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Photograph Collection is numbers (781-850)

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501. National Republican Party.
Minutes of convention, 17-18 Dec. 1827. BE\N277.
34 items.
Minutes of state convention of the National Republican party assembled at Frankfort, Ky., for the purpose of nominating suitable persons as electors to vote for a president and vice president of the United States in 1829; resolutions Nos. 1-11, 14-17; and nomination of Gen. Thomas Metcalfe and Judge Joseph R. Underwood as governor and lieutenant-governor of Ky.

502. Navarro, Mary Anderson de, 1859-1940.
Miscellaneous papers, 1898-1936. C\N.
12 items.
Shakespearean actress. The bulk of the collection consists of her letters, 1898-1904, to Edward Bok discussing photographs of her, her mother not liking publicity and not allowing her house to be photographed, possibly writing a book using her diaries, and her husband's and son's activities. Also two letters, 1936, to Levi Bloom thanking him for sending some cuttings, noting that she enjoyed his article on Joe Jefferson and Henry Watterson, and mentioning Julia Marlowe, the work of her son as an archaeologist, why she lives in England, and the publication of her book in August or September; and an undated note to Lady Monkton thanking her for her charming note from "a sister artist."

503. Neagle, John, 1796-1865. Letter, 15 Nov. 1842. C\N. 1 item.
American portrait painter. Neagle writes that he has completed a portrait of Henry Clay and is now working on a full-length portrait of Clay, describes Ashland and his conversations with Clay, and sends regards to "all the artists and tell the portrait painters that Jewett & Frasier (Matthew H. Jouett and Oliver Frazer) represent the people in portraits, spoonfashion."

504. Nelson, William, 1824-1862. Papers, 1861-1862. C\N. 38 items.
Union general murdered at the Galt House Hotel in Louisville. Military papers of Maj. Gen. William Nelson include routine correspondence discussing supplies, fortifications, and the defense of Louisville in 1862; telegrams, 16-18 July 1862, from Don Carlos Buell and others regarding John Hunt Morgan's raid in Kentucky; account for lease of a farm for Camp Kenton; and a map of the area around Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee.

505. Newcomb, Mary, -1949. Miscellaneous papers, 1929-1931. C\N. 2 vols.
Writer, collector. Typewritten manuscript of Songs My Mother Sang, a compilation of Kentucky folk songs and ballads containing texts of 210 songs with 101 tunes, many of which previously were unrecorded apparently; and a typewritten carbon copy of about seventy-five folk songs and ballads.

506. Newman Family. Miscellaneous papers, 1861-1864. C\N. 18 items.
Virginia and Kentucky family. Collection consists chiefly of letters from Wilson Scott Newman to his wife Mary Louisa White Newman discussing military and civilian life during the Civil War, troop movements, battles, and health conditions. Newman served in the Confederate army and died at Winchester, Va. on 19 Dec. 1864. Papers relate to the Newman-Henshaw family papers and the Paxton-Newman letters (C\P).

507. Newman-Henshaw Family. Papers, 1857-1957. A\N556. .33 cu. ft.
Virginia and Kentucky family. Collection includes correspondence, bills, receipts, clippings, photographs, notes, and envelopes regarding the Newman and Henshaw families. Of particular interest are letters, 1861-1864, focusing on the effect of the Civil War on Virginia, discussing the possibility of war and secession; battles; Virginia troops in the Confederacy; Civil War personalities such as Stonewall Jackson; civilian morale; and Union occupation of parts of the state. Papers relate to the Newman family papers.

508. Nicholas, Samuel Smith, 1796-1869.
Miscellaneous papers, 1775-1867. C\N.
16 items.
Louisville lawyer, first president of the University of Louisville. Papers consisting of correspondence received from Robert Carter Nicholas, John Christian Bullitt, and James Burnie Beck regarding legal matters and the 1864 presidential election; certificates relating to Nicholas's legal career; and a 1794 Isaac Shelby letter to George Nicholas discussing free navigation of the Mississippi River.

509. Nicholasville, Ky. Minute book of trustees, 1824-1842. BM\N597. 1 vol.
Minute book of the trustees of the town of Nicholasville, Ky., 3 May 1824 to 24 Oct. 1842. It contains by-laws adopted 27 Sept. 1824 relative to slaves and free blacks; valuations of real property and slaves for tax purposes; orders for the whipping of slaves; a code of by-laws and town ordinances adopted July 1830; appointment of committee to remove public arms to a place of great safety from the African American population, 1 Nov. 1831; subscription to stock of the Danville, Lancaster, and Nicholasville Turnpike Co., 1835; and orders, appointments, and a report relative to the Female Academy which was deeded to the trustees of Nicholasville by the trustees of the Masonic Lodge, August 1837.

510. Norton, William Frederick, 1849-1903.
Autograph album, 1889-1896. HA\N889.
1 vol.
Autograph album, or guest book, of Daniel Quilp (W.F. Norton), proprietor of the Amphitheater Auditorium in Louisville, Ky., containing autographs of notable opera singers, actors and actresses, and musicians of the day. Performers signing include Adelina Patti, Lillian Nordica, Nellie Melba, Emma Eames, Jean de Reszke, Edouard de Reszke, Edwin Booth, Sarah Bernhard, Theodore Thomas, Walter Damrosch, and others.

511. Oatts, Thomas C. Letter, 8 Oct. 1844. Texas Miscellaneous Papers. 2 items.
Texas settler. Letter written from Live Oak Well, Fayette Co., Texas, discussing support for James K. Polk and the annexation of Texas; desired release of his brother Harbert H. Oatts from a Mexican prison; Dr. Anson Jones being elected president of Texas; Capt. (Jack) Hays and eighty men guarding the frontier against Mexicans and Indians; politics; and describing the topography of Texas. Also included is a 9 Oct. 1844 letter from James and Sarah Oatts Stephens urging friends and relatives to come to Texas, and describing the good climate, fertile soil, and the advantages of living in western Texas near the frontier.

512. Odd Fellows, Independent Order of. Records, 1844-1953. BD\O22. 51 vols.
Records of Odd Fellows lodges located in Louisville. Collection includes eight vols. of minutes, accounts, financial reports and membership register for Amnon Encampment No. 11, 1846-1905; fourteen vols. of minutes, treasurers' and auditors' reports, and membership register for Azur Lodge No. 25, 1846-1905; four vols. of minutes, officers' roll book, and account books for Boone Lodge No. 1, 1927-1953; seven vols. of minutes (written in German) and accounts for Herman Lodge No. 17, 1844-1911; six vols. of minutes, accounts, officers' registers and visitors' registers of the Home Lodge No. 25, 1918-1951; a receipt book, 1900-1936, for Home Lodge No. 29; three vols. of minutes, accounts, and treasurers' reports for Home Lodge No. 352, 1911-1917; a minute book, 1908-1911, for Kosmos Lodge No. 356; minute book (in German), 1889-1903, for Louisville Lodge No. 81; and six vols. of minutes, accounts and statistical records, and officers' register for Mozart Lodge No. 149.

513. O'Fallon, John, 1791-1865. Papers, 1809-1850. A\O31. .33 cu. ft.
Soldier from Ky. and St. Louis, Mo., businessman. The papers primarily consist of O'Fallon's letters to his half brother Charles W. Thruston of Louisville, but also include letters written to O'Fallon by various persons. The letters deal with O'Fallon's business affairs; the various branches of the family, particularly the Clarks and Thrustons, including William Clark and Meriwether Lewis Clark; allusions to contemporary events; the fur trade and expeditions regarding it; Osage Indian trade; and reminiscences of the officers and battles of the War of 1812, particularly the battles of Tippecanoe and the Thames. Prominent correspondents include Henry Atkinson, Robert Campbell, John Croghan, Benjamin Harrison, William Henry Harrison, Lawrence Taliaferro, Charles S. Todd, and Robert S. Todd.

