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601. Sackett, Frederic Moseley, 1868-1941. Papers, 1925-1951. A\S121. 33 cu. ft.
Businessman, federal food administrator for Kentucky during World War I, U.S. senator, 1924-1929, and ambassador to Germany, 1929-1933. Papers include seven letters to his sister, 1925-1931, principally describing his experiences as U.S. ambassador; speeches, some made as a senator, one in defense of Herbert Hoover against charges of being an enemy to the farmer, others to various groups in Germany during his term as ambassador; appointments and certificates; and newspaper clippings and pictures concerning Sackett's ambassadorial career.

602. St. James Episcopal Church, Pewee Valley, Ky.
Records, 1858-1980. BA\S143.
.33 cu. ft.
Records include vestry minutes, 1858-1921, 1952-1974; minute book of the St. Thomas Missionary Church in Lyndon, Ky., 1907-1926; financial records; Church Guild minute book, 1913-1930; Rev. E.C. McAllister's 1911-1929 church journal, which includes vestry meeting reports; correspondence; parish register containing marriage, baptismal, and burial records; and a brief church history.

603. St. Paul's Church, Hickman, Ky. Record book, 1911-1928. BA\S149. 1 vol.
Intermittent record book started in 1911 by the Rev. Henry J. Geiger. It contains church minutes, members, baptisms, confirmations, etc., Bible texts used, and abstracts of records, 1893-1902, dating from the founding of the church in 1843 by the Rev. N.N. Cowgill. Geiger wrote down the abstracts for a proposed history of St. Paul's Parish.

604. St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Louisville, Ky. Records, 1839-1983. 2 cu. ft.
Records include vestry meeting minutes, 1834-1983; parish registers, 1827-1937; church service register, 1945-1959; ledger, 1895-1900; and records, 1946-1981; gift and memorial registers; wills; deeds; miscellaneous correspondence of Neville S. Bullitt providing some church history; and choir books from 1900 and 1927.

605. Savage, Frank A. and Mary. Letters, 1854-1865. C\S. 28 items.
Correspondence between Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Savage of Germantown, Mason County, Kentucky, during the periods when Mr. Savage was in Newark, Ohio, managing his oil refining business there. The letters discuss personal concerns, business transactions, land in the Lake Superior region, the Civil War's effects on themselves and their neighbors, Civil War battles, and brief comment on African Americans and hiring-out practices for slaves. References are made to General Humphrey Marshall, General William Nelson, General John Hunt Morgan, Thomas Marshall Green, and Richard H. Collins.

606. Schmidt, Martin F., 1918- . Miscellaneous papers, 1947-1965. C\S. 51 items.
Louisville businessman, collector. Letters written to Schmidt by political figures in response to letters from him regarding issues of the day. Politicians represented include Dwight D. Eisenhower and Kentucky's congressmen and senators.

607. Schwartz, Carl Theodore, 1818-1908. Journal, 1854-1871. A\S399. 1 vol.
Louisville businessman and gentleman farmer. Entitled "Chronicle of Syke. Jefferson County, Ky.," Schwartz intended to confine his journal to matters concerning his country estate Syke, but became more general as time went on. He kept the journal in a part retrospective, part current style. Throughout, he details his agricultural plans and activities, expansion of house and grounds, and health of family and friends. He discusses local events and effects of the Civil War; economic conditions; travel; the "short line" railroad connection in Louisville; and gives an ongoing account of the Franco-Prussian War. The journal stops abruptly 28 Feb. 1871 and there is one loose, undated memo summarizing the rest of the year.

608. Science Hill Female Academy. Records, 1825-1975. BI\S416. 15 cu. ft.
Shelbyville, Ky., girls school. Records, correspondence, photographs, newspaper articles, school catalogs, and miscellaneous papers regarding the Science Hill Female Academy, established in 1825 by Julia Ann Tevis in Shelbyville, Ky. She and her husband Rev. John Tevis ran the school until his death in 1860. In 1879 Julia Tevis sold the school to Dr. Wiley Taul Poynter and Dr. T.W. Jordan. In 1880 Dr. Jordan sold his interest in the school to Dr. Poynter. The Poynter family ran the school until it closed in 1939.

The collection is arranged by subject and begins with correspondence, catalogs, and records from the Tevis years. Most of the records from the Tevis years were either lost or destroyed. The bulk of the collection is composed of papers regarding the Poynter administration. The Poynter section deals with the purchase of the school, the school under Mrs. Poynter, her death, and the final principal Juliet Poynter. Included are letters from potential students, letters of congratulations during the centennial celebration, and letters of sympathy at the death of Mrs. Poynter; student and class records; transcripts; list of textbooks; a list of alumni association members; list of students who attended college; faculty and employee records showing the names, salary, and positions held by each employee of the school from 1879 to 1939; and financial records, including receipts and letters dealing with the finances of the school. The collection also includes school catalogs, 1879-1939, giving a list of courses, fees, and students; miscellaneous papers, such as student compositions, speeches, student publications, and sheet music; commencement and recital programs, photographs, which include pictures of Julia and John Tevis, views of the school, students, and Dr. and Mrs. Poynter; newspaper articles about the Tevis family, the Poynters, students, teachers, and announcements of openings and special events. Also included are bound volumes consisting of a register, 1856-1874, registers from 1879 to 1939, three annual registers, 1880-1881, a roll book 1921-1939, two volumes of academic records, 1879-1939, a personal account book of Julia Tevis, 1825-1827, ledgers and journals 1879-1939, a dissertation written by Lulu Sutherland Hahn about Science Hill, a history of Science Hill by Harriet Poynter, and a history of Shelby Co., Ky.

609. Scott, Charles, 1739-1813. Journals, 1793-1794. A\S425. 3 vols.
Soldier, politician, Ky. governor, 1808-12. Two journals and an orderly book regarding the campaign against the Northwestern Indians by U.S. troops and Kentucky militia, kept by several Ky. militia officers serving under Scott, commander of Kentucky volunteers in the campaign. The journals are dated 3 Oct. - 14 Nov. 1793, and 16 July - 25 Oct. 1794, and relate the movement of troops, conditions, activities, and military actions, including the Battle of Fallen Timbers. The orderly book, 21 Sept. - 11 Nov. 1793, contains orders of the day and court-martial proceedings.

610. Scott, Winfield, 1786-1866. Letters, 1857, 1863. C\S. 2 items.
Soldier, 1852 Whig presidential candidate. Included are his 9 July 1857 letter to G.W. Blunt discussing Mrs. Scott's health, noting that she was in Paris, and inviting Blunt to have dinner with him at Delmonico's; and a 29 Jan. 1863 letter to Charles A. Peabody of the New England Society, interceding on behalf of Gen. and Mrs. Robert Anderson regarding money owed Mrs. Anderson for the sale of slaves to a Judge Cox and which he apparently refuses to pay because of Gen. Anderson's zeal for the Union.

611. Scott County, Kentucky. Survey book, 1792-1834. BL\S525. 1 vol.
Field notes and plats of surveys made in Scott Co., Ky., by surveyors John Payne, 1792-1806, William Johnson, 1807-1812, and Joseph S. Norris, 1816-1834.

612. Sea, Andrew McBrayer, Jr., 1876- . Collection, 1781-1936. A\S441. .5 cu ft.
Louisville lawyer, collector. Historical and genealogical material collected by Andrew McBrayer Sea, Jr., consisting of a political scrapbook of Andrew M. Sea, Sr. (1840-1917), 1859-1860; scrapbook of Andrew M. Sea, Jr., 1867-1912; family and military records of Andrew M. Sea, Sr.; obituaries of Sophia Irvine Fox Sea; letters, 1849-1871, to Logan Hunton, which include letters from John Bell, Robert P. Letcher, Pierre Soule, and Albert Pike; genealogy of the McBrayer family; letters, 1935-1936, from A.L. Fox to Andrew M. Sea, Jr.; and autographs collected by Sea, Jr., including those of famous 19th century political and military leaders.

613. Seitz, John F. Papers, 1891-1920. C\S. 14 items.
Louisville businessman and manager of heavyweight boxing champion Marvin Hart. Papers consisting of deeds, 1891-1920; agreement, 7 Jan. 1909, re: Seitz becoming Hart's manager for a year; record, 20 Jan. 1902, of a bet on a fight between Hart and Billy Stift; and material re: the Vel-Vo Company.

614. Shacklette, Isabelle Wood Johnston. Narrative, 1864. 1 item.
Auburn, Ala., resident. An eyewitness account of Gen. Lovell H. Rousseau's raid on Auburn in 1864.

615. Shaker Village, Pleasant Hill, Ky. Records, 1815-1917. BA\S527. 3 cu. ft.
Records (forty vols.) generated by the community of the Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearance at Pleasant Hill, Ky., near Harrodsburg. Commonly known as Shakers, their records include journals describing life as a member of the Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill, Ky.; agricultural activities; admission, loss and removal of members; building operations; village industries and their products; clothing; and appointments of elders for the community. Account books, 1825-1910, containing accounts with individuals; the Sisters; the Center, East, West, and Mill families; accounts of money received and paid out; building accounts; leases and contracts; and milling. Collection also includes covenant books; hymn books; minute books of meetings, 1886-1895; and cooking recipes.

