypes of particular interest include images of Mary Mulholland Tyler and her husband Robert Tyler, by Webster and Bro. of Louisville; Amos Kendall; a full plate image of Col. William Duerson and his seven children; and eight plates recovered from the cornerstone of the Masonic Temple in Louisville. The latter picture prominent Masons and the architect of the building, E.E. Williams, and were made by John M. Hewitt, whose studio is the first of record in Louisville. Ambrotypes include Civil War guerrilla Champ Ferguson; Louisville physician Dr. Mandeville Thum; Science Hill Female Academy founder Julia Tevis; and a ca. 1858 view of Louisville's Main Street, between Bullitt and Fifth. Other cased images can be found in many of the family collections.

792. Cave Hill Cemetery. Collection, 1880s-1960s. 990PC39. 107 items.
Cave Hill Cemetery was established in Louisville, Ky., in 1848. The collection contains photographs and engravings of Cave Hill Cemetery Company directors and managers, 1848-1920. Superintendents Robert Ross, 1856-1890; Robert Alexander Campbell, 1890-1938; and Ira J. Mitchell, 1938-74 are also pictured. There are photographs of views of the cemetery grounds and buildings taken by J. Henry Doerr about 1895 and cemetery views by Rieger & Archer. Also included are miscellaneous 20th-century photos and snapshots of the grounds, staff employees, and superintendents. There is an index to the photographs of cemetery company officers and directors.

793. Civil War, U.S., 1861-1865.
There is no separate Civil War collection, but photographs of individual soldiers and other images may be found in the General Subject file, Individuals file, and some family collections. Significant images, both Union and Confederate, include Robert Anderson, Pierre G.T. Beauregard, John C. Breckinridge, Simon Bolivar Buckner, John Breckinridge Castleman, Jefferson Davis, Basil Duke, Ulysses S. Grant, John Bell Hood, Joseph Hooker, Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson, Robert E. Lee, Abraham Lincoln, George G. Meade, John Hunt Morgan, and William Preston. Other Civil War items include a mounted group of cartes de visite of Union "Western Generals," and an album of halftone illustrations of Confederate officers published by the American Chicle Co. in the 1920s. The print collection includes engravings and lithographs of Civil War officers, a map of the Gettysburg battlefield, a lithograph of Union prisoners in Camp Sumter, Andersonville, Ga., and a lithograph of the camp of the Third Kentucky Infantry, CSA, at Corinth, Miss., from a painting by Conrad Wise Chapman.

794. Clarke, William F., Sr., -1939. Collection, 1887-1900. 993PC3. 42 items.
Photographs either taken or printed by William F. Clarke, Sr., of Louisville. Clarke was an artist and photographer who established and headed the lithographing department of the Courier-Journal Job Printing Company. Included are photographs of Federal Hill ("My Old Kentucky Home"), Wickland, and the Ben Hardin house, all in Bardstown; Ohio River views; and rural scenes of houses, family groups, and landscapes, most unidentified.

795. Cousins, Ivey W., 1897-ca. 1974. Collection, 1959-1960. 1579 items.
Ivey W. Cousins, a native of Danville, Va., retired as a leaf tobacco buyer and dealer in 1944 and moved to Louisville, Ky. While living in his adopted city, he ran the Louisville Service Club's hobby shop and taught woodworking, became an assistant curator at the Louisville Free Public Library's museum, and began taking photographs of Louisville scenes. The collection contains only negatives and few have been printed. His photographs recorded street scenes and buildings primarily in downtown Louisville from Broadway north to Main street, and on the main north-south streets in this area. There are some photographs on Third and Fourth Streets in the Old Louisville residential area. Many of the scenes photographed no longer exist because of urban renewal, construction of expressways, and expansion of the medical center/hospital complex east of the central business district. There is a partial index to the collection.

796. Craig, Isaac Allen, -1917. Collection, 1860s-1911. 992PC24. 12 items.
Isaac Allen Craig of New Albany, Ind., served with the 50th Indiana Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War and later worked as a draftsman and builder in New Albany. The collection includes a cased ambrotype of Isaac Allen Craig in uniform, a salted paper print of Craig, and late 19th century photographs of Craig and his wife, Mildred Ellis Craig. There are several identified Civil War era cartes de visite of other members of the 50th Indiana Volunteer Infantry, including Wil Disborough, A. M. Durand, and Lt. Col. S. T. Wells.

797. Crawford-Whitley Family. Collection, ca. 1850s-1960s. 992PC45. 70 items.
Family photographs, primarily of William Wait Crawford, Jr. (1878-1944) and his wife, Mary LaClaire Lovelace Crawford (1878-1958), but also including the Crawford children and Mrs. Crawford's parents. William W. Crawford, Jr., was a prominent attorney in Louisville and president of the Emmart Packing Company. Identified persons include Malcolm Crawford, William Wait Crawford, Sr., William Wait Crawford, III (1916-1926), Medora Ashby Lovelace (Mrs. Samuel Henry Lovelace), Rev. Samuel Henry Lovelace (1841-1922), Griffin Morton Lovelace (1876-1968), and other family members.

798. Dabney-Coleman-Joyes Family. Collection, ca. 1850s-1940s. 990PC57.65 items.
Collection of family photographs including studio portraits, candid snapshots, and three albums. William C. Dabney, Sr. (1894-1963) was a Louisville industrialist and co-founder of the Jones-Dabney Company, manufacturers of industrial paints. The company merged with Devoe & Raynolds Company and Dabney became president of that company in 1950. The Dabney, Coleman, and Joyes families were related by marriage. Two of the albums are identified as belonging to Mrs. Chapman Coleman (a daughter of John J. Crittenden) and one of her daughters, Eugenia Coleman. Many of the cartes de visite and cabinet photos in these albums are not identified. One album contains snapshots of William C. Dabney, Sr., his wife, and their children. Also in the collection are photographs of "Dunlora," the Dabney home in Louisville, built ca. 1937 and designed by Louisville architect Frederick L. Morgan. Identified persons include members of the Dabney, Coleman, and Joyes families.