514. O'Hara, Theodore, 1820-1867. Letters, 1846-1847.
Miscellaneous papers - Military
. 2 items.
Veteran of the Mexican War, journalist, poet. Two letters written from Mexico to his father Kean O'Hara. His 30 Dec. 1846 letter from Victoria describes the arrival of Gen. Quitman's army at Victoria, Mexico; Gen. Zachary Taylor's movement toward Saltillo; and reports of Santa Anna's force marching on Saltillo. His 2 March 1847 letter from Tampico regards vouchers showing expenditures of public money; the embarkation of troops; planned operations against Vera Cruz; and his excellent health while in Mexico.

515. Ohio Canal Co. Papers, 1805-1806. BB\O37. 6 items.
Louisville canal company. The Ohio Canal Co. was incorporated by the state of Kentucky for the purpose of building a canal around the Falls of the Ohio at Louisville. Material includes correspondence regarding incorporation of the company and proposed location of the canal; a manuscript map and notes by Jared Brooks based upon his survey of the site; and a ca. 1805 broadside addressed to the Speaker of the House of Representatives of Kentucky signed by the company's managers making recommendations concerning the canal.

516. Ohio County, Kentucky. Records, 1799, 1816. BL\O37. 3 items.
Entries from the Ohio County Order Book, 2 July and 6, 7 Aug. 1799; commission, 19 May 1816, from Isaac Shelby appointing five justices of the peace; and a petition to the Ohio County Court for two justices.

517. Order of the Eastern Star. Records, 1902-1945. BD\O65. 14 vols.
Records of Naomi Chapter No. 14, OES, of Louisville. Included are the minutes of meetings, accounts, and registers.

518. Orphans Pleasure and Waller Doll Clubs. Records, 1910-1950. C\O. 22 items.
Louisville charitable organization, led by Carrie Erdman Waller, whose purpose was to raise funds to purchase presents for Louisville orphans. The records primarily are composed of newspaper clippings reporting the 1910 charity ball and concert at the Seelbach Hotel in Louisville. Also included are two photographs from Christmas Day, 1910, showing distribution of presents; program from the 1915 charity ball with photographs and numerous advertisements; and a 17 Dec. 1950 Courier-Journal Sunday Magazine article about the clubs.

519. Orr, Alexander Dalrymple, 1765-1835.
Miscellaneous papers, 1794-1800. C\O.
2 items.
Farmer of Mason Co., Ky., Kentucky representative in the Virginia legislature, U.S. congressman. Included is a 27 Dec. 1794 letter discussing business and financial affairs, and congressional activities; and a 20 Dec. 1800 letter concerning household goods.

520. Otter, John D., -ca. 1884. Papers, 1832-1886. A\O89. .33 cu. ft.
Grocer and commission merchant of Louisville and Edmonson Co., Ky., sheriff of Edmonson Co. Papers include correspondence discussing land in Edmonson Co. and Illinois; land papers; 1846 bill of sale for three slaves; contracts, 1861 and 1863, to hire slave women; list of Otter's taxable property in 1860, including two slaves; licenses and certificates; bond of Mammoth Cave Railroad Co., 1886; scrapbook of John and Robert Otter's tobacco tag collection; and collection of U.S. and Confederate bank notes.

521. Outdoor Art League. Scrapbooks, 1922-1950. BM\O94. 2 vols.
Louisville civic and social organization. A scrapbook, 1922-1950, containing letters, telegrams, deeds, legislative bills, photographs, programs, and newspaper clippings regarding the work of the Zachary Taylor Memorial Committee of the league; and a scrapbook, 1933-1941, containing photographs and newspaper clippings regarding the league's activities, primarily gardening.

522. Owen, Robert Dale, 1801-1877.
Miscellaneous papers, 1844-1870. C\O.
12 items.
Social reformer, proprietor of utopian society at New Harmony, Indiana, diplomat. Included are an 18 Jan. 1844 letter to J.B. Floyd sending his autograph; a 21 Jan. 1846 letter to the secretary of the treasury introducing John B. Warren who has a small claim against the government for storage of seized goods; nine letters, 1868-1869, to J.N. Tifft requesting personal commissions, discussing the Texas railroad and efforts to secure the Mexican right-of-way, and a mention of a novel Owen was writing; and a 7 Nov. 1870 letter to Oliver Johnson enclosing a p.o. order for $10.00 for a subscription to the New Harmony Independent.

523. Owensboro Water Works Company. Minute book, 1889-1903. BB\O97. 1 vol. Records, 1893-1902. C\O. 13 items.
Minutes of the meetings of the board of directors of the Owensboro Water Works Co. (Owensboro, Ky.), 1 June 1889 - 20 April 1903. Regards business, rules, officers, etc., of the company.

The miscellaneous business records, 1889-1903, include additional minutes of the Owensboro Water Works Company and are associated with the minute book.

524. Page, Samuel K. Papers, 1823-1843. A\P133. .33 cu. ft.
Louisville merchant and trader. Papers include business and personal correspondence, 1825-1832, discussing John B. Page's (Samuel's brother) death in Cuba in 1837, the steamboat Angora, the Maumee Insurance Co., and routine matters; accounts, 1825-1832, regarding John B. Page and A. Tarlton and Co. of Louisville; legal records; and miscellaneous bonds and contracts.

525. Parks, Floyd and Lyman. Account books, 1831-1848. B\P245. 3 vols.
Louisville grocers and general merchandise merchants. Account books containing accounts with the firm's customers and employees, including customers Mann Butler, Cuthbert Bullitt, Fortunatus Cosby, Dr. William C. Galt, and Levi Tyler.

526. Pastime Boat Club. Papers, 1896-1961. BK\P291. .33 cu. ft.
Louisville social organization. Papers of the club include successive articles of incorporation and amendments to the articles; correspondence, 1943-1961; membership list; and legal papers dealing with land and riparian rights.

527. Pearl, John Marshall. Records, 1863-1865. BG\P359. 2 vols.
Assistant paymaster for the C.S. Morgan. Records consist of two letter books, 10 Nov. 1863 to 3 April 1865, concerning his service as an asst. paymaster in the Confederate States Navy.

528. Pearson Funeral Home. Records, 1853-1979. BB\P362. 7 vols.
Louisville funeral home. Collection primarily containing Pearson's financial records, 1866-1899. Records include rentals, a price list, accounts with local cemeteries, and itemized entries for individual funeral services. Also in the collection are scrapbooks, 1853-1979, that include a broadside concerning the Pearsons; thank-you letters; Pearson's 100 year celebration advertisement; articles regarding the funeral business; and obituaries of prominent Louisvillians.

529. Pegram, John, 1832-1865. Report, 1 April 1863. C\P. 1 item.
Soldier, Confederate general. Pegram's partial report from Stigall's Ferry, Ky., to Capt. J.G. Martin at Knoxville, Tenn., recounts an expedition into Kentucky to obtain beef cattle for the Confederate Army. States details of a skirmish at Danville, Ky., activities while gradually retiring to the Cumberland River, an action near Somerset, Ky., and the units under his command.

530. Perkins, Thomas, 1756-1786. Miscellaneous papers, 1785-1787. C\P. 3 items.
Early Kentucky settler, educator, and lawyer. He writes a long descriptive letter to Gen. Joseph Palmer, describing Kentucky in detail, including travel, prices, population, topography, trees, produce, resources, salt manufacture, and labor. Also included are two documents dated 10 and 20 March 1787, concerning Joseph Palmer's plan to establish salt works in Boston, Mass. The letter is published in The Filson Club History Quarterly, vol. 49 no. 2 (April 1975).