616. Shaler, Nathaniel Southgate, 1841-1906.
Papers, 1841-1906. A\S528.
2.33 cu. ft.
Papers of Nathaniel Southgate Shaler, prominent geologist and scholar, primarily from the years ca. 1870-1885, while he was with the Kentucky Geological Survey, and while a professor at the Lawrence Scientific School of Harvard University. The collection includes his manuscript drafts for scientific and geological articles, book chapters, government reports, and lectures; several draft copies of his letters; and scientific notes.

617. Sharp-Winfrey Family. Papers, 1917-1923. A\S532. 1.33 cu. ft.
Jamestown, Columbia and Louisville, Ky. residents. Papers consisting of correspondence between Hugh Sharp and his fiancee and eventual wife Mary Winfrey. Sharp worked as a court reporter, secretary, stenographer, and civil servant in his hometown of Jamestown, Frankfort and Louisville, and Washington, D.C. for various government offices, Lilburn Phelps, and Edwin P. Morrow during his 1919 gubernatorial campaign. Winfrey attended school in Columbia and worked for her father's insurance agency. Sharp writes about his pastimes, social activities, business interests, political activities, and his love for her. Winfrey primarily focuses on romance, but also relates small-town amusements and local and personal news.

618. Shelby, Isaac, 1750-1826. Papers, 1760-1839. A\S544. .33 cu. ft.
Papers - Jacobs Collection, 1792-1893. A\S544d. .66 cu. ft.
Miscellaneous papers, 1786-1819. C\S. 10 items.
Soldier, Kentucky governor. Papaers include correspondence; accounts; land, legal, and military papers of Shelby; and a 1760 account of his father, Capt. Evan Shelby, with George Ross. Correspondence, 1777-1823, concerns Kentucky politics, navigation of the Mississippi, the defense of counties lying on the Ohio River by militia "rangers" rather than by scouts; applications, 1794-1795, for the provision at federal expense, of guards, spies, and scouts for the protection of frontier inhabitants and such industries as salt licks and iron furnaces, counterfeit money, horse thieves, slave stealers, the return of children captured by the Indians, sale of produce at Philadelphia, landed property in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Maryland, and land litigation. Other papers include accounts, 1775-1816, containing statements of purchase of merchandise, appraisal of stray cattle taken up by Shelby, record of hemp sold to Thomas Hart, Jr., and a list of "Isaac Shelby's cattle for exposition"; land papers, 1782-1825; legal papers in the case of Isaac Shelby v. John Adair, 1794-1802, and in the case of James Parberry's heirs v. Isaac Shelby concerning the ownership of a slave, 1799-1819; military papers, 1793-1794, including a copy of a letter from commissioners Benjamin Lincoln, Beverly Randolph, and Timothy Pickering to Anthony Wayne, 1793, record of appointments of officers by Charles Scott on Wayne's campaign, an affidavit by Shelby, 1794, about a contract with Joseph Ballenger to supply provisions to three garrisons to be stationed on the Wilderness Road, and a memorial of William Whitley to the Kentucky Legislature asking compensation for his services on the Nickojack campaign. Shelby's correspondents include John Adair, John Breckinridge, Robert Breckinridge, James Brown, John Brown, Nathaniel Hart, Harry Innes, James Innes, Henry Knox, James Morrison, George Nicholas, John Speed, Thomas Todd, and James Wilkinson. Material is related to the repository's Grigsby collection.

The Shelby Papers - Jacobs Collection was compiled by John Williams Jacobs, and primarily consists of papers of Isaac Shelby acquired from Shelby's son-in-law, Charles S. Todd. Included are letters and autographs of prominent political and military leaders from the late 18th to the mid-19th centuries. The letters regard Indian hostilities, Kentucky politics, and national affairs. Correspondents include Willie Blount, John Breckinridge, John Brown, Elijah Clark, John C. Calhoun, Henry Clay, Joseph H. Daveiss, Felix Grundy, Andrew Jackson, Robert P. Letcher, George Mathew, George Nicholas, Edmund Randolph, Charles Scott, Thomas Todd, Anthony Wayne, Daniel Webster, and James Wilkinson. A calendar of the correspondence is filed with the collection.

Miscellaneous papers include two letters, 10 Jan. and 10 Feb. 1794, from Shelby to Henry Knox regarding Indian hostilities, the defense of Kentucky settlements, and the planned spring campaign; an 8 April 1816 letter to Joseph McMinn, governor of Tennessee, to have Joseph Conway, who was charged with stealing a slave, be turned over to Capt. Robert Boyce, who owned the slave; a 30 Aug. 1819 letter of introduction for Dr. Joseph Buchanan, former editor of the Frankfort Palladium, who plans to establish a newspaper at New Orleans; a 24 April 1786 surety bond signed by Shelby; a 21 March 1787 deed to Joseph Brooks for 175 acres of land on Beargrass Creek in Jefferson County; a 12 Feb. 1799 deed signed by Shelby, Hugh Logan, and John Logan selling a twenty-six acre tract to the trustees of the town of Stanford, Ky.; and a 22 Dec. 1815 decree remitting an $18 fine incurred by Shadrack Penn in 1814 while serving in the cavalry.

619. Shelby Family. Papers, 1821-1920. A\S544a. .66 cu. ft.
Papers, 1811-1944. A\S544b. .33 cu. ft.
Papers of descendants of Gov. Isaac Shelby. Included is correspondence of Shelby, Gibson, Humphreys, Johnstone, and Thompson families. Discussion of family matters and current news are the primary subjects. Papers of Lucy A. Humphreys Johnstone, 1871-1920; Sarah Gibson Humphreys, 1872-1905; Sallie G. Humphreys, 1867-1887; Mary E. Taylor Humphreys, 1885-1897; and Joseph A. Humphreys, 1880-1903; and legal papers, 1849-1883, comprise the bulk of the collection. Material is related to the repository's Grigsby collection.

Other papers include an account book, 1813, containing accounts with George Thompson, James Todd, Edmund Taylor, Charles Scott, Evan Shelby, and others; Isaac Shelby, Jr. promissory notes and receipts, 1815; a commonplace book, n.d., containing poems and penmanship; a discharge, 31 Oct. 1898, of John W. Shelby after his service in the Spanish-American War; and photographs of John Warren Shelby and the Shelby family home.

620. Short, Charles Wilkins, 1794-1863. Papers, 1811-1869. A\S559. 5 cu. ft.
Kentucky physician, medical professor, and botanist. Papers consisting of correspondence, 1811-1849, with his uncle, William Short of Philadelphia, discussing William's activity in Philadelphia, medicine, and medical schools; family and business correspondence, 1818-1863; letter book, 1818-1822; botanical correspondence, 1815-1834, with scientists in Europe and America; diary, 1860, kept at "Hayfield" near Louisville; records of medical cases from Short's practice at Hopkinsville, Ky., 1817-1825; lectures to students in the Medical Department of Transylvania University; a catalog of plants collected, preserved, and distributed, 1833-1838; land papers relating to land in Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, and Ohio; statements of account, 1841-1847, for the building of Short's house and operation of his estate, "Fernbank," in Hamilton Co., Ohio; memoranda of letters written and received, 1816-1860; account book; commonplace book; notebooks; and drawings. Includes some correspondence of William Short, Charles Wilkins, and John Cleves Short. The botanical correspondence includes letters from Asa Gray, Sir William J. Hooker, Thomas Nuttall, Constantine S. Rafinesque, Thomas Say, John Torrey, and Lunsford P. Yandell. Described in The Filson Club History Quarterly, vol. 19, no. 4 (Oct. 1945) pp. 208-49.

621. Short, John Cleves, 1792-1864. Papers, 1825-1864. A\S559a. .33 cu. ft
Ohio farmer and businessman. Older brother of Charles Wilkins Short, the two brothers maintained a steady correspondence. The papers consist of letters, 1825-1849, John Cleves wrote to Charles Wilkins; Charles Wilkins to his daughters and brother John Cleves, 1817-1819, 1854-1859; Samuel H. Carpenter to John Cleves, 1851-1859; and one letter of C.W. Short to William Allen Richardson, ca. 1849. They discuss William Short's estate (Carpenter served as the Shorts' business agent for their late uncle's and now their estate), land holdings, sale of bonds, especially railroad bonds through broker William Carpenter, crops, methods of ice-making, disadvantages of slave ownership, euthanasia, diseases and health problems of inhabitants of the Ohio River Valley, own personal infirmities due to summer climate and age, references to seeds received from California and Sir William Hooker of Kew Gardens, England, travel itineraries, accommodations and inconveniences of railroads v. steamboat travel, weather harmful to health and crops, suggestions for the alteration of John Cleves Short's Ohio home, plants and seeds sent to European collectors, and family. Also included is a chronological record of the families of Charles Wilkins Short and Mary Henry Churchill, compiled by C.W. Short, Louisville, Ky., Jan. 1843, and continued by his daughter, Mary Churchill Richardson, 1879; history of the Chamberlain Society of Centre College by William Short, 1841; and contracts and financial records, 1853-1864, regarding their Uncle William Short's estate.