799. Downing, Amelia M. Album, 1876-ca. 1890s. 992PC12. 60 items.
Album of cartes de visite and cabinet photographs assembled by Amelia M. Downing of Louisville, Ky. Most photographs are of young women; many are identified and dated 1876; and most were taken by Frank Wybrant, Louisville photographer. The subjects were probably classmates of Amelia Downing at Louisville Girls High School. Downing later married George Penton Kendrick (1856-1937), son of William Kendrick and brother of William Carnes Kendrick of the Kendrick jewelry and silverware firm. Family photographs include George Penton Kendrick, William Kendrick, George Hurst Kendrick, Amelia M. Downing Kendrick, William Penton Kendrick, Harriett Downing, and John Fonda Downing. Related collections are the Kendrick-Trawick Family Collection (990PC25) and the Kendrick-Garvin Family Collection (992PC42).

800. Dudley Family. Collection, 1850s-1970s. 986PC1. 130 items.
Charles Lee Dudley (1845-1939) was a Flemingsburg, Ky., businessman and a Civil War veteran. The collection contains both professional photographs and candid snapshots of members of the Dudley family, relatives, and friends. Cased images include daguerreotypes and ambrotypes. There are several photograph albums, photographs of family gatherings and parties, scenes in Flemingsburg and at Park Lake in Fleming County, and pictures of the Dudley homes in Flemingsburg. Many photographs are not identified. Family members identified include Charles Lee Dudley and his wife, Lula W. Kenner Dudley, and their children, Bruce Dudley, Woodson Dudley, Roy Dudley, and Carrie Douglas Dudley Ewen.

801. Farnsley Family. Collection, 1890s-1960s. 988PC43. 103 items.
Photographs of the family of Charles R. P. Farnsley (1907-1990), mayor of Louisville from 1948 to 1953, and U. S. congressman from Louisville from 1965 to 1967. Included are photographs of Farnsley, his wife, Nancy Hall Carter Farnsley, and their children. There are also some photographs of other civic and political figures. Identified persons in addition to the Farnsleys include William Douglass Carter and other Carter family members, Anna May Peaslee, Suzanne Peaslee, Lyndon B. Johnson, Wilson W. Wyatt, Barry Bingham, Sr., Thruston B. Morton, Lawrence Wetherby, Andrew Broaddus, Emerson (Doc) Beauchamp, Mark Ethridge, Bob Hope, and Eugene O'Neill, Jr. Related collections include the Farnsley-Peaslee-Carter Collection (988PC54), and the Drusilla Carter Langdon Collection (988PC10).

802. Farnsley-Peaslee-Carter Family. Collection, 1870s-1980s. 988PC54. 106 items.
Photographs of members of the Farnsley, Peaslee, and Carter families; photographs of Peaslee and Farnsley houses in Louisville and Jefferson County; and photographs of "Beauvoir," Jefferson Davis's home at Biloxi, Miss. Identified persons include Drusilla Carter Langdon (Mrs. Thomas P. Langdon), Ellerbe Winn Carter, William Douglass Carter, George Douglass Carter, other Carter family members, Charles Rowland Peaslee Farnsley, Burrel H. Farnsley, Anna May Peaslee Farnsley, Nell Peaslee, Suzanne Peaslee, Charles Rowland Peaslee, and George L. Douglass. Houses pictured include the Charles R. Peaslee house at 1323 Third Street (later the Richmond School and now razed), Charles R. Peaslee's summer cottage in Glenview, "Fernlea," the Farnsley farm in southwestern Jefferson County, and the home of George Douglass, "Woodbourne," on Bardstown Road. Related collections include the Farnsley Family Collection (988PC43) and the Drusilla Carter Langdon Collection, (988PC10).

803. Ferguson-White Family. Collection, ca. 1850s-1950s. 991PC16. 196 items.
Edwin Hite Ferguson (1852-1924) was a Louisville industrialist who built the mansion which now houses The Filson Club Historical Society. The collection includes a series of photographs of interiors in the Ferguson mansion taken about 1912 when the Fergusons were living in the house. Also in the collection are studio and amateur photographs of members of the Ferguson, White, and Pirtle families. The Whites and Pirtles were related by marriage, and the White and Ferguson families were close friends. Identified persons include Edwin Hite Ferguson, Sophie Fullerton Marfield Ferguson, Margaret Fullerton Ferguson Major, Earl E. Major, Belle H. Skannel Perkins, Henrietta White Pirtle, James S. Pirtle, Belle Hamilton White, William B. Pirtle, John A. White, and Theo Stephan White. A related collection is the White-Skannel Collection (987PC18).

804. Fible-Courtenay-Sneed Family. Collection, ca. 1850s-1920s. 986PC18. 58 items.
Photographs of members of the Fible family of Oldham County, Ky., and related Courtenay and Sneed families. Also included are photographs of the Joseph Fible house near Ballardsville, Oldham County, and "Woodlands," another Fible home in Oldham County. There are two large tintypes of John Fible (1804-1876). Other identified persons include Alexander S. Fible (1847-1915), Betty Mitchell Fible (Mrs. John Fible), Mildred Sneed Fible Courtenay (Mrs. Lewis R. Courtenay), Alexander H. Sneed (1828-1881), Frances Fible Cook, and Alexander Fible Courtenay.

805. First Unitarian Church. Collection, ca. 1860s-1980. 987PC27. 66 items.
Photographs and snapshots of people and events associated with First Unitarian Church, Louisville, Ky. Of interest are 19th century photographs of Rev. John H. Heywood and Mrs. Heywood, Thomas T. Shreve, Mr. and Mrs. Abraham G. Munn, Benjamin B. Huntoon, Rev. and Mrs. James Freeman Clarke, and Augustus Holyoke, all early members of First Unitarian. Clarke was Heywood's predecessor at First Unitarian and a famous Unitarian minister.