531. Perry Family. Papers, 1818-1913. A\P462. .33 cu. ft.
Christian Co., Ky. family. Papers tracing Perry family history, especially that of the Rev. George B. Perry, rector of Grace Episcopal Church, Hopkinsville, Ky. Included are Perry's writings, stories, poems, and religious reflections; papers regarding church business; and family information.

532. Petrie, Cordia, 1872- . Papers, 1852-1931. A\P495. .33 cu. ft.
Letter, 23 Nov. 1951. C\P. 1 item.
Author of Louisville, Ky. Papers include an autobiographical sketch about how she wrote Angeline; poems; photographs of her in the Angeline costume; school notebook and diary of Cornelia Crank, 1862-1870; and miscellaneous receipts and certificates.

Petrie's 23 Nov. 1951 letter to John Wilson Townsend, written partly in dialect, states she has no copies of Angeline of the Hill Country to spare and the Crowell Co. has destroyed the plates.

533. Phelan, James, 1820-1873. Letter, 17 Jan. 1865. C\P. 1 item.
Confederate official. A letter to Jefferson Davis from Meridian, Miss., apparently while on a tour of inspection, describing the despair and poor morale of Gen. John Bell Hood's army, urging that Gen. Joseph E. Johnston be given command to restore order to that army, and warning against replacing Hood with P.G.T. Beauregard, who is not popular with the soldiers.

534. Pierce, Sidney. Passes, 28 Jan. and 2 Feb. 1937. C\P. 3 items.
Louisville resident. Quarantine passes issued to Sidney Pierce by government officials during the 1937 flood. Pass dated 28 Jan. 1937 allows Pierce to pass the Campbell and Jefferson Pontoon Bridge; and the two passes dated 2 Feb. 1937 allow him to pass the quarantine line.

535. Pindell, Henry Clay, 1823-1882. Papers, 1857-1882. A\P648. .66 cu. ft.
Lawyer. Papers consist of correspondence of a committee for a statue of Henry Clay for the Jefferson Co. Courthouse, and include letters, 1857-1876, from Joel Tanner Hart discussing sculpting the statue, a 26 March 1867 letter from Millard Fillmore to the committee declining being the speaker at the statue's dedication and discussing the sad current state of the country and its need for a Henry Clay, and letters to Pindell relating to the administration of Hart's estate; subscription lists for the statue, 1862-1863; accounts and receipts of expenses for erecting the statue; and manuscripts of Hart's poems, 1830-1873.

536. Pirtle, Alfred, 1837-1926. Papers, 1847-1924. A\P672. 6 cu. ft
Soldier, Louisville businessman, Kentucky historian. Papers consisting of correspondence, 1847-1923, including a volume of Civil War letters; a journal, 1859-1862; and Pirtle's writings for magazines and newspapers on local and Kentucky history. Correspondents include Gen. Simon Bolivar Buckner, Thomas J. Chenoweth, John M. Harlan, James E. Jouett, John Bassett Moore, Judge Henry Pirtle, and Maj. Gen. C.P. Summerall. Pirtle's Civil War letter book contains letters Pirtle wrote to his parents, Judge and Mrs. Henry Pirtle, sisters, and brothers, covering his service in the 10th Ohio Vol. Inf. under Maj. Gen. Ormsby Mitchell on the march from Bowling Green, Ky., to Huntsville, Ala.; service under Maj. Gen. Lovell H. Rousseau on the return march to Bowling Green in Sept. 1862 and as ordnance officer of the 3rd Div.; Battle of Murfreesboro (Stones River); encampment near Murfreesboro 3 Jan. - 23 June 1863; service as aide-de-camp to Gen. William H. Lytle of the 1st Brigade, 3rd Division, 20th Army Corps, 20 Apr. - 19 Sept. 1863; Battle of Chickamauga; return to 10th Ohio Vol. Inf. Co. F.; service in and near Chattanooga; and description of the storming of Missionary Ridge. Also included are letters of recommendation for Pirtle from Col. Curran Pope, Philip H. Sheridan, A.M. Cook, Lovell H. Rousseau, and George H. Thomas; a letter from Lieut. Col. Joseph M. Burke to Pirtle, 5 Feb. 1862; and letters to Mrs. Henry Pirtle from Col. William H. Lytle, James Barnard, Dr. T.S. Bell, Capt. James W. Abert, and others, dated 1861-1863. Pirtle's journal, 1 Jan.-11 Feb. 1859, 20 April 1861-Sept. 1862, relates his residence at Gallatin, Tenn., in 1859 as an employee of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad; return to Louisville where he records the impact of the Civil War on Kentucky and Missouri; flag raisings; peace meetings; recruiting; drilling; blockades; his encampment with the Citizen Guards, 21-27 May, 1861; routine of camp duties; sojourn at Ohio White Sulphur Springs with mother and sister, July-Aug., 1861; volunteer service in the Crittenden Union Zouaves, Sept.-Nov. 1861; loss by his brother, Dr. John Pirtle, of his command as major in the U.S. Army, Kentucky Volunteers; Ohio River flood in 1862; defeat of Gen. Felix K. Zollicoffer at Mill Springs, 19 Jan. 1862; commission, Feb. 1862, as 2nd lieut., Co. H., 10th Ohio Vol. Inf.; service in Maj. Gen. Ormsby Mitchell's division on the march from Fort Jefferson on Bacon Creek, Ky., to Bowling Green, Ky., Nashville, Murfreesboro, and Shelbyville, Tenn., and Huntsville, Ala., where he was encamped during the summer; aide-de-camp to Gen. William H. Lytle; change in command of the 3rd Division, 3 July 1862, from Maj. Gen. Mitchell to Brig. Gen. W.S. Smith; and on 13 July 1862, from Smith to Gen. Lovell H. Rousseau; evacuation of Huntsville, 31 Aug. 1862; the return march to Bowling Green, Ky., in Sept. 1862 in pursuit of Braxton Bragg and his Confederate army; and the column being impeded by slaves seeking freedom. A list of Pirtle's articles is filed with the collection. The collection is related to the repository's Pirtle family papers.

537. Pirtle, Henry, 1798-1880. Miscellaneous papers, 1843, 1856. C\P. 2 items.
Louisville lawyer, judge. Papers include a biographical sketch of John Rowan written by Pirtle in 1843; and a 22 April 1856 letter to John Barbee noting that he has the cause of the American party as much at heart as any man; believes the election of Fillmore and Donelson would redound to the happiness of the United States; was a member of the old American party twenty years ago; has not been formally initiated by the present order; and will not run as a candidate of any party in opposition to this American cause.

538. Pirtle, John Barbee, 1842-1934.
Miscellaneous papers, 1854-1888. C\P.
30 items.
Louisville insurance man, banker, and Civil War veteran. Papers deal mainly with business and consist of letters (including one from George A. Custer regarding a life insurance policy), licenses, statements of account, and canceled checks.

539. Pirtle-Rogers family. Papers, 1797-1875. A\P672a. .33 cu. ft.
Papers and scrapbook, 1875- 1910. A\P672c. .33 cu. ft.
Mainly papers of Judge Henry Pirtle of Louisville, Ky., and of Dr. Coleman Rogers (1781-1855), physician of Louisville and Cincinnati, Ohio, and Pirtle's father-in-law. Papers, 1816-1875, of Henry Pirtle include letters to him from Larz Anderson, George Bancroft, John Barbee, Rufus Choate, James Kent, and others of a personal and business nature; letter from Pirtle, 1856, defining his position in regard to the American party; and a contract, 1845, between Pirtle and James Speed to be partners in a law practice. Other papers include letters, 1801-1836, to Gen. James Taylor of Newport, Ky., from Dr. Coleman Rogers, Dr. John Sellman, Judge John Coburn, James W. Moss, Dolly P. Madison, and Richard M. Johnson; letter, 1829, from Martin Van Buren to William T. Barry about the return of Taylor's fugitive slaves from Canada; a power of attorney, 1797, from Joseph Rogers of Fayette Co., Ky., to John Winn to obtain property due from the estate of his wife's father, Thomas Ford, and her former husband, Joseph R. Farrar; correspondence, 1803-1820, of Dr. Coleman Rogers and his wife, Jane Farrar Rogers while he was studying medicine at the University of Pennsylvania; and twelve cards of admission to medical lectures at the University of Pennsylvania. Material is related to the Alfred Pirtle collection.