622. Shreve Family. Papers, 1776-1836. C\S. 38 items.
New Jersey family. Papers include letters from Shreve family members, including Col. Israel Shreve of the Second New Jersey Regiment, Continental Line, discussing military activities during the Revolutionary War, economic conditions during the war, domestic life, family, land transactions, and the possibility of war with England in 1794; and copies of muster rolls, 1780, of the Second New Jersey Regiment.

623. Silliman Family. Papers, 1836-1868. A\S584. .33 cu. ft.
Louisville and New England medical and scientific family. Papers consisting of correspondence between members of the Benjamin Silliman family discussing family and social life and mentioning Dr. Lunsford P. Yandell, Sally Ward's divorce from Abbot Lawrence, the death of Bishop Benedict Flaget, and Capt. Thomas Joyes's Indian stories, and describing Susan Silliman's 1868 trip with a railroad construction crew from Chicago to Laramie, Wyoming.

624. Simmons, James Fowler, 1795-1864.
Miscellaneous papers, 1841. C\S.
5 items.
U.S. senator from Rhode Island. Letters to his wife relating life in Washington; his association with James T. Morehead; what Morehead told him about Henry Clay, his estate and the industry of Mrs. Clay; a visit to the home of John J. Crittenden; the Crittenden family; a party at the Crittenden home attended by the Whigs of Congress, John Tyler, and the cabinet; and the plans of the Morehead family.

625. Sixth Battalion, North Carolina, Continental Army.
Orderly book, 1777-1778. BG\S625.
1 vol.
Orderly book recording military events of this unit from ca. 26 May 1777 to 12 June 1778. Included are orders, appointments, promotions, courts of inquiry, courts-martial and the punishments they meted out, troop movements, and encouraging and congratulatory messages from George Washington to the troops. It also reflects Washington's concern about camp hygiene (and the avoidance of smallpox and venereal disease), the practice of "marrooning" (plundering horses, fence rails, and supplies from friendly citizens), gaming, desertions, and other discipline problems. This book appears to have been kept by Benjamin Coffield, adjutant of the Sixth North Carolina, 17 May 1777 to 1 July 1778. It was later in the possession of Benjamin Carter, a lieutenant in 1776 and captain in 1779 in the Fourth North Carolina and transferred to the Second North Carolina in 1782.

626. Skipwith, Peyton. Papers, 1796-1801. C\S. 50 items.
Virginia landowner. Papers consisting of letters, deeds, indentures, and survey reports regarding Skipwith's land in Mason and Mercer counties, Kentucky, which was surveyed by John Hill; and a diary of a journey to Kentucky through the Cumberland Gap in 1796.

627. Slaughter, Elvira Sydnor Miller, ca. 1860-1937.
Miscellaneous papers, 1903-1937. C\S.
37 items.
Louisville poet and newspaper woman. Papers consisting of letters, certificates, and photographs regarding the Slaughter's work and family; and a poem about Woodrow Wilson.

628. Slaughter, Francis Ransdell, 1761-1831. Letter, 6 June 1792. 1 item.
Kentucky settler. Letter from Jefferson Co., Ky. regarding an expected visit to Fauquier Co., Va. in September or October; Indians troubles; the great clamor respecting separation from Virginia and the numerous candidates for different posts; his suffering on the journey from Fauquier Co. to Kentucky via Redstone and the Ohio River last autumn; and the scarcity of cash in Kentucky.

629. Slaughter, Henry Smith, 1859-ca. 1894.
Papers, 1876-1894. A\S631.
1.33 cu. ft.
Lawyer and genealogist of Los Angeles, Ca. Papers consisting of Slaughter's diplomas; legal correspondence, 1891-1892; receipts and accounts, 1890-1892; genealogical correspondence about the Slaughter family, 1876-1894; manuscript of his Slaughter family history; and an account book, 1830-1855, kept by John Slaughter, merchant of Culpeper Co., Va.

630. Slaughter Family. Papers, 1774-1952. A\S631a. .33 cu. ft.
Prominent Kentucky family. Papers include correspondence, land contracts, survey plats, wills, and miscellaneous items relating to the Slaughter and allied families. Correspondence, 1788-1884, primarily is between Slaughter, Latham, and other family members and friends. Among the many subjects discussed or mentioned are family news, health, religious faith, death, slavery, and the War of 1812. The land papers, 1774-1921, include contracts to sell or buy land, descriptions of tracts, survey plats, and financial records regarding land payments. Miscellaneous papers include writings and notes of Henry Slaughter on histories and history, 1826, n.d.; Slaughter tax receipts, 1837-1869; broadside, 1854, issued by Noble Butler to Louisvillians re: the murder of his brother William H.G. Butler; Civil War records regarding Joseph Longest, 1862-1865; Slaughter family genealogy, n.d.; an anti-dueling essay and addresses to the faculty and senior class of an unidentified school by an anonymous person, n.d.; calling cards; Bank of the Commonwealth coupon; and a newspaper article by Melville O. Briney on Louisville street names.

631. Smith, Dabney Howard, 1821-1889.
Miscellaneous papers, 1847-1926. C\S.
12 items.
Confederate soldier, Ky. auditor of public accounts. Letters discussing Kentucky and national politics, the Mexican War, Civil War prisoner exchange, the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and some economic results of the Civil War in Kentucky. Also included are two certificates from Smith appointing his son as a clerk in the auditor's office.

632. Smith, E. Hubbard, 1827-1890. Papers, 1852-1898. A\S646. .33 cu. ft.
Added papers, 1818-1907. A\S646a. .33 cu. ft.
Miscellaneous papers, 1857-1884. C\S. 16 items.
Legal Records 1853-1875. BO\S646. 4 vols.
Attorney of Williamstown, Grant Co., Ky. Collection includes correspondence and legal papers, 1852-1888, regarding job recommendations, family matters, land sales and disputes, collections, claims, partnerships, and Kentucky politics; bills and receipts; advertisements; and invitations.

Added papers include correspondence, 1857-1885, regarding legal and business matters; U.S. paymaster's list of Civil War prisoners; commission for William H. Hays of Grant Co. to recruit a company in the 53rd Regiment of the Kentucky Volunteers; accounts and receipts, 1864-1884, from the Smith family; and miscellaneous printed material.

Miscellaneous papers consist of political and legal correspondence; the proceedings of a Convention of the Union Democracy of Grant County, Kentucky, 19 June 1862; and Smith's appointment as recruiting officer for Union troops in Grant County, 1863.

Legal records, 1853-1875, include cash accounts; personal and house accounts; records of fees for legal services; receipts; and newspaper clippings.

633. Smith, Enoch, Sr., 1750-1825. Survey book, 1780-1792. C\S. 1 vol.
Kentucky pioneer and surveyor. Survey book containing descriptions of surveys in Kentucky, including entries for noted early settlers. Smith settled in Montgomery County, Kentucky.

634. Smith, Hubbard B., ca. 1778-1840. Papers, 1813-1973. C\S. 41 items.
War of 1812 soldier from Kentucky. Papers written and received by Smith while serving as ensign, adjutant, and quartermaster in the Kentucky Volunteer Militia during and after the War of 1812. The papers date primarily from 1813-1819, and include letters concerning family news, health, Indian activities, military activities at forts Winchester and Meigs, regimental orders for Smith's company, a campaign to be commanded by Gov. Isaac Shelby, and the Col. William Dudley massacre in 1813; receipts for military supplies and substitutions; and a list of court-martial fines assessed for absentee militiamen. Also included is an 1849 U.S. Senate report on the ineligibility of a War of 1812 veteran to receive a pension, and a descriptive 1973 map of the Maumee River watershed outlining significant historical events in the area.

635. Smith, J. Soule. Miscellaneous papers, 1876. C\S. 2 items.
Lexington, Ky. newspaper man. Two narratives written by Smith describing a party at "McGrathiana" and the 10 May 1876 horse race at Lexington between Ten Broeck and Aristides.