806. Fox, Fontaine Talbot, III, 1884-1964.
Collection, ca. 1889-1930s. 991PC12.
25 items.
A native of Louisville, Ky., Fontaine Fox was a cartoonist best known for his "Toonerville Trolley" series of cartoons. He worked for newspapers in Louisville and Chicago and later moved to New York when his work was syndicated to about 300 newspapers. The collection includes photographs of Fox as a child, the family home at Hubers Station, Ky., Fox, his wife, and their daughters.

807. Galt-Gray Family. Collection, 1860s-ca. 1910. 989PC39. 68 items.
Photographs of members of the Galt, Gray, Brown, and Ingram families. Dr. Norborne Alexander Galt and his son, Dr. William Henry Galt, were prominent Louisville physicians. Identified persons include Alexander Galt Brown, Matilda Galt Brown (Mrs. Arthur Brown), Arthur Brown, Elizabeth C. Hobbs Campbell, Annie Alexina Galt, Elizabeth Thruston Pope Galt (Mrs. William H. Galt), Ellen Pope Thruston Galt, John Galt, William Henry Galt, Norborne Alexander Galt, Elizabeth M. Thompson Gray Galt (Mrs. Norborne A. Galt), Bishop Thomas Underwood Dudley, George Gray, Strother Gray, Urath Pope Galt, Selena Gray Galt Ingram (Mrs. Robert Hord Ingram), Selena Pope Ingram, Wyatt Ingram, Matilda Nicholas, Mary Anne Pope Nicholas, and Elizabeth Thruston Pope (Mrs. Worden Pope). The Galt family home, "Repton," is pictured in the collection. It was on Brownsboro Road in Louisville. After a fire it was rebuilt in 1902 by Edward Moran. The original house is the one pictured.

808. Gray, George Herbert, 1874-1945. Collection, ca. 1910-1930. G779. 105 items.
George H. Gray, architect, was born in California, graduated from Johns Hopkins University (1895), and attended the Ecole des Beaux Arts (1901-05). He began practicing in Louisville about 1907 and was later in partnership with Herman Wischmeyer. He moved to New Haven, Conn., and practiced there for several years. The collection contains photographs of houses, churches, commercial buildings, and apartment buildings designed by Gray. Included are houses for Mrs. M. E. A. Dudley, Lewis C. Humphrey, William Ruedeman (1914), Dan Schlegel, J. Morton Morris, and C. Bonnycastle Robinson (1916), all in Louisville. Churches pictured include Christ Church, Bowling Green, Ky., Church of our Merciful Saviour, Fourth Avenue Presbyterian, and Fourth Avenue Baptist in Louisville. There also are photographs of the Aragon and Pennington apartment buildings in Louisville. The Forbes Hawkes house on Long Island, N.Y., the Arthur B. Clark house, New Haven, Conn., and Gray's own residences in New Haven and Louisville also are included.

809. Green-Guerrant Family. Collection, ca. 1860s-1912. 990PC14. 19 items.
Miscellaneous photographs and one album relating to the allied Green and Guerrant families. Dr. Edward Owings Guerrant (1838-1916), a native of Sharpsburg, Ky., served in the Confederate Army, became a physician, and in 1873 began theological studies at Union Theological Seminary in Virginia. He was the organizer, in 1897, and president of the "Society of Soul Winners," also known as the American Inland Mission. His life was spent in ministering, both as doctor and evangelist, to the people of the mountains of Eastern Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia. Of interest is an album of photographs taken in 1902-1903 which pictures people, events, and locations in Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina, and portrays the work of the "Soul Winners." Many of the photographs were taken during a visit by Maj. Gen. Oliver Otis Howard who was sent by the Christian Herald to report on the work of the society in the mountains. Howard was accompanied by Dr. Guerrant, Anne Guerrant, Rev. Harvey S. Murdoch of Buckhorn, Ky., and a photographer, George Stark, from the Christian Herald. Identified persons include Oliver Otis Howard, Edward O. Guerrant, Anne Guerrant, Rev. Miles Saunders, Louise Saunders, and Harvey S. Murdoch.

810. Green, Robert W. Collection, ca. 1880s-1985. 61 items.
Photographs of members of the Cropper, Lewis, Gaines, Green, and Jones families, including cabinet cards, carte de visites, a tintype, snapshots, and copy prints. Of interest is a ca. 1885 photograph of "Lewiston," the home of William Lewis which was built about 1820 in southwestern Jefferson County. There are group photographs taken at a Cropper family reunion in 1906, and many of the family members are identified. Other identified relatives include members of the Gaines, Green, Jasper, and Walton families.

811. Grove, Benjamin, 1824-1915. Album, 1856-1897. 991PC1. 1 item.
Benjamin Grove was a topographical engineer and cemetery designer who lived in the Portland neighborhood of Louisville. Grove designed portions of Cave Hill Cemetery after the death of Edmund F. Lee, who laid out the original part of Cave Hill. Grove designed other cemeteries in Louisville, in other Kentucky towns, and in several Southern states. He also planned parks, suburban developments, and landscapes for institutions. The album, assembled by Grove, contains photographs of his designs, many of them hand-tinted. Included are designs for cemeteries in Ashland, Louisville, Danville, Bowling Green, Flemingsburg, Frankfort, Lexington, Midway, Shelbyville, and Winchester, all in Kentucky. Grove planned cemeteries in Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, and Ohio. Designs for other projects include suburban "villa" lots in Decatur, Ala., a plan for dividing the Glenview Farm near Louisville, landscape plans for Southwestern Presbyterian University in Clarksville, Tenn., and Collett Park in Terre Haute, Ind. There is an item index for the album.