Additional papers include correspondence, 1879-1880, to Judge Henry and his wife Jane Ann Pirtle from family and friends regarding their fiftieth wedding anniversary, family news, and routine matters; and a scrapbook of newspaper clippings, programs, and pictures presented for their anniversary by Ashley P. and William L. Chalfant (daughter and son-in-law).

540. Poe, Orlando Metcalfe, 1832-1895. Report, May 1861. C\P. 1 item.
Union soldier. Report of a reconnaissance undertaken by Lt. Poe of the Topographical Engineers from 2-12 May, describing Ohio River towns from Portsmouth, Ohio, to Parkersburg, West Virginia, including the Kentucky town of Greenupsburg. This report was prepared for Gen. George B. McClellan of the Dept. of the Ohio.

541. Political Club, The. Records, 1786-1790. BE\P769. .33 cu. ft.
A Danville, Ky., based political debating society created to discuss political issues of the day, particularly as they related to Kentucky. Records include the club's constitution, rules, minutes of meetings, attendance rosters, treasurers' reports, resolutions and questions discussed at meetings, and correspondence. Also included is a rare and possibly unique printing of the U.S. Constitution annotated by club members. In addition there is an incomplete history of the club by Thomas Speed, grandson of one of the members; and ballots of an election held by the Kentucky Society for Promoting Useful Knowledge, 1787-1788. See: Thomas Speed, The Political Club, Danville, Kentucky, 1786-1790 (1st Publication Series, no. 9; Louisville: The Filson Club, 1894).

542. Polk, Edward T. Miscellaneous papers, 1839-1841. C\P. 3 items.
Medical student at Transylvania University, Lexington, Ky. Matriculation and library tickets, and admission ticket to all public lectures at the Medical Department of Transylvania.

543. Polk, James Knox, 1795-1849. Miscellaneous papers, 1835, 1848. C\P. 2 items.
Included is a 6 July 1835 letter to Samuel H. Loughlin attacking John Bell for a letter he had written about Polk, feels that pro-Bank interests are involved and asks Loughlin not to connect Bell with the presidential election in any editorials. In Presidential Collection.

544. Pope, Curran, 1866-1934. Papers, 1792-1931. A\P826b, P826ba. 2.33 cu. ft.
Louisville physician and author. Papers consist of Pope family papers, genealogical material on the Pope and Thruston families, and Pope's personal papers. The Pope family papers include letters and deeds. Curran Pope's personal papers consist of biographical material, lists of writings and speeches, medical and miscellaneous writings, speeches, and correspondence.

545. Pope, William, 1775-1844. Papers, 1783-1844. A\P826. 1.33 cu. ft.
Papers of William Pope, farmer and land owner of Jefferson Co., Ky. Included is correspondence, 1786, 1809-1844, chiefly about his lands in Indiana and Alabama, and litigation with the heirs of Peyton Southall and others about land on Beargrass Creek, Jefferson Co., Ky.; accounts, 1800-1844; land papers, 1801-1844, consisting of deeds, tax receipts, etc. for lands in Kentucky and Indiana; legal papers; fee bills, 1813-1843; records of lawsuits with William B. Randolph, Thomas Joyes, the Louisville Turnpike Co., and the Lexington and Ohio Railroad Co.; and miscellaneous papers, 1783-1839. In addition there are accounts of his son, William H. Pope, as administrator of his estate, 1844-1864. William Pope's correspondents include Larz Anderson, John Dangerfield, Cyrus Edward, John Edwards, Norborne A. Galt, James S. Lemaster, John McKinley, William Owens, George F. Pope, Nathaniel Pope, William B. Randolph, George W. Southall, John Speed, Robert Sturgus, Robert Wickliffe, John Pope, and others.

Collection also includes a small group of U.S. senator and Arkansas territorial governor John Pope's (1770-1845) papers, 1797-1839, which include his 2 Jan. 1839 letter to Charles Wickliffe; will of Matthew Walton, Pope's father-in-law; deeds for Kentucky land, 1797-1839; and legal documents.

Also included are papers of Alexander Pope and William S. Vernon, trustees of Fortunatus Cosby, consisting of accounts and vouchers; bank book for an account with the Bank of the United States, Louisville, Ky.; and financial papers and receipts.

546. Pope, William Hamilton, 1803-1866. Papers, 1830-1866. A\P826a. .33 cu. ft.
Merchant and banker of Louisville, Ky. Collection includes business letters, 1837-1866; accounts and account books, 1841-1866; land papers regarding land in Kentucky and Arkansas; an 1852 certificate of stock in the Louisville and Oldham Turnpike Road Co.; and a bill of hire of a slave, 1863.

547. Pope-Humphrey Family. Papers, 1807-1938. A\P827. 2 cu. ft.
Collection covers several generations of the Pope and Humphrey families of Louisville, Ky. Correspondence, 1807-1859, mainly concerns the family of Alexander Pope, a prominent Louisville lawyer, his son Fontaine, and son Henry Clay Pope during the Mexican War. Correspondence, 1860-1868, regards the family and social lives of Rev. Dr. E.P. Humphrey, a Presbyterian clergyman, his wife Martha Pope Humphrey, their daughters, and sons Edward W.C. Humphrey, and especially Alexander Pope Humphrey who attended Centre College and the University of Virginia from 1862 to 1868. Included during this period are letters from schoolmates of Alexander Pope Humphrey concerning academics, social lives, and careers. Correspondence, 1873-1938, concerns the lives of Judge Alexander Pope Humphrey, his wife Mary Moss Churchill, and their children, especially Alexander Pope Humphrey, Jr., who died in flight training during World War I, and Mary Churchill Humphrey who spent years abroad and became involved in theater and writing; two small diaries kept by Alexander Pope Humphrey, one while attending Centre College in 1864, and the other dated 1878 containing notes on law cases; one small diary kept by Alexander Pope Humphrey, Jr., recording data on training flights made in 1917; a diploma and grade reports from Centre College; addresses by Alexander Pope Humphrey; inventories of personal items belonging to Mary Churchill Humphrey and some of her unpublished written work; collected poetry on the subjects of war, death, religious faith, and life philosophy; programs and invitations; a memorial and tribute; pamphlets, broadsides, and circulars; genealogical information on the Pope and McKinley families; and newspaper clippings concerning World War I, horse racing, and the theater.

548. Posey, Gerard and Fayette. Notebook, 1817-1818. C\P. 1 item.
Henderson, Ky. family. A sixteen page notebook kept by the Poseys while living in Henderson containing records of receipts and expenses for personal goods, household items, clothing, food, hired hands, and other debts. The notebook has wallpaper covers of a multicolor diamond design.

549. Powell, Edward Lindsay, 1860-1933. Papers, 1886-1936. A\P882. 3 cu. ft.
Minister, Pastor, First Christian Church, Louisville Ky. Papers include correspondence, 1886-1936, discussing routine church and personal matters; sermons and addresses; annual reports as pastor of First Christian; articles; commissions and membership certificates; church bulletins; membership lists; theological notebooks kept while a student at Christian University at Canton, Missouri; and a manuscript biography of Dr. Powell.