636. Society for the Protection of Newsboys and Waifs.
Minute book, 1895-1918. BJ\S678.
1 vol.
Louisville charitable organization. Minute book No. 4 of the society, containing articles of incorporation, 12 Jan. 1895; first annual report, 1896; minutes of meetings of board of directors and ways and means committee, 1912-1918; financial reports, 1912-1915; list of contributors to Newsboys' Home, 1913; pupils registered in Newsboys' Home Night School since Sept. 1915; excerpts from history of Newsboys' Home Night School by Mrs. M.B. Tucker; notes on the history of the Society for the Protection of Newsboys and Waifs; minutes of meetings and report of committee appointed to liquidate assets of Newsboys' Home, 1917-1918; report of committee appointed 4 May 1917 to investigate a suitable charity to become the beneficiary of surplus funds of the Society; and sale of property of Newsboys' Home and division of surplus funds between Neighborhood House and the Children's Free Hospital. Thomas Kennedy Helm served as secretary.

637. Society of Colonial Wars in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
Papers, 1960-1972. BC\C719a.
1.33 cu. ft.
Papers include correspondence dealing primarily with membership and meetings, reports, and meeting programs; material relating to the general society and other state societies; memorial resolutions; business papers; and newspaper clippings.

638. Society of the Cincinnati. Minutes, 19 June 1783. C\S. 1 item.
Minutes of the society meeting noting the approval of the membership of the Chevalier de la Luzerne of France; a resolution was passed adopting the design of insignia for the society prepared by Pierre L'Enfant; and Maj. Gen. McDougall was elected treasurer and Maj. Gen. Knox secretary. Signed by Gen. Friedrich Wilhelm, Baron von Steuben.

639. Southern Exposition. Miscellaneous records, 1883-1887. C\S. 3 items.
Regional fair held at Louisville, 1883-1887. Records include a classified list of the larger subscriptions to the capital stock of the Southern Exposition made in 1883; a 20 June 1887 stock certificate certifying ownership of ten shares of exposition stock; and an exposition bond with all forty coupons.

640. Spalding, Ignatius A., 1790-1851.
Autograph album, 1849-1850. HA\S739.
1 vol.
Ohio Co., Ky., resident. Autograph album of Ignatius A. Spalding, member of the Kentucky Constitutional Convention, 1849-1850, from Union Co., containing autograph signatures of delegates to the Kentucky Constitutional Convention, 1849-1850, with their post office address.

641. Spalding, John. Miscellaneous papers, 1866. C\S. 3 items.
Louisville member of the Fenian Brotherhood. Papers include Fenian Brotherhood Special Orders No. 2 authorizing Spalding to raise a regiment in Louisville and to receive a commission as colonel in the Army of Ireland upon mustering 500 men; a letter from Timothy O'Leary ordering muster rolls be sent to him in Cleveland, Ohio; and a circular from Fenian Brotherhood Headquarters in New York regarding the price, color, and style of the uniforms.

642. Speed, James, 1812-1887. Miscellaneous papers, 1840-1873. C\S. 14 items.
Louisville lawyer, state legislator, politician, U.S. attorney general. Papers include letters, originals and copies, discussing routine personal and political matters throughout Speed's legal and political career. Of particular interest is his 1 Aug. 1852 letter to Lucy G. Speed discussing the appearance, dress, and manner of northern men and women, and his 10 Jan. 1863 stating his views on slavery and the reasons it is so hard to make progress towards emancipation.

643. Speed, Thomas, 1841-1905. Letter book, 1863-1896. A\S742a. 1 vol.
Scrapbook. A\S742. 1 vol.
Kentucky soldier, lawyer, writer. Correspondence of Thomas Speed with members of his family during his service as a Union officer, first with the 8th Kentucky Cavalry and later with the 12th Kentucky Infantry. Speed served in western Kentucky, east Tennessee, the Atlanta Campaign, Columbia, Franklin and Nashville, Tenn. campaigns; and the capture of Wilmington, N.C. The letters describe life in the army, activities, and military actions. The letter book also contains post war correspondence with Gov. Jacob D. Cox of Ohio, Gen. James M. Shackleford, Col. Lovell H. Rousseau, Col. J.S. White, R.J. Wood, John M. Draper, and J.W. Gault concerning details of Civil War actions, particularly details of the Battle of Franklin, Tenn. A memoir of Speed's activities during the Civil War, written in 1871-72, is contained between pages 77-201. This account is printed in The Filson Club History Quarterly, vol. 44, no. 3 (July 1970):235-272. The volume contains several clippings from newspapers and magazines concerning Civil War battles, some written by Thomas Speed. A calendar of the letters is filed with the volume.

The scrapbook entitled "Memorials of the Speed family from 1553 to the present time, Jan. 1889" consists of material collected over a period of nearly twenty years and focuses on the four Speed brothers, James, John, Philip and Smith and their families. Included is genealogical material of the Speed family, photographs of persons and of the Speed homes "Farmington" and the homestead in Bardstown, Ky.; a published account of the Speed picnic, 4 July 1881; newspaper clippings about members of the Speed, Menefee, and Jouett families; account of the Political Club of Danville, Ky.; and correspondence, 1784-1882, regarding family, business, and politics. Correspondents include Joseph Speed, James Speed, John Speed, Thomas Speed, Philip Speed, J. Smith Speed, and Henry Clay.

644. Speed Family. Papers, 1751-1921. A\742b. .33 cu. ft.
Miscellaneous papers, 1797-1977. C\S, Sa-c. 53 items.
Prominent Kentucky family. Collection includes correspondence, 1786-1915; legal papers, 1751-1887; some Abraham Lincoln information, mostly concerning his acquaintance with Joshua Fry Speed and his family, 1841-1921; material on Dr. Thomas Walker; and genealogical material on the Speed, Fry, and allied families. Most of the material consists of typed copies.

Miscellaneous papers of the Speed family includes correspondence discussing travels, court cases, everyday life, education, and family matters. Included are William Howard Taft's 27 Feb. 1899 letter to Thomas Speed assuring him of the position as circuit court clerk, and two routine letters from Elizabeth Madox Roberts.

645. Sperry-Gathright Family. Papers, 1846-1964. A\S751. .66 cu. ft.
Louisville family. Collection includes Sperry papers containing family correspondence; three diaries, 1863, 1867 and 1876, of Union soldier and Louisville businessman David B. Sperry regarding the Civil War, business and travel; and genealogical data. Papers of the Gathright family contain James Austin's Mexican War letters; a 20 June 1864 letter from William Gathright describing fighting around Marietta, Ga.; family correspondence; and genealogical data.

646. Sprigg, Richard, Jr. Papers, 1776-1788. 10 items.
Letters to Sprigg of Annapolis, Md., from friends, including Thomas J. Bullitt and Mason Lock Weems. All are personal letters with occasional mentions of current news. Also discussed are the U.S. Constitution, paper money, courts of justice, and a shooting. A brief note from Sprigg's father, Edward Sprigg, 27 June 1776, and an undated invitation are included.

647. Stanley, Osso Willis, 1887-1963. Papers, 1911-1986. A\S789. .33 cu. ft.
Lawyer, attorney for Madge Frost during the sale of Federal Hill to the State of Kentucky. Collection includes correspondence regarding the state's acquisition of Federal Hill; minutes of meetings, and records of management and subscription efforts concerning My Old Kentucky Home; land records; a memorial booklet for Osso Stanley; and articles on Stephen Foster. Correspondents include Edwin P. Morrow, Flem D. Sampson, and Robert Worth Bingham.

648. Stanton, Henry Thompson, 1834-1898. Letter, 19 Nov. 1874. C\S. 1 item.
Kentucky lawyer, editor, poet. Stanton provides biographical information concerning his birth, education, marriage, law practice, editorship of the Maysville Express, and service in the Confederate Army; describes when he started writing poetry; and provides a short list of his published poems.

649. Stanton, Richard Henry, 1812-1891.
Miscellaneous papers, 1847-1853. C\S.
4 items.
Maysville, Ky., lawyer, editor, jurist, and U.S. congressman. Papers include letters regarding subscriptions and his and the Democratic Party's stand on distribution of public lands.

650. Stevenson, Adlai Ewing, 1835-1914.
Miscellaneous papers, 1891-1894. C\S.
15 items.
Native Kentuckian, lawyer, U.S. congressman from Illinois, vice president of the United States. Papers include letters of a routine nature, including twelve letters, 1891-1892, to William McKendree Springer, an Illinois congressman, discussing the political activities surrounding efforts to elect Springer speaker of the House of Representatives.

651. Stevenson, John White, 1812-1886.
Miscellaneous papers, 1861-1876. C\S.
12 items.
Kentucky legislator, U.S. congressman and senator, governor, 1867-1871. Papers include eight letters, 1861-1876, primarily of routine nature, including an 1861 letter to President James Buchanan regarding a recommendation; a 25 March 1868 letter telling how he became governor and giving information on his predecessors; a 15 April 1873 letter to L.D. Merchant requesting that his documents and medical books be sent; and a 28 May 1876 letter to Dr. C.M. Butler searching for a volume of Butler's sermons published in Cincinnati and inquiring if Butler knows anything about George Stuart's "churchmanship."

Additional Stevenson material is contained in other collections.