812. Hatfield Steamboat Fleet. Collection, ca. 1900-1940s. 989PC30. 48 items.
Photographs of steam towboats in the Hatfield Fleet, owned and operated by James T. Hatfield of Covington, Ky. Hatfield was founder of the Hatfield Coal Company in 1892 and later president of the Hatfield-Reliance Coal Company which was formed by the merger of the Hatfield Coal Company and several other companies in 1924. Photographs of steamboats include the Henry C. Yeiser, Jr., Alert, W.C. Mitchell, Sam Craig, Ellen Hatfield, J.F. Butts, O & K #1, J.T. Hatfield 1 and 2, Julius Fleischman,and Plymouth. Town and wharf views include Cincinnati, Charleston, West Virginia, a boat sinking at Reed, West Virginia, and Kanawha River views. Photographs of James T. Hatfield, Mrs. Hatfield, and a daughter, Virginia Thorpe Hatfield, are also included. Many of the photos are copy prints of older photographs.

813. Hays, William Shakespeare, 1837-1907.
Collection, 1850s-1930s. 988PC33.
53 items.
Will S. Hays (his more familiar name) was a song writer, newspaper columnist, and steamboat captain. A Louisville native, he wrote as many as five hundred songs including "Mollie Darling," which was said to have sold three million copies. The collection includes family photographs, daguerreotypes, and tintypes of Hays, his wife, their children, and other family members. Identified persons include Will S. Hays, Belle McCullough Hays, Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Brown Hays, Samuel Milton Hays, and Jane Hays. There are daguerreotypes of Martha Ridgeway Gibbs Holbert and James Holbert and tintypes of Mattie Belle Hays.

814. Heineman Theatrical Collection, ca. 1902-1915. 990PC13. 86 items.
Photographs of actors and actresses, many of whom appeared at Macauley's Theater in Louisville. Some photos picture scenes from plays. The collection may have been assembled by Harry J. Martin, who worked at Macauley's from 1911 to 1925 and managed the theater from 1919 until 1925. Identified persons include Maud Adams, George Arliss, David Belasco, Billie Burke, Eldon Durand, George "Honey Boy" Evans, Anna Fields, DeWolf Hopper, Bert Howard, Elsie Janis, Buster Keaton, Eddie A. Kern, Stepp, Goodrich & King, Maud Lambert, Montgomery & Stone, Maude Shaw, Joseph F. Sheehan, Fay Templeton, Sara Truax, Walker Whiteside, and Margaret Wycherly. Scenes from productions include "The Magic Melody," "Pinafore," "The Country Boy," "Honey Boy Minstrels," Stop Thief," and "Seven Days."

815. Helm, John L., IV/Helm Family. Collection, ca. 1880s-1927. 987PC37. 28 items.
Photographs of descendants of Gov. John Larue Helm include John L. Helm, Jr., John L. Helm, III, and Jane Washington Helm. There are exterior and interior photographs of "Helm Place," the Helm family home in Hardin Co., Ky. John L. Helm, III, is pictured in a photograph of the Louisville Southern Grays baseball team, 1901-02, a team composed of students from various private schools in Louisville.

816. Hopkins, Arthur Earle, 1881-1944. Collection, 1860s-1940s. 1,500 items.
Hopkins was a prominent Louisville attorney, judge, 1941 mayoral candidate, and president of the Board of Alderman at the time of his death. His avocation was Ohio and Mississippi river history and steamboating, and he amassed a large collection of photographs, glass plate negatives, post cards, engravings, and lithographs of steamboats and river scenes. Access is limited. Most of the photographs of steamboats have been organized and an index compiled.

817. James, Ollie Murray, 1871-1918. Collection, ca. 1886-1917. 988PC31. 47 items.
Ollie M. James of Crittenden County, Ky., served as U.S. congressman and senator from 1903 until his death in 1918. There are photographs of James as a young man and as congressman and senator; as permanent chairman of the Democratic National Convention in 1912 when Woodrow Wilson was nominated for president; photos of the arrival of the notification committee in Sea Girt, N.J., to notify Wilson of his nomination and of the notification ceremony in August 1912 (James was chairman of the committee). Other photographs include a photograph of Woodrow Wilson, signed and inscribed to Sen. James; photo of President William Howard Taft and Rep. Ollie M. James on a speakers' stand in Hickman, Ky., 1909; the House and Senate of the Kentucky Legislature in joint assembly, 1912; crowd scene at a public speech in Frankfort, Ky., during the gubernatorial campaign of A. O. Stanley, 1915; and a photograph of the notification ceremony at Shadow Lawn, N.J., in 1916 where Woodrow Wilson was informed of his renomination as president.

818. Johnson-Payne-Coffman Family.
Collection, ca. 1870s-1960s. 990PC1X.
63 items.
Photographs and snapshots of members of the Henry C. Payne family, the family of Dr. William H. Coffman, and the Johnson family, all of Scott County, Ky. Dr. William H. Coffman (1852-1925) practiced medicine in Georgetown, Ky., for 49 years. He married Anne Payne, a daughter of George Viley Payne, and they had one daughter, Martha Payne Coffman. Identified persons include Dr. Coffman, Anne Payne Coffman, Martha Coffman, Henry C. Payne, John Payne, Thomas Payne, Mattie L. Johnson, Annie Payne Smith, Hamilton Johnson, and James William Banks, Dr. Coffman's African American driver for many years. Banks was a soldier at Camp Zachary Taylor in Louisville in 1918 when he had this photograph taken and sent it to the Coffman family with a letter. There is also a picture of the Henry Johnson house in Scott County and snapshots taken in the Johnson family cemetery at Great Crossing, Ky. Three interesting photographs by R. S. Pollard, photographer, picture the construction of the Kentucky Midland Railroad in Scott County in 1886.