550. Poynter Family. Papers, 1895-1910. A\P892. .33 cu. ft.
Prominent Shelbyville, Ky., family, owners and operators of Science Hill Female Academy. Collection of correspondence primarily between Clara Poynter and her children. Letters detail everyday life of an educated, middle upper class family in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Letters discuss Science Hill, school activities, life at Andover Academy, weather, health, gardening, food, a local scandal, and relates parental advice on life and romance.

551. Prentice, George Dennison, 1802-1870.
Miscellaneous papers, 1849-1868. C\P.
31 items.
Louisville newspaper editor and publisher. Collected correspondence of Prentice outlining his career as editor of the Louisville Journal. The letters discuss politics, newspaper business, speaking engagements, and personal matters. Also included are poems written by Prentice, including a 24 April 1852 poem entitled "Lines for an Album," and ten poems, 1866-1868, to Mrs. Alice McClure Griffin.

552. Presbyterian Church of Nicholasville, Ky.
Records, 1866-1867. BA\P928.
1 vol.
Records of the Presbyterian Church of Nicholasville, Ky., consisting of the memorial of Mrs. Thomas K. Letcher and sixteen others to the Presbytery of West Lexington, dated Nicholasville, 19 Nov. 1866, praying that they be recognized as the church and congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Nicholasville; extract from the minutes of the West Lexington Presbytery, declaring that Letcher and the others are so recognized and directing that an election of elders be held; and minutes of a session held at the house of Rev. J.K. Lyle, Lexington, Ky., 3 April 1867, ordering that the memorial and judgment be recorded.

553. Presbyterian Mutual Assurance Fund.
Minute book, 1878-1887. BB\P928.
1 vol.
Louisville life insurance corporation. Minutes of the board of directors meetings of the corporation. Examining physicians were required to be members of the Presbyterian Church.

554. Presidents, U.S. Collection, 1790-1994.
Collection of presidential signatures, documents, and letters collected by The Filson Club and placed together as a separate collection. U.S. presidents from George Washington to Bill Clinton are represented, and autographs of future presidents will be added in order to maintain the collection. The content of the items varies from simple autographs to letters containing significant information.

In addition to the presidential items in the Presidents Collection, there are many documents and letters of presidents contained in other manuscript collections. Contact the repository for additional information.

555. Preston, Caroline Hancock, 1785-1847.
Recipe book, ca. 1808-1827. A\P937.
1 vol.
Member of prominent Virginia and Kentucky family, wife of William Preston, Jr. Book containing recipes for food preparations and home remedies, and the names of the women who gave her recipes.

556. Preston, William, 1816-1887. Miscellaneous papers, 1855-1876. C\P. 7 items.
Kentucky soldier, politician, diplomat. Papers include his 25 June 1862 letter to Gen. Earl Van Dorn at Vicksburg, Miss. informing him that he was sending two brigades up by train; a 2 Dec. 1866 letter to Gen. I.G. Walker discussing his life after the fall of the Confederacy and his attitude toward the future; a 6 Aug. 1867 letter to John C. Breckinridge introducing his kinsman, Meriwether Lewis Clark, and noting that Breckinridge is more popular now than when he was young.

Additional William Preston material is contained in other collections.

557. Preston Family Papers - Davie Collection, 1658-1896. A\P937d. 2 cu. ft.
Primarily the papers of Gen. William Preston, C.S.A. (1816-1887) of Louisville and Lexington, Ky., his sister, Susan Preston Christy Hepburn (1819-1897), and other family members. Papers include correspondence, 1658-1896, concerning family, business, political, military, and legal matters; land papers, 1789-1873; wills of James Patton, 1750, and Col. William Preston, 1777; genealogical notes; James Patton's Woods River Entry Book, 1746-1749, 1781; map of the Big Sandy and Tug River area of Kentucky; copy of the Journal of the Sandy Creek Expedition, 1756; copy of the diary of Mrs. William Campbell Preston, ca. 1834-1838; broadsides re: Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston and Gen. William Preston; poems of Margaret Junkin Preston; map of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg, Va.; newspaper clippings relating to Robert E. Lee; and miscellaneous photostats, clippings, and other material. The material is a combination of originals, typescripts, and photostats. Correspondents include P.G.T. Beauregard, Judah Philip Benjamin, Alexander Breckinridge, Gen. James Breckinridge, Robert Breckinridge, John Brown, Jefferson Davis, Reuben Thomas Durrett, John Walker Fearn, Robert T. Ford, Horatio Gates, William McKendree Gwin, Col. George Hancock, James Harrison, Col. Charles John Helm, Patrick Henry, Robert William Hughes, Henry Inman, Edward Johnson, William Preston Johnston, Gen. Thomas Jordan, Gen. Edmund Kirby-Smith, James Madison, George Monck, 1st Duke of Albemarle, Donn Piatt, Mrs. Caroline Hancock Preston, Francis Preston, James Patton Preston, John Preston, John Smith Preston, Mrs. William Campbell Preston, Mrs. Margaret Wickliffe Preston, Mrs. Mary Owen Preston Brown, Robert Preston of "Walnut Grove," Robert Wickliffe Preston, Mrs. Sarah Buchanan Preston, Susan Marshall Preston Christy Hepburn, Col. Thomas Lewis Preston, Col. William Preston, Maj. William Preston, Gen. William Preston, William Ballard Preston, William Campbell Preston, John Slidell, Waddy Thompson, Joseph A. Waddell, and Charles Anderson Wickliffe. A chronological list of correspondence, indexed by sender and recipient, is filed with the collection.

558. Preston Family Papers - Gray Collection, 1754-1899. A\P937k. .66 cu. ft.
This collection covers the political, military, financial, legal, and domestic affairs of a leading Virginia and Kentucky family which had extensive land holdings in southwestern Virginia and Kentucky. Much of the collection pertains to land, 1754-1835. Correspondence and accounts with agents regarding litigation, debts, disputes, sales, taxes, and surveys; the Loyal Land Co. of Va.; family plantations mentioned in letters; an autobiographical sketch of Thomas L. Preston; and Francis Preston's memoranda book discussing family genealogy and Preston family estate settlements, especially disputed land. Most of the collection deals with Francis Preston (1765-1835). His correspondence; business and legal matters, his role as agent for the Loyal Land Co.; documents regarding the War of 1812 signed by him; a 1797 political circular written by him; and a biographical sketch of him by his son Thomas. Col. William Preston (1729-1783) also figures prominently in the collection. His correspondence primarily concerns the American Revolution and land, and matters regarding the settlement of his estate are included. In addition to these two men, other correspondents include Nathaniel Hart, John Preston, William C. Preston, Isaac Shelby, Francis Walker, William C. Bullitt, Robert Wickliffe, Horace Greeley, and Edward Dorsey Hobbs. Legal and business papers, 1776-1838, of the Preston family and Arthur Campbell, regarding taxes, estates, a legislative act, court fees, a guardianship, household and farming materials, and services provided also are included. In addition, there are accounts of a Preston/Campbell family salt business at "Salt Works," Washington Co., Va., 1785-1836; and considerable genealogical material regarding the Preston, Campbell, Buchanan, and allied families.