652. Stewart, Joseph Adger, 1877-1954. Collection, 1555-1976. A\S851. 3.33 cu. ft.
Louisville businessman. Genealogical research and correspondence of Stewart's regarding his various family lines. The families are traced back to the 18th century or earlier. Most of the material consists of copies, transcripts, and Stewart's research data and correspondence. Also included are photostats of correspondence of the Rev. John Brown, Brown family members, and a few prominent Virginians and early Kentuckians; genealogical data on the Brown family; and correspondence and printed material regarding Liberty Hall in Frankfort Ky., the home of the Sen. John Brown family.

653. Stith-Moreman Family. Papers, 1856-1943. A\S862. 42 items.
Meade, Breckinridge, and Jefferson counties, Ky. allied family. Papers include accounts with Louisville and Brandenburg stores; bills of sale, 1820-1835, for slaves traded by the Buckner family; correspondence, 1882-1941, re: Civil War events near Brandenburg and Irvington, Ky.; a journal, 1862-1867, kept by a teen-age girl living in Brandenburg, recording local news, especially during the Civil War; and genealogical information.

654. Stuart, James Ewell Brown, 1833-1864. Letter, 22 Oct. 1862. C\S. 1 item.
Soldier. Letter to his mother telling of his good health and success with his superior generals and subordinates, his determination to make recommendations solely on merit; and the complete success of his trip to Pennsylvania which Gen. Robert E. Lee commended in the highest terms.

655. Stuart, Jesse Hilton, 1907-1984.
Miscellaneous papers, 1955-1971. C\S.
2 items.
Kentucky writer. Included are Stuart's 15 Aug. 1955 letter to William Habich saying he likes the way Habich brings the arts to Louisville and reviews books; and his 12 Dec. 1971 letter to William Grubbs giving permission to quote from one of his poems for an article.

656. Sullivan-Gates Family. Papers, 1792-1902. A\S950. 2 cu. ft.
Kentucky family. The Sullivan papers, 1792-1852, include business and legal papers containing indentures, receipts, and deeds. The Gates papers, 1835-1902, include correspondence of Lloyd W. Gates and Rev. Guerdon Gates; business papers; and receipts regarding Kentucky land, political and economic affairs, Texas, and family matters.

657. Summers, Benjamin Franklin, -ca. 1853.
Account book, 1838-1862. BF\S955.
1 vol.
Physician of Meade and Bullitt counties, Ky. Account book kept by Summers for his medical practice in Big Spring, Meade Co. and Brooks, Bullitt Co. containing accounts with his patients for his charges for visits, professional services, extracting teeth, and medicine prescribed and sold. Also included is J.B. Summers's account, 1853-1859, re: the estate of Dr. Summers, and an account, 1858-1862, of Edwin Kirkpatrick's estate.

658. Survey Book, 1783-1787. BL\S963. 1 vol.
Field notes and plats of surveys made in Jefferson, Nelson, and Fayette counties by George May and Alexander Breckinridge, surveyors of Jefferson County; William May, surveyor of Nelson County; and Thomas Marshall, surveyor of Fayette County.

659. Sutton Family. Papers, 1796-1831. A\S967. .66 cu. ft.
Louisville and Scott Co., Ky., family. Papers include land papers and will of John Sutton (d.1810); will, 1819, and estate papers, 1826, of John Sutton, II (1759-1826); and correspondence, 1813-1829, accounts, 1806-1830, account books, 1814-1828, canceled checks, 1824-1829, Louisville land papers, 1813-1829, and legal papers, 1823-1829, of John Sutton, III (1780-ca. 1830), Louisville architect and building contractor. Also included is Samuel Moorhead's statement of account, 1802, against the First Regiment, Jefferson County Militia; and family papers, 1788-1825, of William Smith of Louisa Co., Ky., father of Emily Smith Sutton.

660. Symmes, Americus, 1811- .Letter, 14 April 1895. C\S. 1 item.
Symmes writes Mrs. Charles Dewar about John M. Verhoeff and the Arctic expedition of Robert E. Peary.

661. Tachau, Jean Brandeis, 1894-1978. Memoir, 1970. C\T. 1 item.
Louisville social worker, community activist. Memoir recounting her experiences in volunteer social welfare activities in Kentucky from 1917 to 1970. Her work involved child welfare and planned parenthood, principally. The names of many social workers and political figures are mentioned.

662. Tafel, Pauline Autenrieth, 1833- . Memoir, 1907. A\T124p. 1 item.
German immigrant, Kentucky resident. A typed copy of a 1939 translation of Tafel's 1907 memoir entitled "Out of My Life," which recounts the emigration of the Autenrieth family from Stuttgart, Germany to Cincinnati in 1849; her marriage to Karl Tafel; farming in Ohio and Indiana; removal to Kentucky in 1863; and subsequent family history.

663. Taft, William Howard, 1857-1930.
Miscellaneous papers, 1895-1910. C\T
. 3 items.
Included are Taft's 16 Nov. 1895 letter to J.H. Lindenberger of Louisville recommending Latham Anderson as an engineer (in Presidential Collection); his 27 Dec. 1909 letter to Herbert Parsons discussing Swager Sherley and other political appointments; and his 11 March 1910 letter to Basil Duke regarding the reappointment of George Durrelle as U.S. attorney for the western district of Kentucky (in Pres. Coll.).

Additional Taft material is contained in other collections.

664. Tardiveau, Barthelemi, ca. 1750-1801.
Miscellaneous papers, 1788-1789. C\T.
13 items.
French trader, pioneer, Kentucky settler. Thirteen letters from Tardiveau to fellow Frenchman and writer St. John de Crevecoeur. In them Tardiveau discusses his activities, business ventures, Kentucky, religious problems in the Illinois country, commerce between the United States and Europe, Cumberland (Tennessee), the U.S. Congress, Spanish Louisiana, and other subjects. The original letters are in French. Filed with the letters are copies of their translation from Howard C. Rice's Barthelemi Tardiveau: A French Trader in the West.

665. Taylor, Anna Rudd. Diary, 1866-1867. A\T238. 1 vol.
Daughter of Louisvillian James Rudd. Diary kept while a student and visitor in Rome, Italy. She relates her studies, social life, and sightseeing, including visiting the Pope, churches, palaces, art galleries and artists' studios. Rudd later married Amos Riley Taylor.

666. Taylor, Gibson, 1862- . Miscellaneous papers, 1901-1903. C\T. 14 items.
Miner. Included are nine letters from Taylor to his sister from Seattle, Washington, Alaska, and the Yukon. The letters are long and descriptive, and discuss methods of travel, lodging, geography, scenery, weather, and gold mining methods. Two letters from Sara Taylor (Mrs. Gibson Taylor) describe their living arrangements in Seattle, curiosities from the South Seas, and visits from friends.

667. Taylor, James, 1769-1848. Papers, 1774-1888. A\T243. 2 cu. ft.
Added papers, 1792-1894. A\T243a. 104 items.
Miscellaneous papers, 1799-1851. C\T. 14 items.
Newport, Ky., farmer, land speculator, and officer of the Kentucky Militia. Also included are papers of his son, James, a lawyer. Papers include miscellaneous papers relating to land in Ohio and Kentucky; correspondence, deeds, and agreements, 1774-1883; papers of James Taylor, Sr., as paymaster-general, showing payments to soldiers in the War of 1812 and containing information on suits and claims; his papers in connection with the building of the U.S. Barracks and Arsenal at Newport, Ky.; papers, 1856-1873, of Barry Taylor regarding farming and personal affairs; papers, 1782-1815, of Maj. David Leitch; letters and documents from Julius Smalley, 1863, Reuben and Charles Taylor, 1806-1821, Edmund Taylor, 1811-1838, Andrew J. Barry, 1851-1858, and James W. Abert of the U.S. Corps of Engineers and his wife, Lucy Taylor Abert, 1851-1869; and miscellaneous family letters and papers.

Added papers include correspondence, 1811-1879, between Taylor, his son James, and business clients regarding land claims, sales, and surveys; legal papers, 1799-1856, some regarding Newport; land papers, 1792-1884, containing indentures, deeds, and a broadside advertising the sale of James, Jr.'s lots in Newport; and maps, surveys, and plats, 1816-1878, of lots in Newport, the town of Taylorsville, Ky. downstream from Newport, and Taylor's land on the Little Miami River. Miscellaneous financial and business papers, 1817-1881, include bonds, receipts, and estate appraisals.

Miscellaneous papers include letters, 1799-1839, regarding land in Kentucky and Ohio; three letters, 1850-1851, regarding the Thornton family; and an 1803 proposal by John Metcalf and Daniel Mayo to construct barracks at Newport, Ky.

668. Taylor, Jonathan, 1774- . Papers, 1794-1809. A\T243j. 17 items.
U.S. Army officer. Papers include Taylor's diary, August - 24 October 1794, containing his experiences while on General Anthony Wayne's campaign against the Indians, as well as Taylor family history, specifications for a distillery, and a recipe for making beer. Also included six provision returns; two commissions as justice of the peace in Indiana Territory, signed by William Henry Harrison, 1807-1808; and a statement from Taylor giving his military service.