819. Juniper Hunting Club. Collection, ca. 1912-1920s. 988PC64X. 51 items.
The Juniper Hunting Club was organized in 1909 by a group of Louisville sportsmen. The site was a large tract of timberland, marsh, and streams on Lake George near Astor, Florida. A clubhouse was built, and the group held several "camps" each year for hunting and fishing. The original clubhouse was damaged in a tornado about 1928 and a new clubhouse was built where Silver Glen feeds into Lake George. The photographs picture members of the club, the staff and guides, the clubhouses, and hunters and fishermen with their catch. Some people are identified, including Pendleton Beckley, Judge Walter Lincoln, George Sehon, Lt. Gov. William H. Cox, Ed McGlemery, Robert W. Bingham, James Gregory, Hugh Nevin, Joe Byers, Will Neal, Giles Van Cleave, Dr. George H. Day, and guides Henry Livingston and Nel Long.

820. Kendrick-Garvin Family. Collection, ca. 1860s-1920s. 992PC42. 61 items.
This collection contains photographs of members of the William Kendrick and Samuel Henry Garvin families of Louisville, Ky. William Kendrick (1810-1880) was the founder of a jewelry and silverware firm. One of his daughters, Mary E. (Mamie) Kendrick married Dr. Samuel Henry Garvin in 1869. The collection includes photographs of William Kendrick, Maria Schwing Kendrick, Dr. and Mrs. Samuel H. Garvin, and other family members. There are photographs of Kendrick family groups and a Kendrick family picnic in the 1880s. Dr. Garvin and a Mr. Sanders are pictured in a tintype made on top of Lookout Mountain, Tenn. Louisville photographers represented include J.C. Elrod, Brown & Stowe, Webster & Bro., and Frank Wybrant. Related collections are the Kendrick-Trawick Family Collection (990PC25) and the Amelia M. Downing Album (992PC12).

821. Kendrick-Trawick Family. Collection, ca. 1860s-1940s. 990PC25. 160 items.
This collection contains photographs and candid snapshots of Kendrick, Trawick, Rivers, and Keller family members. William Kendrick (1810-1880) was the founder of a jewelry and silverware business in Louisville in 1831. The firm, later known as William Kendrick & Son Jewelers, was in business until 1966 when it merged with Gray & Merkeley Jewelers. William Kendrick married Maria Schwing in 1832. One of their sons, William Carnes Kendrick (1852-1938) married Lizzie Rivers in 1877. A daughter of William and Lizzie Kendrick, Emma Penton Kendrick, married Dr. John David Trawick. Their children were Elizabeth Kendrick Trawick (Mrs. William K. Keller), Arch K. Trawick, and Dr. John D. Trawick, Jr. Included in the collection are four albums - one from Mr. & Mrs. William C. Kendrick, an album from the family of Rev. R. H. Rivers, and two albums containing mostly Trawick family photographs. There are also tintypes, an ambrotype of Mattie Rivers Buford, and two unidentified daguerreotypes. Photographers represented include Edward Klauber, Webster & Bro., Frank Wybrant, and Stuber, all of Louisville. Related collections are the Kendrick-Garvin Family Collection (992PC42) and the Amelia M. Downing Album (992PC12).

822. Langdon, Drusilla Carter, d. 1917.
Collection, ca. 1860s-1917. 988PC10.
33 items.
Drusilla Carter Langdon, granddaughter of George Douglass and daughter of Sallie Douglass Carter, lived much of her life in Baltimore after her marriage to Thomas P. Langdon. The wealthy Langdons became benefactors of several mountain schools in Kentucky at the turn of the century. One in particular was the Langdon School in Mt. Vernon; another was the Brown Memorial School. The collection contains loose photographs, many not identified, and one album of snapshots of students and scenes at the Langdon School. Most of the photographs in the album are identified. Also in the collection is a photograph of George Douglass, ca. 1860s, and photographs of the Douglass home in Louisville. The collection may include photographs of members of the Carter and Douglass families, but none are identified. Related collections are the Farnsley Family Collection (988PC43) and the Farnsley-Peaslee-Carter Family Collection (988PC54).

823. Lawson Family. Collection, 1857-ca. 1912. 986PC12. 26 items.
Photographs of Lawson family members and members of the Cline, Hayes, and Polk families. Edward Alexander Lawson (1870-1934) lived in Louisville and worked for the post office. Of interest are photos of mail carriers taken in front of Post Office Station H, near 18th St. and Broadway, ca., 1910; a photograph of Henry Marshall Lawson and two men in uniform during the Spanish-American War; the Lawson home in Parkland, ca. 1912; and Edward Lawson's Sunday School class at the West Broadway Methodist Church, ca. 1900. Other identified persons include Annie Marie Schweiss Lawson (Mrs. Edward A. Lawson), Nellie Lawson, Edward Cline, Lena Hayes Cline Maujan, Mary Logan Cline, Julia Elizabeth Lawson, and Bettie Polk (ambrotype, 1857).

824. Louisville & Portland Canal. Collection, ca. 1871-1890s. 987PC35. 26 items.
Collection containing photographs of construction during the enlargement and expansion of the Louisville & Portland Canal in 1871-72. Most of the photographs bear the name of Edward Klauber, a prominent Louisville photographer in the 19th century, and are most likely part of the series he took for the U.S. government to document the construction work. Also included is a photograph of the Louisville waterfront and skyline taken in the late 1880s and four photographs of the 1883 flood in Louisville taken by Frank Wybrant.

825. Louisville Railway Company. Collection, ca. 1880-1950.
The Louisville Railway Company (later the Louisville Transit Company) was a privately owned company which operated the trolley and inter-urban lines in Louisville and adjacent suburban areas. Mule-drawn streetcars were on the streets of Louisville by 1866. In 1890 three local streetcar companies were merged to form the Louisville Railway Company and the conversion to electric trolleys began that same year. Electric railway lines were extended to suburban areas in 1901-1910, and the first buses were put into service in Louisville in 1923. Private operation of the transit system ended in the 1970's and the Transit Authority of River City (TARC) was established by city government to run the system. The collection contains photographs of early mule cars, electric streetcars, buses, and inter-urban rail cars. Also included are photographs of car barns, power houses, shops, work cars, maintenance equipment, and street scenes of tracks and cars. There are some photographs of employees and company functions but most are not identified. The collection has not been cataloged and there is limited access to the photographs.