559. Preston Family Papers - Joyes Collection, 1780-1956. A\P937j. 2 cu. ft.
Papers of a prominent Virginia and Kentucky family. Most of the papers were created by or written to Maj. William Preston, resident and large landowner of Louisville, and his wife and children. The papers include correspondence, 1788-1866, discussing personal, legal, land, business, social, and political matters; legal papers, 1793-1847; military papers, 1796-1810; certificates and grants, 1788-1817; genealogical material on the Preston, Hancock, Joyes, Lee, Woodson, and Venable families; newspaper clippings; and miscellaneous material. Also included is a printed prospectus for Meriwether Lewis's proposed book on the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and documents signed by Edmund Randolph, Henry Lee, Gabriel Slaughter, John Adams, and Littleton Waller Tazewell. Correspondents include John Bowyer, H. Brady, James Breckinridge, John Breckinridge, John Brown, Cuthbert Bullitt, Thomas Butler, James Freeman Clarke, Nicholas Croghan, Edward Everett, John Floyd, Edmund P. Gaines, Felix Grundy, J.F. Hamtranck, George Hancock, Nathaniel Hart, James McHenry, Benjamin Howard, Howell E. Jackson, Albert Sidney Johnston, William Preston Johnston, Henry Knox, Meriwether Lewis, James McDowell, Lachlan McIntosh, Eliza Madison, Bishop James Madison, Agatha Marshall, Louis Marshall, James Monroe, Garnett Peyton, John Pope, Jr., Maria Preston Pope, Worden Pope, Caroline Hancock Preston, Edmonia M. Preston, Francis Preston, Henrietta Preston, James Patton Preston, John Preston, William Preston, William Campbell Preston, Edmund Randolph, Jason Rogers, Josephine Preston Rogers, John Smith, Abram Trigg, Daniel Trigg, Rachel Walker, Anthony Wayne, James Wilkinson, Oliver Wolcott, and A.R. Woolley.

560. Preston Family Papers - Preston Davi
Genealogical Collection. A\P937g.
11.33 cu. ft
Researcher. The collection includes papers and notes assembled by Preston Davie for a proposed book on the Preston family of Virginia, Kentucky, and South Carolina, and drafts of the various chapters and sections of the book as written by Davie during his forty years of research on the family. The papers include biographical details on the members of this family with particular emphasis on the years between 1740 and 1860, although several lines are continued to ca. 1960. There is much in the collection on the American origins of both the Preston and Patton families in Ireland, Scotland, and England. The collection contains material on the allied families of Breckinridge, Brown, Hart, McDowell, Smith of Hanover and Gloucester counties, Va., Waddy, Wickliffe, Floyd, Johnston, and Davie of Kentucky; lists of portraits of various members of the family and the artists who painted or sculpted them; and histories of "Smithfield" and "Greenfield" plantations in Virginia.

561. Preston Family. Miscellaneous papers, 1776-1823. C\P. 6 items.
Prominent Virginia and Kentucky family. Papers include Thomas Madison's 14 Dec. 1794 letter to Francis Preston discussing his dispute with Gen. Wood and a ballot to fill the vacancy made by a Mr. Roane's appointment to the Court of Appeals; Thomas Maxwell's 13 Aug. 1823 account of the Battle of King's Mountain; and several receipts, 1774-1785, for surveys.

562. Price, Charles Baird, Jr., 1919- . Papers, 1942-1952. A\P946. 1 cu. ft.
Louisville soldier and businessman. Papers consisting of correspondence regarding Price's World War II experiences from 1942 until the end of the war as an artillery officer. Topics discussed include American newspapers, censorship, economic conditions, descriptions of European countries, and accounts of different war experiences such as night raids, foxholes, Christmas during the war, and some battles. Also included are propaganda pamphlets, photos, clippings, and foreign money. Most original letters also have typewritten copies.

563. Price, Susannah Hart, -1865.
Miscellaneous papers, 1805-1830. C\P.
11 items.
Lexington, Ky., resident, member of the prominent Hart family. Papers consisting of letters to her from her sister Nancy Hart Brown and her husband, U.S. senator and minister to France, James Brown. The letters cover the period of his Brown's residence in France, and describe the voyage to France, their social life in Paris, and the death of Nancy Brown in 1830. Their sister Lucretia Hart Clay and her husband Henry Clay frequently are mentioned.

564. Protestant Episcopal Orphan Asylum. Records, 1835-1924. BJ\P967. 2 cu. ft.
Louisville orphanage. Collection consisting of minute books of the Board of Managers of the Protestant Episcopal Orphan Asylum, Oct. 1835 - June 1924; admission books, 1897-1920; book containing the constitution, manner of surrender, admissions, and donations, 1837-1892; and receipts and disbursements, 1913-1928. Also included are some newspaper clippings relating to the Home of the Innocents; and a minute book of the Home of the Innocents, 1881-1909.

565. Public Library of Kentucky. Coupons, 1873. C\P. 6 items.
Six sheets of coupons, each coupon entitling the holder to admission to the Fourth Gift Concert, authorized by the Kentucky Legislature for establishing a great free library at Louisville, and to one-tenth of any cash gift that may be awarded by lot at the concert.

566. Quarles, Tunstall, 1770-1855. Speech, n.d. [1820]. C\Q. 1 item.
Kentucky lawyer, state legislator, U.S. congressman. Speech made upon the death of David Walker (U.S. congressman from Ky.), remarking that Walker disliked pomp and parade and sham grief.

567. Ramsier, John, 1861-1936. Day books, 1901-1934. BB\R138. 2 vols.
Louisville artist. Day books containing records of money received from patrons for miniatures, tinted photographs, crayon drawings, water colors, and other types of work done by Ramsier.

568. Rauch, Joseph, 1881-1957. Papers, 1931-1967. A\R141. .33 cu. ft.
Rabbi, spiritual leader of Temple Adath Israel, Louisville, from 1912-1957. He also was involved in Louisville civic affairs and represented Louisville in Montpellier, France, when the "twinning" of the two cities was begun. Papers contain letters of introduction, printed and typed copies of speeches, and correspondence concerning the "twinning" of Montpellier and Louisville.

569. Read, Philip Hildreth, 1844-1919. Papers, 1915-1919. A\R285a. .33 cu. ft.
Historian, writer. Correspondence of Philip H. Reade with R.C. Ballard Thruston concerning Reade's study of General Anthony Wayne and the officers and men in his Legion of the United States. This research was facilitated by Thruston and by materials at The Filson Club.

570. Read-Sutherland Family. Papers, 1780-1860. A\R284. 1 cu. ft.
Papers of the Read and Sutherland families of Bardstown, Ky. Collection includes the land papers of John Read, including his field notes of surveys in Hardin Co. Ky.; papers of Philip Read containing letters, 1813 and 1816; financial papers, 1792-1819, including a receipt to John Baird for a slave boy; papers regarding land in Nelson, Hardin, and Rockcastle counties Kentucky, 1796-1828; and estate papers of Henry A. Reid. Papers of John Sutherland (d. 1818) consist of a power of attorney to him from George Howard Aydelott, 14 Nov. 1801; record in the case of John Sutherland v. John Manson, 1812; and his will, 27 Oct. 1817, disposing of land and slaves. Papers of William Sutherland consist of statements of account, 1821-1857, against him for merchandise and services; notes and due bills, 1818-1860; fee bills, 1822-1858; receipts, 1824-1857; accounts with Ann H. Bard (Mrs. Ebenezer Bard); legal papers, 1844-1852; and papers, 1830-1857, regarding his lands in Bullitt, Hardin, LaRue, and Nelson counties, Ky. Also included are Kentucky land papers of various people, 1780-1808, 1830; and receipts, 1847-1853, to Joseph Buckman.

571. Rhea, John, 1753-1832. Letter, 1 March 1813. C\R. 1 item.
Tennessee lawyer, U.S. representative. Rhea, in his 1 March 1813 letter to Isaac Shelby, mourns the loss of the advance party of Kentuckians under General Winchester (at the River Raisin). Trusts the day of vengeance will soon arrive and the enemy will pay for "all the innocent blood he has made flow..." Hopes General Harrison makes the British "feel" for this act and especially for persuading the Indians to rise against the United States.

572. Rhode Island Insurance Association. Policy book, 1873-1877. BB\R475. 1 vol.
Policy book recording policies issued to various businesses in Louisville, Frankfort, Owensboro, Ky., New Albany, Ind., and other cities. The majority of the policies are for Louisville businesses.