669. Taylor, Marion Cartright, 1822-1871. Diary, 1850. A\T244. 1 vol.
Shelby Co., Ky., resident, state legislator, filibusterer. Diary, 3 April - 16 June 1850, kept by Col. Marion C. Taylor while serving on Lopez Cardenas's expedition against Cuba. Included are his enlistment at Louisville; the voyage to Cuba; description of islands; guards; the battle at Cardenas; and a visit to Key West and Tampa on his return trip to Louisville. The diary is accompanied by correspondence of Martha S. Harbison regarding the diary and newspaper clippings about Taylor and the diary. The diary was published in the Register of the Kentucky Historical Society, vol. 19 (1921) pp. 79-89.

670. Taylor, Richard, 1826-1879. Letter, 31 August 1850. C\T. 1 item.
Lawyer, Confederate general. Letter discussing details of the settlement of his father Zachary Taylor's estate, especially real estate in Louisville and Louisiana, stating he believes his mother should sell the Kentucky property and invest in mortgages, and suggesting that this be cleared with Judah P. Benjamin.

671. Taylor, Zachary, 1784-1850. Miscellaneous papers, 1816-1848. C\T. 8 items.
Soldier, Mexican War general, U.S. President. Included are his 25 Sept. 1819 letter to Gen. D. Parker discussing recruiting in Kentucky and the capture of deserters; three letters, 1823, 1826 and 1829, to his brother Hancock Taylor in Louisville, regarding family, his Louisiana plantation, Louisiana agriculture in relation to Kentucky, and the death of their father; a 22 Feb. 1826 letter to Col. R. Jones discussing routine military matters; and a 24 Sept. 1848 letter to Col. James Watson Webb regarding the 1848 presidential election and Millard Fillmore.

672. Taylor Family. Papers, 1774-1918. A\T238a. 1.33 cu. ft.
Added Papers, 1774-1912. A\T238b. 1.33 cu. ft.
The papers of the Taylor family consist mainly of the business papers and correspondence of William Berry Taylor (1768-1836) of Shelby Co., Ky. The papers deal almost entirely with land transactions and surveys. Also included are account books and survey books, including a contemporary copy of Hancock Taylor's survey book.

The added papers consist of the business papers of the Taylor family of Oldham and Shelby counties. Included is correspondence, bills, tax receipts, surveys, and other papers concerning land transactions. A calendar is filed with the collection.

673. Taylor Family. Papers, 1849-1972. A\T239. .33 cu. ft.
Papers of the Taylor and Whitney families. Correspondence includes business and family letters. Of particular interest are letters to Bushrod W. Taylor from his father Bushrod B. Taylor while on patrol on the gunboat Kanawha off the Texas coast during the Civil War, and a 19 Nov. 1860 letter to Roland Whitney from a Charleston businessman who predicts secession. Also included are wills and deeds of the Wilber, Barnett, Watts, Baker, and Taylor families; genealogical papers of the Wilber, Taylor, and Watts families; clippings concerning George F. Baker, Jr., and Taylor genealogy; a Whitney scrapbook containing clippings, letters, and bills of sale pertaining also to the Taylor and Lemon families; and Bushrod B. Taylor's family register and travel log listing his voyages in the U.S. Navy between 1849 and 1882.

674. Taylor-Cannon Family. Collection, 1741-1949. A\T245. 18 cu. ft.
Virginia and Kentucky family. Collection includes letters from Francis Taylor describing conditions in the east, noting that Philadelphia has been plagued with yellow fever; receipts; land papers relating to Richard Taylor's interests in the Jackson Purchase of Kentucky and in Illinois; legal papers, 1822-1838; letters, 1844-1850, written to Mary Taylor discussing family and health; and Bible records of the Taylor and Pythian families. Edmund Haynes Taylor's correspondence, 1820-1897, includes a hand-drawn 1847 map of "the Seat of War" during the Mexican War; a typescript of Zachary Taylor's 8 March 1847 letter to E.H. Taylor describing the Battle of Buena Vista; letter from John J. Crittenden; a 5 Sept. 1851 letter from Edmund H. McDonald describing his experiences during the Lopez Expedition in Cuba, his capture, and his imprisonment in Havana; and two 1851 letters from Sidney Smith to Mary McDonald describing the condition, location, and the fate of her son Edmund McDonald. Edmund H. Taylor's papers include land papers regarding property in Franklin, Ballard, Hickman, and Fulton counties in Kentucky; and legal papers. The papers of E.H. Taylor's son, Gen. Thomas Hart Taylor, include correspondence; receipts; newspaper clippings; and memorials. The collection also includes letters to Hubbard Taylor of Clark Co., Ky., from his father James Taylor of Caroline Co., Va., discussing agriculture, conditions in Caroline Co., politics, family, and health; information on the Taylor family of Caroline Co., Va.; material regarding President Zachary Taylor; and correspondence, 1883-1916, received by Philip Fall Taylor discussing family matters, family history, and genealogy. The remainder of the collection includes genealogical and family history materials on the Taylor, Cannon, Bacon, Fall, Woolfolk, and several other collateral families; the first draft of Philip Fall Taylor's "Taylor Book," which traces the history of the family in Kentucky and Virginia; correspondence, 1914-1949, of Jouett Taylor Cannon; tombstone inscriptions; and miscellaneous papers such as notes, Taylor Family Association Programs, invitations, and calling cards.

675. Terrell, Chiles, 1780-1851. Papers, 1799-1865. A\T325. .33 cu. ft.
Surveyor, landowner, educator of Virginia and Kentucky. Papers include correspondence, 1820-1848, regarding land in Livingston, Crittenden, McCracken, and Fleming counties in Kentucky; records regarding the sale and transfer of slaves to help pay his debts; legal records regarding land in Chesterfield Co., Va., Jefferson Co., Ky., and a dispute with Brutus J. Clay over land in McCracken Co.; and an 1828 report re: the Jefferson Seminary in Louisville.

676. Thirteenth Louisiana Infantry Regiment, CSA.
Medical reports, 1861. C\T.
7 items.
Medical reports prepared by Dr. C.M. Smith listing infirm soldiers, their ailments, injuries, and wounds. The reports cover part of the periods the regiment was camped at Camp Chalmette, La., and Columbus, Ky.

677. Thixton, Lillian Walker. Papers, 1830-1964. A\T448. 1 cu. ft.
Henderson, Ky., resident. Included are personal correspondence discussing routine matters; William A. Walker's receipts and bills of sale for slaves, 1830-1845; a scrapbook containing newspaper clippings and poems; papers related to Thixton's activity in the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Henderson County Historical Society, politics, and Woman's Club; photographs; and newspaper clippings. Much of the DAR and Henderson Co. Historical Society material relates to Henderson Co. history and Revolutionary War veterans buried in the county.

678. Thomas, George Henry, 1816-1870.
Miscellaneous papers, 1867-1869. C\T.
9 items.
Soldier, Union general. Thomas's letters to Col. R.H. Ramsey discuss his plans, military orders, stationing troops in Tennessee for the elections, land in Tennessee, legal matters, and business and financial affairs.

679. Thomas Family. Papers, 1850-1896. A\T461. .33 cu. ft.
Louisville business family. Papers of Pack, John H. and Joseph W. Thomas include correspondence discussing the production and sale of crude oil, family history, and personal and business matters; oil and mineral leases in Barren, Cumberland, Edmonson, Green, and Metcalfe counties in Kentucky and Jackson Co., Tenn.; deeds and tax receipts for land in Bullitt Co., Ky., and in La Crescent, Minn.; and agreements and contracts regarding the production and sale of crude oil.

680. Thompson, Edwin Porter, 1834-1903. Papers, 1833-1915. A\T469. 2 cu. ft.
Confederate army officer, educator, editor, military historian, superintendent of public instruction, and state librarian of Kentucky. Papers include correspondence, 1872-1902; records of the Sixth Regiment of the First Ky. Brigade (Orphan Brigade), Breckinridge's Division, Army of the Mississippi, 1861-1865; Civil War letters written from Kentucky to soldiers in the Confederate States Army in 1864; manuscript of "Our Literary Journal," published by the Harrisburg Thespian Society, 1872-1873; names of students attending Owen College, Harrisburg, Ky., 1876-1877, and records of attendance; writings (four vols.) of Thompson, including a biography of Ulysses S. Grant, articles on the battles of Shiloh and Stones River, stories, plays, and verse; and scrapbooks of newspaper clippings about U.S. Grant and Thompson's unsuccessful candidacy for the office of superintendent of public instruction in 1887. Also included are papers, 1833-1844, of Lewis Morgan Thompson, E.P. Thompson's father, consisting of tax receipts and store accounts of the Barren Co. resident; and papers, 1888-1915, of Rev. Lewis N. Thompson, E.P. Thompson's son, consisting of a diary, 1888-1894, and letters regarding family history, the Rev. Lewis Craig, and the Craig family.