826. Louisville Service Club. Collection, ca. 1940s. 993PC45. 61 items.
Photographs of the Louisville Service Club personnel, activities, and men and women in the armed services during World War II. The Louisville Service Club was the first club for servicemen in the nation and the model for national U.S.O. service clubs. It opened in 1941 and was a privately supported civic operation until it became a part of the national U.S.O. in 1946. Photographs include staff members, the club's first coordinator, Elizabeth A. Wilson, activities at the club, and snapshots of service personnel. Many of the photos of servicemen and women were sent to Wilson from overseas and most of them are not identified.

827. McCalister Family. Collection, ca. 1850s-1916. 992PC41. 35 items.
The McCalister family was in Louisville by the early 1800s. Daniel McCalister was a contractor/builder. He and his son, Thomas Fleming McCalister, were also listed in city directories as plasterers. William Hanna McCalister, son of Thomas F. McCalister, moved to Texas in the 1850s and served in the Confederate Army. After the war he lived in Texas where he was married in 1866. He returned to Louisville about 1885. His son, Edgar Ralston McCalister, was a dealer in hay, corn, and oats with a store on Green (now Liberty) Street in the late 1890s. He married Rachael Ernestine Moremen, a daughter of Willis Moremen of southwest Jefferson County. The collection contains ambrotypes, tintypes, and late 19th and early 20th century photographs. Identified persons include Thomas Fleming McCalister, Martha Jane Hanna McCalister, William Hanna McCalister, Mary Ellen Ralston McCalister, Edgar Ralston McCalister, and Rachael Ernestine Moremen. There are photographs of Edgar R. McCalister's store and school groups at the Baker School on Cane Run Rd. (1916), and Valley Elementary School (ca. 1903 and 1904). Family groups are pictured at the Willis Moremen farm house in Valley Station, ca. 1890s.

828. McCann, Charles W. A., 1900-1980
Collection, 1914-1960s. 993PC17.
100 items.
McCann, a Kentucky state senator from 1947-1967, represented the 37th District in Jefferson County. The collection includes photographs of McCann, Gov. Bert T. Combs, Gov. Edward T. Breathitt, John F. Kennedy, and Helen Gahagan Douglas; and snapshots of family and friends, most of whom are not identified.

829. Miles, Edward L., 1825-1905. Collection, ca. 1890-1900. 989PC27. 11 items.
Photographs of the Edward L. Miles family of New Hope, Ky. Miles was the founder of the E. L. Miles and Belle of Nelson Distilleries near New Hope. Included are photographs of "Sugar Grove," the Miles home at New Hope, and family members pictured on the front porch of the house. Most of the people are not identified.

830. Miller-Thum Family. Collection, 1850s-1950s. 990PC47. 99 items.
Photographs of members of the Warwick (Warrick) Miller and Mandeville Thum families, the Charles B. Doll family, and the Bruce Fox family. Dr. Warwick Miller (1793-1863) married Martha M. Prather. One of their daughters, Louisiana Miller, married Dr. Mandeville Thum and their children included Patty Thum, a well-known Louisville artist. Identified persons include Dr. Warwick Miller, Warwick Miller, Jr., Isaac Price Miller, Sr., Annie Miller (Mrs. Isaac P. Miller), Louisiana Miller Thum (Mrs. Mandeville Thum), Patty Thum, and other members of the Thum, Doll and Fox families. Louisville photographers represented include Edward Klauber, Webster & Bro., and Frank Wybrant. A very fine ambrotype of Dr. Mandeville Thum is in the Cased Image Collection.

831. Mock, Otto G./Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center.
Collection, 1955-1956. 990PC48.
234 items.
Photographs made during construction of the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center in 1955-1956.

832. Municipal Bridge/George Rogers Clark Memorial Bridge.
Collection, 1928-1929. 990PC20.
63 items.
Series of photographs documenting the construction of the Municipal Bridge spanning the Ohio River between Louisville, Ky., and Jeffersonville, Ind., in 1928 and 1929. The bridge was later renamed the George Rogers Clark Memorial Bridge.

833. Munn-Meldrum Family. Collection, ca. 1850s-1890s. 990PC11. 54 items.
Photographs of members of the Munn and Meldrum families. Abraham Godwin Munn (1818-1910), a native of New Jersey, was a manufacturer in Louisville of agricultural implements under the name of Munn & Company. In 1882 Thomas Brennan became a partner and the business was incorporated as the Brennan & Co. Southwestern Agricultural Works. Identified persons include Abraham Godwin Munn, Rebecca Morton Munn (Mrs. Abraham G. Munn), Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Morton Munn, William Garnett Munn, other Munn family members, S. A. Hartwell, Jr., Munn Trowbridge, Richard Meldrum, and other Meldrum family members. The collection contains an ambrotype of Rebecca Morton Munn by William L. Troxell, Louisville photographer.

834. Pattie-Hardin-Rodgers Family. Collection, ca. 1860s-1900. 989PC8. 67 items.
Carte de visite photographs and tintypes, many unidentified, of members of the Pattie, Hardin, and Rodgers families of Frankfort, Ky. William H. Hardin was a photographer in Frankfort. Of interest is a photograph of Coleman Pattie taken at Camp Douglas, Ill., while he was a prisoner during the Civil War. Pattie served in Co. A, 8th Kentucky Cavalry, CSA. Jack Pattie, Coleman Pattie's brother, was also in the Confederate army, serving in the 5th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry. Identified persons also include Louise Pattie, Lucy Pattie, Amanda Hardin, Susan E. Rodgers, Dr. A. B. Jones, E. Church Tinsley, John H. Tinsley, and other family members.