573. Rice, Alice Hegan, 1870-1942.
Miscellaneous papers, 1902-1935. C\R.
11 items.
Louisville author. Correspondence of Rice discussing subjects such as her health, engagements, her books and stories, and her husband Cale Young Rice.

574. Rice, Elliott Warren, 1837-1887. Papers, 1861-1887. A\R495. .33 cu. ft.
U.S. Army general. Collection includes correspondence discussing the Civil War; military commissions signed by Iowa gov. Samuel J. Kirkwood, Abraham Lincoln, and Andrew Johnson; photographs of Rice, his black body servant "Sugar Bill," and southern scenes during the war; a copy of "Personal Recollections of Gen. Elliott W. Rice" by Gertrude C. Crane; and reunion badges of the Society of the Army of Tennessee and the Grand Army of the Republic. Correspondents include John C. Fremont, Gen. George Crook, Albert W. Swalm, and William W. Belknap

575. Richardson, Robert Carter, 1826-1896. Papers, 1858-1897. A\R524. .33 cu. ft.
Kenton Co., Ky., lawyer, school superintendent, and state legislator. Papers consisting of letters; rough drafts of essays and poems; Richardson's newspaper obituary; a printed election handout, ca. 1857; report from the delegates to the Convention of Border Slave States; and a scrapbook containing newspaper clippings with political, legal, and genealogical information.

576. Riley, James Whitcomb, 1849-1916.
Miscellaneous papers, 1891-1897. C\R.
2 items.
Indiana journalist, poet, and author. Included are his 9 Dec. 1891 letter to Madison Cawein expressing thanks for the tribute paid his book The Flying Islands of the Night by Countess Hastey; and a 5 Feb. 1897 letter to James Burton Pond declining a proposed lecture tour and commenting on John Fox, Jr., and a Miss Bell as excellent attractions on the lecture circuit.

577. Roberts, Charles Blanton, 1874-1939. Papers, 1881-1938. A\R643. .66 cu. ft.
Author of Knoxville, Tenn., and New York City. Papers include correspondence, 1906-1938, about the publication of his articles re: the building of Middlesboro, Ky., a proposed monument to Middlesboro's founder Alexander A. Arthur, the defacement of Pinnacle Mountain at Cumberland Gap, and Roberts genealogy; drafts of his published articles; a 1 Dec. 1887 contract between the Cumberland Gap Tunnel Co., L & N Railroad, and Powell's Valley Railroad Co. for building a tunnel through Cumberland Mountain; a report of a mass meeting of Middlesboro's citizens, 19 March 1881; and newspaper clippings regarding his articles, Col. David Grant Colson, Middlesboro, and the Cumberland Gap.

578. Roberts, Elizabeth Madox, 1881-1941. Papers, 1911-1941. A\R643a. .66 cu. ft. Miscellaneous papers, 1921-1936. C\R. 13 items.
Springfield, Ky., poet and novelist. Papers include correspondence received and written by her, 1911-1941; family letters and literary correspondence from and to editors, former classmates, and other friends, discussing their work and hers as well as personal matters; congratulatory letters; notebooks containing material for The Great Meadow and rough drafts of other writings; miscellaneous family papers, 1815-1940; and newspaper clippings, 1920-1941, about Roberts.

Miscellaneous papers include a manuscript copy of a collection of poems entitled Under the Tree, prepared for Mary Blythe McElroy by Roberts in 1921; six letters, 1929-1933, of a routine nature with Filson Club librarian, Ludie Kinkead and editor, Otto A. Rothert; a 5 Dec. 1936 thank you to Otto Rothert for sending her a collection of some poems of Madison Cawein; and an undated letter to Thomas Erwin of New York expressing her opinion in regard to book illustration.

579. Roberts, John Todd, 1825-1869. Papers, 1839-1869. A\R645. 37 items.
Kentucky soldier. Letters primarily concerning Roberts's residence with relatives at Owensboro, Ky., residence in Louisville while employed there, service in the Mexican and Civil wars, travels and conditions in the southwest between the wars, employment after the Civil War on the steamer R.E. Lee, and his poor health. Also included is Roberts's parole after his capture at Vicksburg in 1863.

580. Robinson, Alex Galt, 1868-1954. Papers, 1923-1938. A\R658. 52 items.
Gov. of Kentucky Society of Colonial Wars and instrumental in the reconstruction of the stockade at Harrodsburg Ky. Papers consisting of correspondence discussing proposals, plans, and results of the Kentucky Pioneer Memorial Association's work for a permanent memorial at Harrodsburg; proposed and completed work; employment of the Olmsted Brothers as landscape architects; lists of trees and plants donated; Galt's dedication address, 16 June 1927; and sketches and blueprints.

581. Robinson, Stuart, 1814-1881. Papers, 1849-1950. A\R664. 1 cu. ft.
Minister, pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church, Louisville, Ky., 1858-1881. Papers include correspondence between Robinson, his wife, daughter, and granddaughter discussing routine matters; sermon notes; speeches; wills; scrapbooks; Robinson's diary of his trip to Europe; and legal papers regarding accusations that he was involved with Luke Pryor Blackburn in the Yellow Fever Conspiracy.

582. Rogers, Edmund, 1762-1843. Papers, 1791-1850. C\R. 27 items.
Revolutionary War veteran, Kentucky pioneer, early settler of Barren and Metcalfe counties, Ky. Papers include correspondence, 1791-1834, primarily to Edmund Rogers from members of his family and business associates, discussing land, political and economic conditions, family, and education; undated plats; and certified copies of wills and affidavits, 1791-1850.

583. Rogers Family. Miscellaneous papers, 1807-1829. C\R. 6 items.
Prominent Barren Co. and Metcalfe Co. family. Miscellaneous letters of Edmund and Mary Rogers and allied families discussing family health, death, and news, as well as economic, political and general news.

584. Rogers-Underwood Family. Papers, 1781-1898. C\R. 42 items.
Prominent Kentucky family. Papers are centered around Edmund Rogers and his nephew/foster son Joseph Rogers Underwood (1791-1876), a U.S. congressman and senator from Kentucky. Included are letters discussing land surveys, family matters, land laws, officers' pay in the Revolutionary War, politics, and a plan for a canal; agreements; lists of land entered and surveyed; and the will of George Rogers.

585. Rogers-Woodson Family. Papers, 1789-1890. A\R724. .33 cu. ft.
Kentucky family. Collection of papers that include a letter, 1829, describing agricultural and political conditions in Montgomery Co., Ky.; a letter about the development of Middlesborough, Ky., 1890; commissions and orders of the 67th Reg. of Ky. Militia, 1817, 1825, and 1828; a contract with a teacher in Boone Co., Ky., 1830; a Bible record for the Rogers and Ryle families; minutes of the founding of Woodsonville, Hart Co., Ky., with an 1816 plat of the town; and a homemade arithmetic book, 1789.

586. Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919. Letters, 1896, 1910. C\R. 3 items.
Letters dated 31 July and 11 Aug. 1896 to Rogers Clark Ballard Thruston regarding Gov. William Clark's journal kept during Anthony Wayne's campaign, 1792-94; and a 5 Feb. 1910 letter to Messrs. Newland, Tarlkon & Co. expressing his appreciation for all they have done to help make his trip a success. In Presidential Collection.

Additional Roosevelt material is contained in other collections.

587. Rose, Samuel. Papers, 1803-1812. A\R797. 43 items.
Hartford, Ohio Co., Ky., merchant. Correspondence discussing family news; land; agriculture; local (Ohio Co., Ky.) and national politics; elections; the Burr Conspiracy; Michael Graham's travels in the Mediterranean in 1806; and the effect of the embargo against Britain. Also included is a subscription list for the Hartford Academy.