681. Thompson, Frank Barton, 1895-1990. Collection, 1660-1985. A\T471. 9 cu. ft.
Louisville businessman, genealogist. Correspondence relating to genealogical research on various family lines by Thompson. The material is arranged in four divisions: (1) the Orr family, (2) the Thompson family, (3) miscellaneous, and (4) biographical sketches. Most of the information consists of copies of public and private records; photographs; extracts of directories, census, Bible and church records; and family mementos. Included is data on some of Louisville's and Kentucky's most prominent families and the distillery business. A folder list is filed with the collection.

682. Thomson, James W., 1836-1911. Papers, 1840-1911. A\T483. .33 cu. ft.
Diary, 1862. A\T483a. 1 vol.
Union soldier from Indiana. Papers pertaining to Thomson's service in the Army of the Tennessee as an officer from 19 Oct. 1861 to 3 Dec. 1864. Two field reports describe in detail the advance of the 9th Division on Vicksburg between 28 April and 23 May 1863. The first describes the attack on Port Gibson. The second describes the march along the Jackson Road, skirmishes at Edward's Station, and the Big Black River Railroad Bridge, and the beginning of the assault on Vicksburg. Both reports give details of troop deployment and strategy, brigade listings, accounts of combat, and tallies of those killed, wounded, or captured. A sketch of southern approaches to Vicksburg is included. Also included are muster rolls and volunteer lists from 1861-1864 for the 49th Reg. of Indiana Volunteers. They give name, rank, age, term of enlistment, place of enlistment, enlisting officer, and remarks. Lists also include place of birth, physical description, occupation, and when last paid. A small notebook contains sketches of a camp and battlefield on the Red River in Louisiana, 24 April 1864, a list of travels, wash lists, and expenses and accounts. In addition are wash and supply receipts, letters to Capt. Thomson from the Ordnance Dept. from 1863-1865; papers concerning Thomson's pension; GAR publications from 1874-1892; checks and receipts from the Falls City Masonic Lodge, 1871-1896; miscellaneous papers concerning Thomson's employment by the Treasury Department; and copies of his obituary.

Thomson's diary, 1 Jan. - 30 Nov. 1862, consists of daily entries describing the weather, their location, encounters with the Confederate Army, his movements through Kentucky, and his company's involvement in the Cumberland Gap area of Kentucky and Tennessee. Also included is a list of soldiers left along the roadside because of illness, and other lists that might be for the purpose of payment of money or the issuing of supplies to the troops. Thomson was commissioned a 2nd lt. of Co. B of the 49th Indiana from Jeffersonville, Ind., and was later promoted to captain.

683. Thorn Family. Papers, 1813-1928. A\T496. 1 cu. ft.
Papers include correspondence of William Pryor Thorne (1845-1928) of Henry Co., Ky., lawyer, legislator, and lieutenant governor, discussing state politics, the 1903 lieutenant governor's campaign, executive pardoning power, and the Obispo Oil Co. of California; records of land holdings in Henry Co.; papers, 1908, regarding the Shelbyville and Ohio River Electric Railroad Co.; docket books, 1872-1874; cartoons concerning William Goebel; and newspaper clippings. Correspondents include Henry Watterson, William Goebel, Grover Cleveland, Woodrow Wilson, J.C.W. Beckham, and Ruby Laffoon. Also included are miscellaneous papers of John V. Thorn and William K. Thorn.

684. Thruston, Charles William, 1796-1865.
Papers, 1777-1865. A\T530.
1.66 cu. ft.
Miscellaneous papers, 1823-1855. C\T. 55 items.
Louisville businessman. Papers include wills and estate records for Samuel C. Thruston, Charles Mynn Thruston, and Charles W. Thruston; accounts, 1808-1855, regarding school tuition, domestic purchases, medical needs, purchase of hemp and ropewalk bills, newspapers, periodicals, silversmiths, and springs and watering places; land and legal matters; and farm records.

Miscellaneous papers include bills of sale for slaves and the hiring of slaves; bills for medical expenses; and announcements of runaway slaves.

685. Thruston, Gates Phillips, 1835-1913. Papers, 1864-67. A\T530a. 18 items.
Union soldier. Papers include Thruston's letters, 1864-1867, to his family discussing his service under Gen. George H. Thomas at Nashville, Chattanooga, and Atlanta; Gen. William T. Sherman's and Gen. Thomas's opposition to Gen. George B. McClellan as a presidential candidate; army life; and the death of Abraham Lincoln. Miscellaneous collection also includes Thruston's 9 Jan. 1910 note to R.C. Ballard Thruston regarding a replacement copy of his book.

686. Thruston, Robert Reade. Papers, 1653-1838. A\T530r. 1 vol.
Collection of legal and land papers regarding the Thruston family of Gloucester Co., Virginia collected by Thruston. Included are deeds, court orders, mortgages, bonds, wills, estate inventories, surveys, apprenticeships, and genealogical data regarding the John Thruston, Robert Thruston and Mynn families, and others. Also included are slavery records and a 1707 plat of the town of Gloucester listing lot owners.

687. Thruston, Rogers Clark Ballard, 1858-1946.
Papers, 1885-1945. A\T530a.
.5 cu. ft.
Correspondence, 1940-1942. A\T530b. 3 vols.
Correspondence, 1933-1941. A\T530c. 2 vols.
Miscellaneous papers, 1866-1945. C\T. 135 items.
Report, n.d. BF\T530. 1 vol.
Louisville geological engineer, researcher, historian, collector, and president and benefactor of The Filson Club. Papers include correspondence, 1929-1942, regarding the Ballard and Ballard Co.; letters of Frances Thruston Ballard discussing family and routine matters; notes about early Jefferson County courthouses, marriages, and census; abstracts of marriage laws in Hening's Statutes of Virginia; and a notebook containing the history of the Ballard Mills. Also included are Thruston's 10 May - 23 July 1873 travel journal kept while touring Europe; and 13 Jan. - 25 April 1920 journal kept while touring Japan, China, and Manila.

Correspondence with Lucy Brown Beale of Hague, Virginia, describes genealogical research on the ancestral families of R.C.B. Thruston, including typed extracts from the order books of Westmoreland Co., Va., 1663-1750, and Caroline Co., Va., containing information on the Pope, Rogers, Clark, Oldham, Marshall, Lisson, Wilson, and Richards families; cemetery inscriptions at Bushfield, Va., for the Bushrod family; and wills for Nathaniel Pope, 1659, and Original Brown, 1697.

Correspondence between Thruston and Thomas H. Warner of Tappahannock, Virginia, concerns genealogical research on the Rogers, Clark, McLeod, Richards, and allied families of colonial Virginia. Extensive extracts from Virginia records are included and analyzed.

Miscellaneous papers include a 24 Feb. 1866 phrenological character reading by Prof. O.S. Fowler of Thruston; letters to Fanny Ballard from her cousin Ben O'Fallon concerning old family letters in his possession; correspondence between Milo M. Quaife and Thruston re: Quaife's book on the U.S. flag; twenty-two letters, 1910-1911, between Thruston and Benjamin LaBree concerning the Sons of the American Revolution and genealogy; twenty-five letters, 1925-1930, written to Ludie J. Kinkead regarding research Thruston had done on the signers of the Declaration of Independence; ten letters, 1940, 1945, regarding Thruston's recommendation of Daniel Mac-Hir Hutton as director of state parks; three letters, 1943, to John E. Boos regarding Kentucky's delegation to Abraham Lincoln's burial; and research notes.

An undated geological report of the areas of Bell, Harlan, Knox, and Letcher counties in Kentucky mainly concerns coal, and also describes the topography of the area.

688. Thruston Family. Miscellaneous papers, 1806-1820. C\T. 13 items.
Prominent Kentucky family. Papers include a Buckner Thruston letter to William Taylor, 12 Nov. 1806, concerning the receipt of $100 sent by Mr. Taylor; Rev. Charles Mynn Thruston letter from Mississippi Territory to Buckner Thruston, 5 Nov. 1811, providing family news; and eleven letters, 1812-1820, of Charles M. Thruston to his father, mother and brother, Thomas Thruston, describing West Point and Governors Island, and discussing his studies and fellow cadets.

689. Thurman, B.H. Records, 1855-1871. BB\T539. 3 vols.
Louisville businessman. Journal and ledgers of Thurman's lumber dealership in Louisville regarding customer accounts.

690. Thurman, Edward C., 1882-1950. Collection, 1788-1870. H\T539. 2 cu. ft.
Sonora, Ky., collector. Philatelic collection of stampless covers representing various post offices and postal cancellations in Kentucky compiled by Thurman. Many of the letters have historical interest. Included are a 23 March 1813 letter of William Croghan to Thomas H. Cushing seeking the promotion of his son, George, to major; a 16 Oct. n.y. letter from Richard Mentor Johnson discussing a bundle of his papers; a 23 Feb. 1821 letter from Johnson to John C. Calhoun requesting that William Bradford be retained in the army; Dabney C. Terrell's 4 March 1822 letter describing the currency situation in Louisville; and slavery documents.