835. Pettus-Speiden Family. Collection, ca. 1860s-1940s. 991PC52. 230 items.
Family photographs, primarily of the Pettus, Speiden, and Mitchell families who were related by marriage. Most are studio photographs, cartes de visite, and cabinet photos. Many candid snapshots date from the 1930s and 1940s. Of interest is an 1875 photograph of Mat Bransford, one of the African American guides at Mammoth Cave, and a self-photo of I. B. Webster, a prominent Louisville photographer from the 1850s until ca. 1880. Identified persons include Pettus family members, Speiden family members, Hayden C. Mitchell, Dr. Joseph W. Gill, and Rev. Stuart Robinson.

836. Ripley, Charles, 1816-1866. Collection, 1850s-1920s. 993PC29. 24 items.
Charles Ripley, attorney, was born in Greenfield, Mass., graduated from Dartmouth College, and came to Louisville in the 1830s. He practiced law in his adopted city until his death in 1866. He was a member of the General Council in Louisville, the Kentucky House of Representatives, and the Kentucky Senate. The collection contains family photographs, including an ambrotype of Mrs. Thomas W. Ripley, mother of Charles Ripley, a hand-colored photograph of Garnett Duncan Ripley (son of Charles Ripley) with his black nurse, "Aunt Winnie," and a tinted photograph on milk glass of Margaret Breckinridge Ripley (Mrs. Charles Ripley). Other identified persons include Garnett Duncan, Thomas W. and Ella G. Ripley, Jr., and Elsie P. G. Ripley.

837. Robsion, John Marshall, Jr., 1904-1990
Collection, ca. 1930s-1950s. 991PC65.
37 items.
John M. Robsion, Jr., represented Louisville and Jefferson County in the 3rd Congressional District from 1953-59. Included are photographs of Robsion and his wife, Laura Robsion, some at political functions. Other persons pictured include Kenneth H. Tuggle, commissioner on the Interstate Commerce Commission in the 1950s, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John Sherman Cooper, and Richard M. Nixon.

838. Rodman Family. Collection, ca. 1880s-1930s. 988PC69X. 60 items.
Photographs of Dr. William Barbour Rodman, his wife, Virginia Sayre Rodman, and their children, Ruth, Douglas, Burwell Bassett, and Hugh. Also included are photographs of Admiral Hugh Rodman and his wife, Elizabeth Sayre Rodman; photos of the residence of Hugh Rodman, U. S. Navy Yard, Mare Island, Ca., in 1911, and possible photos of his residence in the Panama Canal Zone in 1914-15 when Rodman was superintendent of transportation for the Canal and director of the Panama Railroad Co.

839. Ryan-Hampton Tobacco Company, 1906-1940s
Collection, ca. 1914. 990PC32.
9 items.
The Ryan-Hampton Tobacco Company had its beginnings in the Hettermann Bros. Company, cigar manufacturers. John and William Hettermann, brothers who came to Louisville from Germany, founded the cigar manufacturing business in 1870. They operated at different locations until 1895 when they moved to South Floyd Street. The company became the Ryan-Hampton Tobacco Company. They were in business at the South Floyd Street location until the 1940s. The company produced tobacco twists under several brand names, including "Allen County Twist," "Railroad Twist," and "Shepherd Twist." Photographs in the collection picture workers at different tasks, including removing tobacco leaves from hogsheads, women making tobacco twists, weighing and packing finished twists, and shipping twists in a variety of labeled crates.

840. Smith, Arthur Raymond, 1869-1955. Collection, ca. 1910-1940s. S643. 48 items.
Smith was an architect who practiced in Louisville from 1885 until he retired in 1945. His work was primarily residential. The collection contains photographs of houses designed by Smith.

841. Speed, Mary Louise, 1891-1971.
Collection, ca. 1860s-1950s. 990PC49X.
100 items.
A native of Nelson County, Ky., Mary Louise Speed was a landscape architect and newspaper columnist in Louisville. The collection contains photographs of members of the Speed, McCampbell, Hutchison, Gibson, and Wright families. Identified photographs include Thomas Speed, Mary McElroy Speed (Mrs. Thomas Speed), Thomas Spencer Speed, Margaret Hawkins Speed (Mrs. Thomas S. Speed), Austin Peay Speed, Georgia McCampbell Speed (Mrs. Austin Peay Speed), William P. Speed, Edward Richard Sprigg Canby, and other family members.

842. Sperry-Gathright Family. Collection, 1850s-1958. 993PC39. 57 items.
Photographs of members of the Sperry and Gathright families of Kentucky and Ohio. Identified persons include David Baldwin Sperry, Sallie Gathright Sperry (Mrs. David B. Sperry), John T. Gathright, William P. Gathright, Owen Gathright, Sr., Eliza Ann Austin Gathright (Mrs. Owen Gathright, Sr.), Minnie Gathright Cook, Edward Skene, Arthur Skene, and other family members. Cased images include an ambrotype of Owen Gathright, Sr., and several photographs in excellent examples of Union cases. Group photographs include the fiftieth anniversary of Civil War veterans of the Fourth Indiana Battery, a group of Gathright and Sperry family members photographed at French Lick Springs, Ind., in 1889, and a Sperry family photograph taken in Ohio in 1881.

843. Stereocards. Collection, 1860s-1900. 164 items.
Collection of stereocards that include a series of construction views of the first bridge over the Ohio River at Louisville, taken by Edward Klauber in 1869; a partial set of "Gems of Kentucky Scenery," made by Carpenter and Mullen, Lexington photographers; views of Louisville after the 1890 tornado by W. Stuber and Bro.; a series of Louisville and southern Indiana scenes taken at the turn of the century; and views in and around Mammoth Cave.

844. United Distillers. Collection, ca. 1940s-1960s. 991PC60. 150 items.
Photographs of distilleries, cooperage operations, and miscellaneous activities associated with distilleries and the whiskey industry in Kentucky. Included are photographs of distillery plants in Gethsemane (Dant Distillery Co.) and Loretto, Ky.; the Bernheim Distillery Co., Schenley Distillery, and I. W. Harper Distilling Co. in Louisville; and a distillery in Tullahoma, Tenn. Of interest is a series of photographs of Ekron, Ky., taken in 1949-50. Ekron in Meade County was the site of the Pebbleford Distillery.