588. Roth, George Frederick, 1828-1897.
Sketchbooks, 1847, 1892, n.d. C\R.
3 items.
Amateur artist of Louisville, Ky. Sketchbooks include sketches and drawings of people, landscapes, Louisville scenes, many of the early buildings in the Louisville area drawn from observation, existing pictures and reminiscences, and a copy of an early map of the Falls of the Ohio.

589. Rothert, Otto Arthur, 1871-1956. Papers, 1908-1927. A\R846. 1 cu. ft. Miscellaneous papers, 1910-1921. C\R. 70 items.
Author of Louisville, Ky. Material consists of letters to Rothert congratulating him upon the publication of his History of Muhlenberg County, Kentucky and The Outlaws of Cave-in-Rock; copies of letters from Rothert to individuals and institutions requesting information about Mike Fink and the flatboat men, Samuel Mason, the Harpe brothers and other outlaws, and the history of Cave-in-Rock, Ill.; miscellaneous notes, clippings, and pictures; and copies of books and documents. Correspondents include Young E. Allison, J. Christian Bay, Irvin S. Cobb, and Charles Martel.

Rothert's miscellaneous papers include correspondence primarily concerning his History of Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. Correspondents include Robert M. McElroy, Mrs. Simon B. Buckner, Coleman du Pont, Irvin S. Cobb, James S. Pirtle, Jennie C. Morton, Madison Cawein, John Fox, Jr., John Wilson Townsend, James Lane Allen, Credo Harris, Eliza Calvert Hall, and Willard Rouse Jillson. Mrs. Buckner's letter contains data on Gov. Buckner and his family. Some letters contain additional data on Muhlenburg County and other subjects but most limit themselves to the book and its historical value.

Additional Rothert material is contained in other collections. He was the collector of the Madison Cawein papers, the Harry Innes papers, and one of the Young E. Allison collections.

590. Rowan, John, 1773-1843. Miscellaneous papers, 1807-1841. C\R. 7 items.
Kentucky lawyer, jurist, U.S. congressman and senator. Included are a 7 Jan. 1807 printing (signed) of a 4 Dec. 1806 resolution of the Kentucky General Assembly supporting national unity and expressing confidence in the general government; copies of notes on the decisions of Judge Trimble; a 9 Dec. 1837 letter to Thomas Harney expressing his belief in nullification and his admiration for John C. Calhoun; a 17 March 1840 letter to Harney discussing Congress passing a law which would "inflict" compulsory bankruptcy on merchants; and an incomplete copy of Rowan's autobiography, published by Willard Rouse Jillson, in Tales of the Dark and Bloody Ground (Louisville, Ky., 1930).

591. Rowland, David. Letter, 14 Aug. 1788. C\R. 1 item.
Kentucky pioneer. Letter to Joseph Anderson of Richmond, Va., from Fayette Co., Ky., stating he is well satisfied with "this part of the world"; noting the land is productive, religion flourishes among the Baptists and Methodists; and describing his land near Leestown, his corn crop, the difficulty in clothing themselves, the lack of hemp and need of a bolt of ozenbrig fabric. He also states that Thomas Carneal, bearer of the letter, will sell land for bonds; and his companion, Capt. John Craig, wants to sell a large quantity of land in different parts of Kentucky, including some near Big Bone Lick on the Ohio River.

592. Rowlett-Maxey Family. Papers, 1825-1942. C\R. 53 items.
Hart Co., Ky., family. Two groups of letters written by members of the Rowlett and Maxey families. The earlier letters, 1825-1851, discuss the Mexican War, Westward migration, weather conditions, politics, the presidential election of 1848, and Hart Co. The later letters, 1922-1942, are chiefly family and personal in nature, and include six letters from Elizabeth Madox Roberts, who was a relative.

593. Rowley-Gifford-Clegg Family. Papers, 1841-1925. A\P884. .33 cu. ft.
Papers include correspondence, 1865-1899, of Harley Nelson Gifford, primarily discussing reunions of the 2nd Ohio Heavy Artillery; letters, 1861-1864, of William Clegg written during his service in the 2nd Louisiana Reg. describing his experiences in Virginia during the Civil War; letter of Confederate soldier Thomas E. Darden describing the Battle of Chancellorsville; records of Co. C, 105th Reg., Ohio Volunteers, 1862-1865; scrapbooks of Confederate patriotic poetry clipped from newspapers during the Civil War; genealogical material on the Rowley, Gifford, and Clegg families; and newspaper clippings about Erastus Rowley.

594. Royce, Frederick. Miscellaneous papers, 1864-1876. C\R. 5 items.
Washington, D.C., resident. Includes orders, 13 July 1864, from Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton regarding telegraph operators along the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad; three letters, written in May 1876, from Thomas A. Edison regarding a patent on an electric pen and patents effecting telegraph operators.

595. Rudd, James, 1789-1867. Miscellaneous papers, 1813-1910. C\R. 90 items. Records, 1830-1860. BB\R914. 2 vols.
Louisville businessman. Papers chiefly consisting of legal documents (deeds, leases, quit claims), financial papers (promissory notes, receipts, etc.), and a few letters. The deeds deal mainly with Louisville property on streets such as Water, Main, Market, Jefferson, Green and cross streets from Floyd to Eighth.

Records include Rudd's account book, 1830-1860, recording purchases, money received for hiring out slaves (some of whom worked on steamboats), list of slaves, and list of taxable property; and a day book, 1833-1837, for the firm of queensware merchants James Rudd and James Martin listing goods sold to customers in Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee.

596. Rule, Lucien V., 1875-1948. Papers, 1921-1947. A\R935. 1.33 cu. ft. Miscellaneous papers, 1930-1945. C\R. 3 items.
Goshen, Oldham Co., Ky., author, Presbyterian minister, and prison chaplain. Papers include correspondence, 1921-1947, discussing his work as a minister, his writing, and personal matters; sermons; essays, articles, and novels on prison life, race relations, history, and current events; and poetry.

Miscellaneous papers include letters discussing donations to the Filson Club, books, writers, and his work.

597. Runyon family. Papers, 1815-1983. A\R943. 37 items.
Mason Co., Ky., family. Papers include family correspondence, 1815-1863, primarily written by Asa R. Runyon and his son Daniel M. Runyon. They relate business, family, religious, health, and other news. Daniel Runyon joined Co. B, 3rd Ky. Infantry Regt., in 1847 and fought in the Mexican War. His letters home describe camp life, travel by steamboat, Mexico, peace negotiations, etc. Also included are copies of land deeds, 1859-1880, made in 1892 regarding the Chenault and Bronston families of Madison Co., Ky.

598. Russell, Frank B., 1868-1948. Papers, 1849-1958. A\R963. .33 cu. ft.
Kentucky researcher. Collection focusing on the history of the iron industry in Kentucky. The papers include correspondence, 1940-1958; legal papers, 1849-1900; notes; newspaper clippings; and photographs.

599. Russell, William, 1758-1825.
Miscellaneous papers, 1799-1812. C\R.
4 items.
Soldier, Va. and Ky. state legislator. Included are two letters, 28 June and 14 Nov. 1799, to William Augustine Washington discussing the sale of land in Stafford Co., Va.; a 3 Oct. 1808 letter to Gov. Charles Scott announcing the resignation of his commission from the Kentucky militia due to his appointment by the president to command a regiment of U.S. infantry, and commenting on militia officers to be considered for promotion; and a 18 May 1812 requisition for a bugle.

600. Russell and Rowe. Receipt book, 1833. BP\R966. 1 vol.
Managers of the Camp Street Theatre, New Orleans, La. Receipt book, 7 Oct. - 15 Dec. 1833, containing receipts for rental of the theater, and services of actors, actresses, and others. Signatures of a number of actors are included.

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