691. Thustin, Luther Thayer, 1817-1889. Papers, 1849-1887. A\T547 .66 cu. ft.
Kentucky soldier, businessman. Business and personal correspondence, cash books, and receipts regarding Luther T. Thustin and Elizabeth S. McDowell. Correspondence, 1850-1887, relates to Thustin's duties as agent and trustee of Elizabeth and her late husband Augustus McDowell's estate; Thustin's duties as an additional paymaster for Union Army volunteers during the Civil War; and letters from individuals discussing politics, the Civil War, the Ku Klux Klan, and other subjects. Also included are four cash books, 1849-1884, regarding Thustin's and McDowell's expenses; and receipts, 1851-1885, from St. Louis, Mo., and Louisville, Ky., from various businesses ranging from clothes, candy, and china shops to plumbers, veterinarians, and livery stables.

692. Tilford, John H., 1841-1899. Diaries, 1862-1866. A\T572. 9 vols. (.33 cu. ft.)
Daily diary of John H. Tilford, 2nd assistant surgeon of the 79th Indiana Infantry Regiment, Army of the Cumberland, describing movements and engagements of the Union Army throughout Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. He notes his work and vividly recounts the boredom and excitement of day to day soldiering. He witnesses battles at Perryville, Stones River (Murfreesboro), Chickamauga, Lookout Mountain, Atlanta, and Nashville, as well as numerous skirmishes. Also included is a letter to his parents from Chattanooga as well as two letters of family news from his mother in Indianapolis. One volume is the 1864 diary of Luna A. Meeks who married Tilford in 1866. It contains family news and news of her travels. There are also miscellaneous papers and clippings. The last two volumes of Tilford's diary concern his return to Indianapolis and his study at Bellevue Hospital Medical College, New York.

693. Todd, Charles Henry, 1838-1915. Papers, 1848-1917. A\T633ch. 2 cu. ft.
Doctor, surgeon in the Confederate Army and in Owensboro, Ky., historian, and author. Papers include correspondence, 1865-1917, discussing routine political matters; book reviews; and articles and speeches by Todd on medical and historical subjects.

694. Todd, Charles Stewart, 1791-1871. Papers, 1808-1871. A\T633. .66 cu. ft. Miscellaneous papers, 1839-1867. C\T. 3 items.
Lawyer, soldier, and diplomat. Collection consisting of correspondence; papers concerning investment in Minnesota lands; Todd's sketch of the life of Isaac Shelby; a muster roll, 1813, of Kentucky Mounted Volunteers for service under William Henry Harrison; dates of commissions of general and field officers of Kentucky troops in the War of 1812; Todd's map of the Battle of the Thames; and scrapbook of newspaper clippings containing biographical data on Todd. Correspondence consists of twenty-six letters, 1808-1816, to Todd from his father Judge Thomas Todd about his education, service in the War of 1812, and family affairs; letters between him and his wife, Letitia Shelby Todd; political letters from members of the Whig party during the presidential campaign of Zachary Taylor; letters, 1861-1871, to Dr. Charles H. Todd from Todd, Letitia Todd, and Letitia Todd Carter; letters to Judge Thomas Todd from Isaac Shelby and others; and a 1790 letter from Harry Innes to George Muter. Other correspondents include Henry Clay, John J. Crittenden, J. Madison Cutts, John Maxwell, James Monroe, Charles B. Penrose, and Albert Pike.

Miscellaneous papers include an 11 June 1839 letter to Rev. William B. Sprague thanking him for his hospitality and asking his cap be sent him in exchange for a packet of autographs; a 3 June 1842 letter to Col. John James Abert concerning the appointment of Col. Whistler to the Russian Corps of Engineers; and a 23 Nov. 1867 letter to Alfred T. Goodman requesting immediate return of 500 letters of famous Americans loaned to him to make facsimiles.

Additional Todd material is contained in other collections.

695. Todd, Harry Innes, 1818-1891 and George Davidson Todd, 1856-1929.
Papers, 1823-1925. A\T634.
.66 cu. ft.
Harry Innes Todd was keeper and lessee of the Kentucky Penitentiary, sheriff of Franklin Co., Ky., and state representative from Franklin Co., 1871-1873. His papers contain personal correspondence, 1835-1891, including letters from his wife and his mother, Maria Innes Todd Crittenden, and other letters discussing Kentucky and national politics and his son Chapman C. Todd's service in the U.S. Navy, 1878-1889; papers from his career as keeper of the Kentucky Penitentiary, 1867-1873; accounts, 1860-1890; inventory of property of Harry I. Todd, 2 Sept. 1874; legal papers; a biographical sketch of John Rodman, attorney general of Kentucky; 1828 Ky. broadside giving results of the election for governor and lieutenant governor; and newspaper clippings.

Papers of George Davidson Todd, mayor of Louisville, businessman, and son of Harry I. Todd, include correspondence, 1875-1925, discussing his 1879 visit to the monastery at Gethsemane, Ky.; Sarah Cecil's grievance against the actress Mary Anderson; politics; the Spanish-American War; Otto A. Rothert's proposed biography of Harry Innes; and family history.

696. Todd, James Madison. Papers, 1842-1869. A\T634. 26 items
Frankfort, Ky. resident, son of Thomas Todd. Papers include letters from his mother Lucy Payne Washington Todd, half brother William T. Washington, James Madison Cutts, and Dolly Payne Madison discussing routine family matters; people and events in Frankfort; conditions in the Whig party in 1850; the country's need for the services of John J. Crittenden; and a law suit.

697. Todd, Thomas, 1765-1826. Miscellaneous papers, 1783-1806. C\T. 4 items.
Lawyer, judge, associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Papers include a 1783 legal document regarding the case of William Caldwell v. James Harrod in Mercer Co., Ky.; a 20 Dec. 1799 letter to "Dear Sir" noting that he would support him in the next gubernatorial election; a 1 Dec. 1806 legal document giving Henry Clay power of attorney to receive and sell debts due Todd from James Knox of Shelby Co., Ky.; and an undated steel engraving.

Additional Todd material is contained in other collections.

698. Todd Family. Papers, 1783-1967. A\T633, T636. .66 cu. ft.
Prominent Kentucky family. One collection (17 items) of papers, 1783-1891, consists of correspondence, 1816-1891, and legal papers, 1783-1865. Included are letters regarding family matters, business, and politics from Thomas Todd, Harry Innes, James Davidson, John J. Crittenden, Harry Innes Todd, and William C.P. Breckinridge.

The second collection of Todd papers, 1786-1967, includes correspondence, a journal, genealogies, certificates, wills, bills of sale, deeds, land grants, business papers, Freemason material, and photographs. Correspondence, 1802-1967, of the Todd and Shelby families concerns politics, the Mexican War, Civil War, business and land affairs, Freemasons, and family matters. Correspondents include Charles Stewart Todd, Letitia Shelby Todd, Thomas Todd, Cassius M. Clay, Humphrey Marshall, J. Proctor Knott, Gen. William Preston, Benjamin Edwards Grey, Thomas Anderson, Col. William Wallace Smith Bliss, Gen. Walter C. Whitaker, Isaac Shelby Todd, and others. Genealogical materials cover the Anderson, Beale, Clark, Field, Griffith, Howard, McClanahan, Potter, Shelby, Strother, Thomas, Todd, Townsend, and Watkins families. Additional material includes photographs of members of the Shelby, Todd, McClanahan, Griffith, and Watkins families; "Stockdale," the Todd family home in Shelby Co., Ky.; and ruins of "Travellers Rest," the Shelby home in Lincoln Co., Ky. Newspaper articles concern Isaac Shelby, Charles Stewart Todd, Thomas Todd, Dr. Ephraim McDowell, and other family members. Miscellaneous items include pamphlets on Gen. Evan Shelby, the Battle of Kings Mountain, and "Isaac Shelby and the Genet Mission."

699. Tompkins family. Papers, 1785-1847. A\T662. .33 cu. ft.
Virginia and Kentucky family. The bulk of the collection consists of miscellaneous accounts regarding legal and personal expenses of the Tompkins family. Papers also include correspondence, 1837-1841, regarding family matters; land and legal papers regarding property in Jefferson Co., Ky.; wills and estate records for Robert Tompkins, Dr. Benjamin Tompkins, and Henry Goodloe Tompkins; and Bible and genealogical records for the Tompkins family.

700. Tomppert, Philip, 1808-1873. Miscellaneous papers, 1865. C\T. 4 items.
Louisville mayor. Papers include a petition from business owners pledging to uniform their watchmen as city police; a claim for a military bounty from the city; and letters concerning the payment of burial costs of deceased freedmen and refugees.

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