845. Thruston, Rogers Clark Ballard, 1858-1946.
Collection, 1880-1942.
20,000 items.
R.C. Ballard Thruston, a native of Louisville, was a scientist, geologist, historian, and president and benefactor of The Filson Club. He was also an accomplished amateur photographer who recorded family and friends, scenes across Kentucky and in many other states, and scenes of his foreign travels. He photographed historic sites, people at work and play, children, and events which he witnessed. In Kentucky, he took photographs in Anderson, Barren, Boone, Bourbon, Boyle, Breckinridge, Caldwell, Carroll, Daviess, Edmonson, Fayette, Franklin, Green, Hancock, Hardin, Hart, Henry, Hopkins, Jefferson, Larue, Leslie, Lincoln, Madison, Mason, Mercer, Metcalfe, Monroe, Nicholas, Nelson, Oldham, Scott, Shelby, Trimble, and Whitley counties. He photographed scenes and people in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. Foreign countries in which Thruston traveled and photographed include the Azores, Austria, Bahamas, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Cuba, Denmark, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Holland, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Panama, Philippine Islands, and Scotland. The collection includes negatives and contact prints for many of the negatives. There is an item index to the negatives with a brief subject description for each negative.

A related collection is commonly referred to as Thruston's "Mountain" collection. It is comprised of a series of photographs of scenes and people in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky, 1880-1904. Many were taken by Thruston when he was with the Kentucky Geological Survey in the 1880s and when he was representing the Kentucky Union Railroad Land Company in the 1890s. Other photographs were taken by A.R. Crandall who also was with the Geological Survey. Included are views in Bell, Breathitt, Elliott, Floyd, Harlan, Knox, Letcher, Pike, Whitley, and Wolfe counties in Kentucky, and Wise County., Virginia.

846. Vaughan Family. Collection, ca. 1890s-1920s. 986PC2. 5 items.
The collection includes two large photograph albums and three loose photographs. Pictured are members of the William Milton Vaughan and William Culver Vaughan families. Both Vaughans (father and son) were in the insurance business in Louisville. Although many photographs are not identified, they provide an interesting look at family life in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Many of the photographs were taken in Louisville and Pewee Valley, and several houses and buildings can be identified. Other photographs include tennis players in Pewee Valley and at the Louisville Athletic Club, people in automobiles, family group pictures, and groups of men and boys bicycling.

847. Verhoeff, Frederick Herman, 1874-1968. Collection, ca. 1886-1900. 750 items.
Native Louisvillian who became a distinguished ophthalmologist, surgeon, and professor, spending most of his career at Massachusetts Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary and Harvard University. Verhoeff began experimenting with photography at the age of twelve when he acquired his first camera, and gradually produced a collection of glass plate negatives. The collection also includes contact prints and duplicate film negatives. Subjects include Verhoeff family members, Louisville scenes, foreign travel, friends and students at Yale University and Johns Hopkins Medical School, and scenes in New Haven, Conn., Baltimore, Md. and Watch Hill, RI. Louisville scenes include the Verhoeff house on Second Street, Louisville Athletic Club, street scenes on Second and Third streets, and views of the Verhoeff grain elevator and surrounding area. Foreign photographs include scenes in London, Paris, and Switzerland. Photographs of identified persons include Verhoeff's parents, Mary Jane Parker and Herman H. Verhoeff, Jr., his sisters Mary and Carolyn Verhoeff and Minnie Verhoeff Hartwell, Frank Hartwell, and William L. Verhoeff.

848. Viglini Family. Collection, 1898-1920s. 989PC5. 11 items.
Pierre Viglini ( -1915), a native of Richmond, Va., became president of the German Bank in Louisville. In 1889 he purchased a tract of land on what is now Lexington Road in eastern Louisville. A house on the tract was remodeled by the Viglini family at the turn of the century. In 1925 the Viglini estate was one of two estates acquired for development of a subdivision known as Cherokee Gardens. It was laid out by the Olmsted Brothers landscape architectural firm, successor to Frederick Law Olmsted, Brookline, Mass. The collection contains photographs of the Viglini house and grounds, probably made in the early 1920s just before the estate was sold. Also in the collection is a promotional brochure for Cherokee Gardens, a photograph of Pierre Viglini, and a photograph of a child taken by Kate Matthews, well-known photographer of Pewee Valley, Ky.

849. White-Skannel Family. Collection, ca. 1870s-1945. 987PC18. 48 items.
Photographs of members of the White and Skannel families and an album of cabinet card photographs, many unidentified; two photographs of the interior of Christ Church Cathedral and the men and boys choir; and a photograph of the Ferguson-Starks wedding party. Identified persons include Henrietta White Pirtle (Mrs. William B. Pirtle), Theo Skannel White (Mrs. John S. White), Sonia Fullerton Ferguson (Mrs. Edwin H. Ferguson), John S. White, Theo S. White, Elias Hamilton Skannel, and Abel Skannel.

850. Yandell, Enid Bland, 1869-1934.
Collection, 1880s-1920s. 987PC52X.
284 items.
Louisville native Enid Yandell was one of the first woman sculptors to gain recognition in the United States. Some of her earliest work included decorative sculptures for the Women's Building at the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago, where she worked with Lorado Taft and Philip Martiny. Her commissions included large-scale statues and fountains for public spaces; busts, statues, fountains, and sundials for private gardens; and small figurines, lamps, and decorative pieces. The collection includes photographs and snapshots of Yandell, family members and friends, many of her works, and a few of her artist/sculptor contemporaries. Major works pictured include Daniel Boone, the Carrie Brown Memorial Fountain, Athena, and Hogan's Fountain. There is an item index for the collection.

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